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Somewhere, several miles from the shore, was a large aquatic vehicle floating amongst the waves. Inside was one irritated and frustrated girl.
Tron Bonne let out an angry sigh as she bashed the controls in front of her. This was the second time this submarine had broken down on her. The Servbots ran about trying to figure out the problem while Mrs. Bonne sat about, steaming. Of all the days it chose to break down, why today?
Well, tonight. It was quickly approaching tomorrow morning, the ocean being a large blanket of black waves that stretched for miles, no sign of land in sight. Tron Bonne was not one to pass up an opportunity, and this could be huge. After digging about for treasure, she found a mysterious map that led out to this spot off the shore, with a sundial etched in pointing towards midnight and a clue that pointed towards the current date. She only had 10 minutes left before that time approached; she could be missing her chance. The sub wasn't looking much better either. The cause of the break down was impossible to find, and it could take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to tear apart every panel and figure out the issue. There was no way to move down to that spot within the correct time.
But, she had an idea; What if she could still get down there herself?
She sat up and suddenly pointed to a nearby Servbot. "Hey, you guys remembered the pack the diving equipment, right!?"
The Servbots looked at each other and nodded in an unconvincing fashion. She rolled her eyes and stood up to go search for herself, with a smile crept up on each Servbot's face. Tron Bonne searched through several compartments until she found what she needed; a diving suit, air tank, mask and swimming flippers. This was all she needed to reach that treasure; she would just bring it back to the sub, no problem.
After sliding into a concealed room, Tron Bonne quickly changed her outfit and donned the swimwear. It was a tight, black, rubber one-piece swimsuit that was a little form-fitting. She hadn't planned to use it in so long, the thing was a couple of years old. Either way, it had special slots for the oxygen tank to fit into, making it necessary. She exited the room, slipping on her flippers and face mask while ordering two Servbots to hook the oxygen tank to her back. After making sure everything was secure, she opened the ceiling hatch and slipped out of the sub. She sat on the edge, turning the oxygen tank on, and looked back to bark orders before descending.
"This thing better be fixed by the time I get back!" was the last thing she said before placing the mouthpiece part of the mask into her mouth and falling back into the ocean.
Tron Bonne hadn't had too much experience with swimming. The basics didn't escape her but a dive into the deep ocean was relatively new. The flippers made excellent propellers, and the suit felt a bit 'aerodynamic' as she fluttered her feet quickly to reach her destination. Breathing from a mask felt odd somehow, the air itself tasting a bit strange; perhaps from the lack of pollution of every day city air. It wasn't too long before she began to feel the pressure of the deep...but there was something wrong with the feeling. It's not something she had felt before, but she felt different than what she expected. The ocean floor she was looking for wasn't incredibly far down. It was supposedly an island that sank several thousand years ago, so it can't be largely far from the surface.
But, she began to feel the pressure build, and movement started to grow more and more difficult after a while. She looked around, with only a little flashlight to guide her; she could see nothing but darkness past 10 feet in front of her. No ocean floor, no walls, not even a surface. She suddenly felt an eerie sense of loneliness, and a tightness in her stomach. And her chest. And her whole body. In fact, the deep pressure didn't feel like it should; it's suppose to feel like weight crushing you from the outside, but she felt like something was pushing from the inside out.
Tron Bonne shook her head and tried to ignore this fear she was feeling, there's nothing that could stop her from reaching this treasure, not after coming so far. She looked down to continue her dive, but stopped when suddenly when something new came into her view; her bust. She's not exactly a board, but what she was seeing before her was much more charming than her normally modest size. Perhaps a good B-cup size now. She blushed deeply, pulling her hands up to her chest and letting a small giggle in her head.
"'s just some air bubbles in my suit, or something!" she thought to herself, softly pressing her chest flat with her palms to try to push the air out. Her eyes widened when they met with a soft bosom that pushed outwards as they were pressed flat, and rebound to a round state after she pulled away. She stared with puzzlement at her seemingly new, no, the suit is just too tight. She refused to believe her eyes and slipped her fingers between the suit and her neck, and pulled apart, giving room to release the air. A few bubbles tickled her as they slid up her neck, but the large humps stayed where they were. It was then she began to feel a tingling sensation; first in her delicate areas, then slowly spreading throughout her body. She cupped her new breasts and slowly slid her hands down her body, until she reached her legs, and placed her palms at her hips. With a little squeeze, she realized they too were bigger and softer.
A wave of panic washed over her as her plight became known; part of her drew up an explanation quickly, but it was so preposterous that she didn't want to believe it. The tightness pushing outwards from inside, her body feeling bigger and bigger...
She was inflating.
She began to pay attention to her surroundings and noticed that, by the way the small watery particles were moving, she was floating upwards at a decent rate. She wave her arms to slow down her movement speed but she was clearly going to keep moving upwards. She suddenly remembered one of the dangers of swimming...what was it called? When you ascend too fast? Am I moving too fast? She began to panic in her mind. These thoughts raced through as she began to feel her body; it felt even bigger. Her nipples proudly stood out across the tight rubber, her once small chest now ranging in on C-cup in size. Her crotch tingled oddly in a way that confused her, adding to her fright, as the rubber tightened around it and her entire body. She gave a quick squeeze to her lower backside and felt two large balloons in between her fingers. Her suit struggled to keep from sliding inbetween her new rear, making an already tight suit even more revealing.
Tron Bonne began to feel tighter and tighter as her body expanded larger and larger. She was in a state of panic that kept her from thinking straight, she felt so helpless to what was forcing itself into her. Soon that helplessness would become a reality, as she began to feel that tightness even in her limbs. She wiggled her fingers as best as she could, noticing that they felt pudgier and stiff. She could only guess as to how large her body was getting, slowly beginning to realize that her hips were giant, her ass was puffy, and her chest was no longer innocent, growing past D-cup size.
Suddenly the world began to shine brighter, and soon the girl buoy surfaced and bounced high into the air before crashing down and bobbing on top of the ocean. Her oxygen tank was still pretty heavy, keeping her facing upwards and floating on the surface. She stared up at the stars, somewhat hidden behind the clouds, and was simply thankful to be out of the deeps. Any sense of relaxation quickly drained away as she began to realize that her growth had not stopped. She could see and hear the suit stretch outwards as it tried to accommodate her new assets, the rubber suit squeaking loudly as it wrapped tightly around her. She hoped the deep sea pressure was somehow attributed to this growth, but the continued expansion outside the water proved otherwise.
Then it dawned on her; the air she's breathing isn't normal oxygen. Could it be...helium? Did she just dive underwater, inhaling helium and puffing herself up? She shut her eyes and held her breath. The feeling of tightness subsided a little. Her body didn't feel like it was gaining size. All she could hear was the sound of rubber stretching as her now basketball-sized chest rocked with the waves. She held her breath for as long as she could, and began to feel lightheaded. After a while she finally had to breathe, and unfortunately didn't think took deeply as she took one long deep breath. She could feel herself tightening up quickly as her bulbous body multiplied in size. She felt incredibly lightheaded from all the helium rushing in at once, and as she breathed out noticed a beachball-sized bosom towering over her. It was then another realization hit her.
Where are those Servbots?
She was unable to move in any way, and the mask is strapped to her face so moving it without hands would be nearly impossible. She let out an aggravated sigh; how much more helium will she need to breathe in before it stops? Would she even be able to handle it? The thought of being a blimp passed through her mind, and instantly she shuddered...mentally.
Finally, she got her wish; she felt something latch onto her arm and pull. Her body gently rode the waves, jiggling all the while, as she was pulled towards the sub's surface. Suddenly, she saw several Servbot faces enter her view, and she was never happier. But, wait...who's to blame for becoming a human life raft? The Servbots were responsible for filling and packing the tanks. This was all their fault. Tron Bonne let out angry, muffled shrieks as she waited to be freed from her ballooning imprisonment. They wouldn't hear the end of this for a long time.
But...they didn't free her. They prodded and played curiously with her wildly expanded and, quite honestly, curvy figure. She felt herself growing tighter and tighter as she began to uncontrollably take deeper and deeper breaths from anger. She wanted to just tear them apart, she was filling up even larger than a river raft and her rubber suit was holding nothing back from view, leaving little to the imagination. She expected freedom and received not.
Instead, the squeaks of iron rang through her ears, followed by a loud hissing.
Her eyes shot wide at what was happening; they opened the valve further! What are they thinking?! Now she no longer needed to inhale, the helium began forcing it way down her throat, pumping her fuller and fuller. She could now see her body noticeably expand before her eyes, her weather balloon chest now expanding to sizes far behind compare. Her ass completely engulfed the back of her swimsuit, now large spheres the size of beachballs themselves. Her legs grew wider and taller, her hips flaring outwards ludicrously, her thighs rubbing together and squeaking like two balloons.
She let out even more furious grunts as the Servbots happily laughed and cheered, watching Tron Bonne expand faster than ever. The began tying rope around her arms and legs, then anchoring them to the submarine. She heard them speak, although difficult to hear among the helium hiss filling her, but one word stuck out dreadfully; "Parade".

For what seemed like hours, Tron Bonne watched and felt herself pump larger and larger, her rubber suit stretching faithfully but did very little to hide anything on her body. Soon the suit was released from the tank, where she floated upwards until her tether pulled her and flipped her around, leaving her facing down on the sub, watching as it shrunk from view as she flew higher and expanded larger. Soon she realized her fear of becoming a parade float was a reality; she was literally that size, a size she didn't believe she could reach. Feeling like a giant, the one modest girl was now a 30 foot tall behemoth of a balloon girl. Her bloated bosom extended downwards 10 feet. The suit, too taut to cover it all, slid down her chest and let spill an amazing cleavage, her air-filled nipples erect and baseball-sized. Her curves were beyond compare, and her legs and arms spread outwards at 28 feet. She could almost think nothing; her anger overflowed, her relief was extraordinary, and the helium that consistently massaged her body felt...wonderful. It tingled deeply, especially in all the right places. As much as she hated to admit to it, there was actually a bit of pleasure to gain from it.
She gently flowed in the breeze as the submarine guided the crew back home.

Several days later, the Servbots approached Tron Bonne. She was in her identical position, tethered to the top of her base. She had enough, and after her anger bled out, she was feeling distressed; she just wanted out, no matter what the cost.
The Servbots crowded around the inflated giantess and looked up. With a feeling of satisfaction, they realized just how much trouble they were in, but they felt she may have learned a lesson from being so bossy to them. It was only fair to release her now. One Servbot walked up to the rope leading to a large piece that corked her mouth shut, and grabbed it. The Servbot smiled and nodded, a wave of extreme relief ran through her. But she didn't count on the rocket blast of helium that would escape her when the cork was removed, pushing her with such a force that she blasted off into the sky.

Several minutes later a small object landed on top of a city building, bouncing up and spinning about before fulling coming to a stop. Tron Bonne stood up and realized where she was, and was soon struck with the fact that a mile away, a large rubber object was floating toward the ground. She looked down to be filled with joy that her body was now it's old shape, but also filled with dread that it was no longer clothed.
She sighed and looked down at the bustling city. She spoke to herself in an irritated tone, "Fine, we're even."
Something I had the urge to write. Like I said before, I don't know the character TOO well, so if I did anything inaccurately, I'm sorry =p
rudyphantom Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2009
The story was great even if I don't know much about Tron Bonne, but I loved the way she inflated.
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