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Tron Bonne sat back with her eyes closed, taking in the sun. She sat in the back of her robotic walker, while a Servbot manned the controls, retreating back to their home. It'd been a long day, and excavation was a little less than fruitful. She looked to the side to examine the only noteworthy item she discovered; a weird, dirt-encrusted medallion that seemed to be of little to no value. She would need to clean it up but she feared there would be no point. Oh well, tomorrow was another day, and there would always be treasure to steal. For now, she just relaxed, not too discouraged, but very much tired. She paid little attention to the path ahead of her and was confident the Servbot would manage just fine.
She sat the medallion down beside her and continued to look up into the setting sun. Unnoticed by her, however, the artifact began to let out a subtle glow. Not too long after, Tron Bonne suddenly found herself slipping from the edge of the walker and falling down the seat, landing on her back. She pulled herself up after rubbing her head a bit, a little disoriented.
"Hey!" Tron yelled at the back of her robot's head. "Watch where you're going!"
"S-Sorry, Ms. Tron!" It replied back, somewhat unphased.
She pulled herself to her seat at the back edge of the walker and tried to shake it off. She looked out to see how much longer they'd need to travel. But suddenly something caught her attention. Something didn't feel quite right. As she looked down to examine, she noticed a trailing object leading from the floor back up to her. Before she had the time to gather any details, a sudden hiss rang out.
Tron Bonne's body was suddenly pumped full of air. A massive wave pushed into her body and quickly pushed out every part of her. Her chest rose up against her dress, her legs widened graciously against her stockings, even her arms and legs suddenly tried to stiffen up as air pumped them up like balloons. She couldn't quite regain herself from that one. Her hands instantly shot up to her chest, feeling her bloated body, making sure she wasn't going crazy. She was becoming a balloon again.
There was a hose that came from a compartment in the walker and lead up to below Tron's now expanded bum. Against all odds, she must have fallen on it, and it must be pumping air through her rear. The idea seemed ludicrous, but it wouldn't have been the worst experience shes had. The hose was connected to a tank which was used as sort of a hydrolic pump for - well, it didn't matter at the moment. What mattered most was that it was currently turning Tron into a helpless balloon.
The tank didn't apply pressure constantly, but in separate, powerful bursts. Before she could access her thoughts and try to free herself, another torrent of air breathed into her ballooning body. Her chest rose up generously, giving her an ample pair of inflated breasts, and a slightly puffy stomach, her shirt lifting up against her new pot belly. Her hips and legs continued to push her stockings to their limits, with a puffy bum to boot. Her growing arms and legs became quite cumbersome, however, down to her hands feeling tight in their gloves. The bigger her limbs got, the harder it was to move them, and the more trapped she became.
She stood up as best she could and wrapped her fingers around the hose plugged into her. Her arms barely could move, and even her fingers had a hard time firmly bending around the hose to grip it. She tried to pull but her fingers just slid out, having no traction or strength to grab on. Failing that, she jumped down to the tank connected to the hose and attempted to shut it off. She panicked and looked for a level or a release for the hose, only finding a knob. Once again her bloated fingers gently caressed the knob but could not bend nearly enough to grant her the strength to rotate it.
With that, the hissing sound rang out again and Tron Bonne's body shot straight up, her limbs filling up to the point of no return. With her arms span out, her chest joyfully jumped outwards into view, becoming the size of, well, melons. Her legs continued to fill out her tights, her best feature growing to new sizes with each pump. Her ass pushed out and started to stretch out her tights to their limit, and the rest of her didn't miss out on the action as her entire body filled up like a new blow-up-doll. Her body began to achieve weightlessness as well, as just as she thought to actually seek help from her ally who seemed unaware of the whole situation behind it, her feathery body caught the wind and lifted her into the sky.
Bouncing at the end of a hose, and inflating ever still, Tron Bonne could only let out muffled pleas through her puffy cheeks. With another powerful pump, her body began to expand to sizes her clothes did not accommodate. Her shirt and jacket began to tightly wrap around her ever-expanding bosom, her rear puffed out and began forming more and more revealing tears in the fabric, her thighs rubbing together like two balloons and her hips doing little to keep her tights in tact. She continued to hope that eventually the Servbot would turn around and notice her, but every moment waiting felt like an eternity. Another loud hiss echoed through her air-tight body. She inflated further, leaving remotely reasonable sizes. She felt like a parade float being carted around. Although she wasn't nearly THAT big...yet.
Another breath of air filled Tron up. Several squeaks rang out as all of her features rubbed together as air pushed them forward. Her shirt made sounds of protest as it stretched against the now basketball-sized chest she was sporting. It pushed up into her face, much to her discomfort. She could see between the outstretched pink shirt, two globes wrapped tightly in her black skin-tight suit beneath. Her jacket did little to cover her up, simply pulled back to let her bosom float free. Her lower regions were feeling incredibly uncomfortable as her tights continued to completely envelop them, her ass so clearly defined for all, and her legs billowing outwards to give her an unnatural curve.
Unable to even see anything below her past her own massive chest, she suddenly heard the disapproving scream of her Servbot below. Although not able to react much in her overinflated state, she continued to try to muffle her plea through her puffy face. The Servbot immediately gave a yank at the hose still wedged between it's master's now billowy rear. Tron panicked as thoughts drifted to her inflated body gently floating into the sky. But, as the hose popped out, so too did a stream of air as she rapidly began to deflate. Her body shot upwards at an alarming rate, so quickly that somehow her outstretched clothes didn't follow, and the naked girl flew high into the sky like a rapidly deflating balloon. The Servbot let out a cry for its master, before the now deflated girl began to fall back down. She landed directly on top of her Servbot, knocking them both out of focus. When they came too, a naked Tron was face to face with her servant.
"Uuuuh...Ms. Tron?"
She gathered her bearings, then suddenly her face went bright red and she jumped to the seat. "J-...just take us home, okay!?" She yelled out. 'How could this be happening... where did my clothes go...' Tron Bonne began to wonder to herself.
Suddenly, she noticed out of the corner of her eye a bright glow. As she turned to examine, she noticed the medallion sitting beside her, seemingly normal. She picked it up and observed it again as they continued their journey home. Maybe there was something more to this. Maybe she was just seeing things.
Either way, this certainly wasn't one of her better days.
I started this about a month ago. I was going to write three brief stories involving this idea, but I wasn't going to be satisfied until I came up with some more unique follow ups to the first. I lost interest, but I still liked how it started, so I decided to post it.

So here is yet another story based on the air pirate, Tron Bonne, for once dressed normally here!
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pyrode Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Maybe I'll read more later, great story! I don't know what it is abut you that gives me the cold and shivering feeling in these type stories, you are definitely the best!
pyrode Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Finally finished it, and never expected that ending!
Serith Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
I have some ideas. How about inflate tron vacuum style, a la roger rabbit. Have her sucked into a cartoon and squashed and stretched too. Some tom and jerry-esque stuff.
PlazmaZword Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
You know, I haven't done something like that yet! Thanks for the idea.
Serith Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
Thanks for considering it. It feels good to be helpful.
darth-clone19 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
Brilliant as always!
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