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A crowd had gathered around one of the many bridges over the town river, where two young women were approaching each other. One was a tournament fighter by the name of Yuka, a long brown-haired girl wearing her usual attire; a peculiar waitress outfit, with a short orange skirt and a button up white shirt that covered her rather buxom body tightly. The other girl was standing in the middle of the bridge, leaning up against a box, seemingly bored and waiting for her opponent's arrival.
Yuka approached the woman and stopped a few feet away. She examined her appearance; it too was unorthodox. A tight, red bunnysuit, complete with ears atop her short blonde hair and a fluffy tail amidst her cute rear, that stopped at the middle of her generous bust, and tight gray leggings, off put by the everyday sneakers she was sporting on her feet. Yuka, determined as usual, stood her ground and asked in her serious tone,  "Are you here to fight?"
The blonde girl was seemingly uninterested, gazing off into the water below and playing with her hair. She gave a smug smile as she closed her eyes and pointed at herself proudly. "Of course! Don't you know who I am?"
Yuka simply stood in silence, her face deterring into confusion. The bunnygirl give her a stern look at exclaimed, "I'm Elirin, the hottest and most powerful fighter in the tournament!" She followed her sentence by raising up her arm, looking back at the increase numbers of spectators, who cheered and whistled. She clearly had many fans among the crowd, perhaps for her skills, but possibly because of her glorious bust that jiggled with every slight movement.
Yuka stood her ground, but was still expressing confusion. "Uhm...well, it's our turn to, let's fight!"
Elirin smiled and waved her arms in front of her, walking towards the young fighter. "Whoa whoa whoa, time out." She stood directly in front of Yuka, placing her hands on her wide hips, smiling with a bit of an evil glare. "I love to fight, I really do, but I was kinda curious if you wanted to try to...'mix it up'."
Yuka held her fists forward as the woman approached, but slowly withdrew as she heard her opponent's eased tone. "W-what do you mean?"
Elirin quickly wrapped her arm around Yuka's shoulder, looking at her while pointing her view towards the crowd. "What I mean is, we can have our fight, but I've got an idea of how we can make it a little more 'fun', and point on for our audience."
Yuka felt uneasy by the woman's tone now. Knowing the reputation of this tournament, and how almost all of its fighters are viewed as sex icons, she wasn't too thrilled with the idea of 'putting on a show'. This was only reinforced when Elirin cupped Yuka's breast, pushing it up and watching as Yuka blushed from the whistles that sounded out in response.
Yuka broke the hold and stepped away, still a bit worried that she might be getting set up for a sneak attack, but mostly just unhappy with Elirin's attempts to woo the crowd. Yuka stood up, somewhat casually, still curious to what her opponent had in mind as an alternate battle.
"And...what would you consider to be...more fun?" Yuka inquired.
Elirin stood proudly for a moment, if only to push her chest out and watch her pillows bounce again, and pointed a finger upward. "One sec, and I'll show you."
Yuka watched as the bunnygirl jogged over to the box she had left at the center of the bridge, then jumped head first into it, of course pushing her tush straight up for all to see. Yuka watched, still dreading what sort of ideas the showgirl had cooked up. 'What could it possibly be, some ridiculous battle attire like a bikini, or...'
Her confusion multiplied and her eyes widened when a grinning Elirin began to approach her wielding two tall objects in her hands. Two objects with long ropes trailing out of them. She felt fear wash over her when she realized what they were. Hand pumps. For inflating things like small tires. And busty young ladies.
Elirin stood in front of her challenger and dropped the two tall cylinders with a clang, grinning with her somewhat evil glare. "This should be a lot more interesting, don't you think?"
Yuka stepped back, becoming terrified. "W-What? What are you saying we should do with those!?"
Elirin laughed. "C'mon, it's really simple." She grabbed the end of one hose and placed her arm around Yuka again.
"W-wait, n-no-MMPHF", Yuka cried out. This time slowly pushing the end of the black hose into between Yuka's lips, giving her a smug stare, trying to calmly lure the girl into her game.
"...All you gotta do is keep pumping the other girl up, and once she's too filled up to move her arms and pump back, you win." Elirin picked up the other pump by the handle and placed it at Yuka's feet, grabbing its hose and pulling it close to her mouth. "Hey, it's still a test of speed and strength. It's  just a lot less painful and a lot more exciting."
Yuka's eyes began to water up a bit. She was in deep trouble now. She wanted to pull out the hose. She knew what she was about to get herself into was going to embarrass her more than any wardrobe malfunction she's ever experienced during her fights. But she had one serious problem:
She couldn't back down from a challenge.
Elirin backed up from Yuka as she saw her opponent place her hands slowly upon the handles of the pump. The bunnygirl's grin was wide, knowing full and well that she had just gotten herself an easy victory. Yuka stood up proudly, although already feeling ridiculous with a hose trialling from her lips. Elirin stood back and prepared to bite on her end as well, preparing the countdown.
Elirin stopped for a moment, before getting in her last words. "Oh, by the way, the rules are that the winner can deflate, but the loser is at her mercy until the victor...decides when she wants to let her go", She finished, sounding about as evil as ever. Yuka's heart began to pound as Elirin stuffed the hose into her mouth and placed her hands upon the lever connected to her opponent. The crowd was going wild. Yuka's mind began to race.
"I have never been inflated before...I don't know what it's like. I dunno what to do. I'm not cut out for this", Yuka thought to herself, before breathing deeply. "It's too late...if I do anything irrational,  she'll probably turn me into an air mattress. I've got to 'fight'...what have I gotten myself into..."
Elirin spoke amongst the hose hanging from her mouth. "Ahn the coun'a hree, when I hay go, s'ar pumpin".
Yuka nodded her head, still a bit freaked out, but trying to put on her serious demeanor.
Elirin didn't move. She watched as Yuka shifted uncomfortably, gripping the handpump tightly.
Yuka's legs began to shake. Sweat began to form atop her forehead.
The two handles rose up. The crowd was a collection of whispers and laughs.  The two were bent over a bit towards the pump, giving everyone a view of their tail ends, and the hoses that slithered between their breasts. The wait for the start signal felt like an eternity to all involved.
"GO!" The young woman shouted before closing her mouth around the hose, quickly following with her slamming her hands down quickly. Yuka, too, thrust her arms down with amazing force, realizing too late that with this sort of up-and-down motion, she would have to watch her strength. But her thoughts were clouded when her body began to tingle, and she felt a weird sensation push its way down her throat.
"Mmrph..." Yuka quietly murmured in confusion. She couldn't describe what it was like. She could only say to herself, "Someone is blowing me up like a balloon."
Yuka's start was slow, Elirin quickly getting in three pumps to contest Yuka's two. Yuka tried to push aside her feelings and focus on keeping her speed, but the pressure building inside of her invoked so many emotions. First, tautness, followed by confusion, followed by fear, followed by...pleasure. She couldn't understand why, but she had no time to think. She began to pick up speed.
The two girls pumped furiously, having pressed at least 10 bursts of air into the other, loud hissing sounds echoing across the town as well as inside their bodies, and the effects were beginning to show. Elirin's jiggling cleavage of course began to extend outwards, slowly protesting against her outfit, which was doing miracles keeping those puppies at bay, but wouldn't hold up long against their growth and constant bobbing. Elirin's legs too began to puff up, her cute tail raising as her rear expanded, her hips widening to match. Her body felt tight too, but her already tight outfit constricted her growth, and pressed the air into more exotic features. Her cheeks turned red, though not new the idea of inflation, but still feeling the air move about inside her, causing an interesting sensation inside of her. And it wasn't embarrassment.
Yuka's eyes were still wide as she felt an amazing amount of air push its way into her curvy body. Her outfit was loose enough to allow an even growth, though it still felt like it fought its way into her most sacred areas. Her chest rose up against her white shirt, her bra feeling quite a bit tighter than before, digging into her back. Her nipples puffed up and were quite visible through her shirt suddenly, which led to one of the many reasons her face was now blood red. Her legs began to feel bigger as well, her thighs pumping up and pushing together, combined with her legs already buckled at the knees from trying to keep her balance, while her butt plumped beneath her skirt, causing it to ride up and soon would expose to the world more things she would rather keep from flaunting.
" butt is getting too big...I don't want everyone looking up my skirt..." Yuka cried to herself.
But there was a bigger problem she was having. A conflicting feeling that drew her focus and multiplied her confusion. The air that was so graciously riding her curves, puffing her out and pushing against her...
"I" Yuka continued to narrate to herself. She couldn't describe it, but there was part of her that felt...comforted by the air flowing inside her. Her breasts stood up along side her nipples, which became incredibly sensitive at their new size. She felt them rub up against the fabric of her bra, then let out a muffled moan, her eyes closing a bit. She soon felt the pressure mount between her legs, feeling the same treatment apply to her womanhood, and this only further increased her pleasure. She was turned on, she was confused, she was frightened. She was getting too distracted.
Elirin smirked at the sight of Yuka's glance falling to the clouds. She saw her face light up and heard a muffled moan beneath her bloated cheeks. The girl was obviously inexperienced, and while Elirin couldn't hide her feelings either, she had control over it. She continued to pump, but with a little ease, noticing Yuka's growth surpassing her own.
Time seemed to travel slowly as the two fighters puffed each other up. Although it seemed like an eternity, and Yuka felt like she had barely started, the two had given each other around 25 pumps up to this point. Elirin's leggings began to creak as they stretched to accommodate her new curves, her rear plumping into two round spheres, and her hips that pushed out amazingly to match. Her once large bust was now pumped to sizes beyond normal bras, about the size of basketballs now, and just as round too. Soon the bouncing, light spheres popped out from their tight confines, the crowd cheering as they saw two golfball-sized nipples greet them. Elirin had to bend over a bit to keep her opponent in view, her chest only growing upwards into her vision. She made the mistake of getting them in range of her arms, and suddenly as she rose the pump handle, her bust collided with her hands and bounced into her face, pushing her backwards, distracting her a bit.
This gave Yuka a moment to examine her own body; and it was astounding. Her breasts had far exceeded basketball size and approached beach ball territory. A popping sound rang out as suddenly a button on her blouse pinged off of her and bounced into Elirin's cleavage. A window began to form in the center of her shirt of two massively squeezed breasts begging for escape from their tight confines, barely restricted by an outstretched white bra that painfully dug into her shoulders. Yuka's legs were quite puffed, too, her skirt pushed up enough to reveal a large bum revealed amongst her skintight white underwear, her hips growing graciously to match. Her body was slowly becoming more and more exposed, much to her dismay, but more concerning was that she seemed to be losing. She inhaled through her nose and began to pump furiously, feeling incredibly determined.
Elirin composed herself and continued to pump. Several groaning sounds rang out from the girls location, as shirts tightened and inflated balloons rubbed together. Elirin's leggings began to tear and reveal several streaks of bloated skin, especially around her huge ass which itself was probably her biggest feature thus far. Though it wasn't too far ahead of her chest, which bounced for joy with each pump of air that shot into them. Her red leotard began to tear down the center as the rest of her body inflated and tried to escape.
Yuka's buttons slowly popped off one by one, slowly revealing her immense cleavage until the shirt popped up entirely, her breasts pushing forward so quickly with release that her bra, too, gave up the fight and snapped in half. Yuka's embarrassment peaked at this point; she had possibly never been so humiliated in her life. Her skirt was no longer, simply a strand of orange the stuck stiffly outwards as it rode her enormous rump and her widely pumped legs. Her white panties too no time in joining in on the fun and snapped right off. Her breasts were closing in on being 2 feet wide, covering up half of her vision as they jumped joyfully. But the two had a bigger problem than just their dignity at this point.
The two blow-up-girls continued to press their hands downwards upon the handles, but much slower. Air was finally having an unwelcome effect on their arms. With air puffing them up, their movement was becoming incredibly limited, and with each pump they felt slower and pudgier. This was what the fight is building up to; the moment one girl can no longer fight back. The moment where she becomes too tightly inflated to move.
"I-I'm...not...ready...for this..." Yuka said, having a hard time getting out even her thoughts amongst the bursts of air that shot into her, followed by her sensitive regions stretching and tingling more. She felt terrified again. "I'm an enormous blimp now...soon I will be...stuck...unable to move...completely at...her...mercy..." she monologued, gasping quietly all the while.
Elirin, too, wasn't happy with the situation. Elirin too began to think to herself in worry. "This girl is strong...  I've never been so full before... She might...actually...beat me...damn, I feel so...turned on..."
Their next problem was how light they were getting. Their bodies were so pumped full of air that they began to achieve weightlessness. Elirin slammed her hands down, but suddenly her legs left the ground, her fat rear pushing into the air like two helium-filled balloons were inside of her torn up stockings. Yuka, too, followed this example when her stiff legs floated upwards. With their bodies suddenly suspended in air, pushing down on the pump was suddenly much more difficult. They weren't entirely weightless, though, as the air slowly lowered them downwards, but this meant they would have to be careful.
Elirin impatiently pressed down on the lever as quickly as she could, bouncing once again into the air. Yuka paused for a moment, and realized what she needed to do. When her legs finally touched down, her wide arms slowly rose up, then gently, ever so gently, she pushed the lever down, a long quiet hiss crept into Elirin's body. Elirin could now slowly feel her fingers try to stiffen up, pushing her further from the pump. She needed to fight back quickly, but she was still in the air, and getting so light that getting back down was taking forever. Yuka, not able to see her opponent past her own massive cleavage, simply pumped at an incredibly slow pace. But, while Yuka was putting pressure inside of Elirin, the once-bunnygirl helplessly inflated above the ground. Her fingers began to unwrap from the pump, too stiff to even bend any more. Her arms slowly pushed themselves to her sides. She floated a bit higher, gently caressed by the air that calmly rode her curves. She got greedy, and didn't think rationally. Yuka was victorious.
The crowds cheered wildly as a mostly-naked, overinflated Elirin bobbed at the end of the hose. She was furious of her defeated, where as Yuka was mostly confused, only until she noticed the rising balloon girl coming into her view, from above her own massive breasts with the slithering hose crammed inbetween. Elirin shook her arms as fast as she could, trying desperately to escape, but they barely budged. Yuka sighed in peace. It was over.
Yuka slowly, slowly moved her hands up to the hose, grabbing it beneath her own amazing chest. Her arms were quite taut as well, only barely able to grasp the hose between her pudgy fingers. She tugged at the hose, only for it to remain tightly between her cleavage, not wanting to leave her lips. She felt a tinge of fear again, afraid she would be stuck until someone was kind enough to release her; and the crowd was more than happy to leave her huge. She tugged with all of her strength and the hose popped out, followed by a huge spray of air as her mouth opened wide from the pressure escaping her throat. She suddenly was shot backwards and into the ground as she deflated, a bit dazed but happy to see her enormous chest shrink down to a manageable size. She sat up, feeling her exposed skin, amazed that she was back to normal size...but then she grasped them a bit. There was still plenty of air left inside her body. She stood up, feeling her curves.
"I'm still huge..." She sighed. She knew the air would leave slowly, but she was already completely distressed that she had to leave this fight naked, having her once large curves expanded even more was not helping at all.
But Yuka focused her attention on the enormous balloon shadowing above her. Elirin's proportions were far beyond 'cartoonish' and into the realm of uncanny. Her breasts were 3 feet wide each, her nipples were the size of baseballs. Her tail end was still comparable to her chest, and her puffy limbs only matched, her lovehandles massive and her thighs rubbing together and squeaking like balloons. She floated gently at the end of the hose, her face pinched with fury, but unable to hide her blood red cheeks from every sensitive region being wildly inflated and viewable by the entire town. Either way, she wasn't thrilled.
Yuka pulled the balloon girl gently to the ground and meet her face to face. Yuka had a satisfied look, compared to the puffy-cheeked bunnygirl staring daggers into her eyes, with a hose sitting unwelcome between her bloated lips.
"What's wrong...? Aren't you happy to be putting on a cute show for your fans?" Yuka replied, trying to puncture the inflated girls already inflated ego. Elirin had nothing much to respond with.
Yuka placed her finger upon her chin and pondered. "Now...what to do with you for putting me through something so embarrassing."

Later that day, the two were found at the beach, Yuka wearing a nice swimsuit and floating among the waves on her inflated toy. Elirin was quite tight with air, and with her inflation mostly restricted to her breasts, they made decent pillows for the makeshift raft girl balloon. Yuka lay with her head wedged between the two orbs, Elirin's still naked body steaming with anger.
"Elirin, I have to say, this has been a lot of fun." Yuka exclaimed. Elirin only growled in response, before she was interrupted by the force of air pushing down her throat, Yuka still clenching the her wonderful handpump and making sure that Elirin stays tightly inflated.
Yuka looked up into the sky and closed her eyes, smirking all the way. "I guess I'll keep you inflated until I get back to normal size...until then, we'll probably hit the carnival. I'll probably just pump you full of helium and let you be my balloon..."
Elirin continued to glow red with hate. This was going way too far. Yuka was going to pay for this. But until then, she would have to live with being the talk of the town as the girl who lost every shred of dignity she was holding on to. Elirin sighed in anger before another hiss pierced her ears, her body once again tight with air.
I write a lot of these stories based on ideas that I came up with shortly after waking up.

I really wanted to write a story involving Elirin from an obscure video game called Advanced Variable Geo, and this is the result.
darth-clone19 Featured By Owner May 16, 2011
Neat story! Glad to see more from you.
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can't wait to read more from you .
Serith Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
I've seen the variable geo O.V.A. and I love this. YUKA FTW! lol
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