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There was another fighting tournament being held in the United States, along the coast somewhere. For Sakura, it didn't really matter where, as long as there was a beach nearby. The shore was a great place to relax before the beginning of the tournament, so as the sun hit high, most of the competitors decided to head for the beach.
Sakura carried her things wrapped in a towel, wearing her red one-piece swimsuit underneath her normal school girl outfit. She got a few waves from fans who had seen her fighting before, and she smiled and waved back enthusiastically. She dropped her things at a good, open spot, then whipped off her clothes to reveal the swimsuit beneath. The sun was bright, the ocean looked beautiful. But something caught her eye.
All the residents on the beach were looking at something. Or someone. She looked around and noticed the crowds were all focused on someone entering the beach. It was Chun-Li. And not far behind her was Cammy White. Almost half the onlookers at the beach were suddenly fixated on those two. Fans of their fights...and undoubtedly more than that. Among the cheers were a few perverted whistles, and for good reason; Cammy was sporting a low-cut sky blue one-piece swimsuit that showed off every bit of her legs, and Chun-Li was in a rather revealing black bikini. Sakura fumed at all the attention those two were getting. She thought she was a better fighter than them, undoubtedly, but their bodies, specifically their nicely built legs, attracted the attention of everyone else. That was it. She needed to get them out of the spotlight, and leave herself to be the cutest fighter on the beach.

Chun-Li had laid back on a long wooden chair, catching some rays. She had to greet a lot of fans, which was a bit tiring. She sort of regretted her decision to wear this revealing swimwear today, since that may have stimulated the 'fans' a bit. Still, she really needed this relaxation, especially to prepare for tomorrow.
Cammy on the other hand was content. She just needed an innertube to rest on so she could rest on the water. Unfortunately, she would need to blow it up herself, but thankfully a little tool shack on the beach has some inflation devices. She pulled out a large hand pump and laid out the flat innertube. She plugged it in, then stood up and thought for a second. She realized that this might take a little while, and bending down to push on the lever would acquire even more attention than before, especially with this outfit tending to ride up her ass a lot. She looked into the shack again and tried to find some sort of air compressor, but wasn't able to find much aside from a helium tank.
Cammy shrugged and returned to the innertube. "Ah well", she thought, "I'll just get this over with". She placed her hands on the lever and slammed it downward. The hiss of air filled her ears. But it seemed...different. She blinked and slammed the lever back down for a second pump. She looked down to inspect the innertube, and to make sure it was hooked in correctly. To her surprise, the hose had somehow fallen out of the tube! "How the..." she said softly to herself. She bent down and plugged it back then, then raised and pressed down the lever again. Then she repeated the process but quicker. The hose stayed put this time. She wasn't sure how it fell out, but it also seemed that the innertube wasn't being filled up. "I guess the results won't be INSTANT." she reasoned to herself, then stood up and begin to rigorously work the handle of the air pump up and down.
Chun-Li was beginning to doze off. She could feel herself drifting to sleep. She thought to herself that she might regret it later, either from over-tanning or having a guy pull a prank on her, but she was too relaxed to care. But as she began to fade, her body began to feel weird. She thought she was just getting tired, but soon she realized this was an entirely different feeling. She felt...tight. Her swimsuit began to feel much smaller on her. What was going on?
Chun-Li opened her eyes and cocked her head around. She didn't see anyone near her. She looked down at herself and slowly realized; her breasts looked much fuller. She waited for a moment, trying to wake up and shake off this weird feeling, but as she regained consciousness she only noticed weirder and weirder things. Her breasts DID look much larger. Her hands, resting at her hips, felt like they weren't touching her soft legs anymore, but...something...swollen. Her entire body felt almost pressurized. She tried to raise her arms but it felt slow. Then she heard it. A sound. A hissing sound that seemed to resonate inside of her body. Then she felt it. Her entire body was being tickled by a wind that rode the inside of her every curve. And she was sitting on something.
Chun-Li sat up. Her breasts bobbed up and down. Her bikini top was tight against her growing body. She twisted around to look behind her. She tried to see what was rubbing against her butt, and found...a hose. Leading out of her bikini bottoms. Her eyes naturally followed the hose all the way to the source. At the end was Cammy, facing away, bending over, pumping furiously on a hand pump. Chun-Li began to see Cammy's hands pushed down and simultaneously felt her body push out. "That jealous little...what is she trying to do to me!?" Chun-Li thought to herself.
She quickly threw her hands down to her backside and tried to remove the hose. It was only then did she realize how large she had gotten. Her butt had bulged outwards greatly, swallowing the hose. Her bottoms showed every aspect of her large behind, and her hips flared outwards amazingly. Her already wide legs were looking even bigger, her chest had expanded to DD cups and her tie bikini was not going to hold these new features at bay for much longer. Her stomach was puffed out and her arms and fingers felt pudgy, but it was nothing compared to her curves, which seemed to graciously accept almost all the air being pumped into her. Chun-Li was becoming a balloon. Her face grew more and more red, and it wouldn't be too long before she had the attention of the entire beach.
She tugged furiously at the hose, but her swollen bum had enveloped it. She began to panic, bad. Her body was too puffy to properly give Cammy the beatdown she deserved. If this kept up, she would lose all movement entirely. All she could do was attempt to stop the young brit before it was too late, in any way she possibly could. She jumped to her feet, wobbling forwards a bit, her breasts bouncing gleefully in her ever-so-tight bikini top. She tried to sprint over to her inflator, but she seemed to walk in slow motion. Her steps were more like her bloated body bouncing into the air, and her arms wouldn't fully stay at her side. She looked downright ridiculous. She knew that she was quite a sight, and that everyone was beginning to notice the once curvy Chun-Li had been expanded into a round balloon.
Cammy finally pressed down on the lever for the final pump. She sighed. "Why isn't this working? Is there a hole in it..." she spoke to herself. She picked up the innertube and inspected it. She didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Until something peculiar caught her eye. The hose that was plugged in...didn't seem to lead back to the hand pump she was using. Her eyes trailed down as it followed the hose. Before her eyes could even hit the ground, she felt herself jerk backwards as a large arm wrapped itself around her neck. Before she could react, the other arm jammed something into her mouth. A hose. A larger hose. She was still completely shocked, too late to realize that air was already sifting it's way into her mouth. Well, not air. Helium.
The bloated Chun-Li pulled Cammy tightly towards her and force fed her the hose from a helium tank. It was only opened a little, Chun-Li's bloated fingers doing what they could before she lost all movement. Cammy's cheeks puffed out and her body began to tingle with the gas that spread itself through out every inch of her body. She tried to resist, but Chun-Li's grip was pretty strong, even for a balloon. And Cammy was weakening.
Her breasts began to rise upwards, her low-cut top showing her breasts turning into cleavage as they widened. Chun-Li felt Cammy's exposed ass press backwards, her hips widening, her legs lengthening. Her body ballooning. She felt pressure build inside of her quickly, her arms filling up and sticking outwards. The air in Chun-Li wanted to complement her curves, creating a rounder, bloated fighter. But the helium in Cammy wished to give out and equal treatment, resulting in her body becoming a helpless blow-up-doll. Her entire body grew outwards, though her one piece was not doing her bloated ass or her expanding breasts any favors.
Chun-Li let go of the inflating girl and spun her around, looking her straight in the eyes.
"It's not so funny now, huh?" Chun-Li growled.
"Mmmph, mmmpf!!" The still-expanding Cammy could only return with a muffle. Her arms moved lightly as she tried to signal something to her captor, but her body only slightly jiggled in vain. Her puffy cheeks turned red as well, her entire body growing outwards as her swimsuit only seemed to get smaller and smaller.
Chun-Li decided to leave the bloating brit to her demise as she attempted to find a way to free herself from the hose wedged in her behind. She tried to ignore all the attention to two balloons were attracting and unattach herself, hoping dearly that the air would leave her body if she did. The continuing jerking only managed to invoke odd feelings along the inside of her ass, and she realized that this may take some time. She tried to pick up the hand pump and leave was gone.
Chun-Li looked up to see a absolutely bright smiling Sakura. With her arms folded around the hand pump. Chun-Li froze up. She began to think that perhaps Cammy wasn't entirely guilty. But it was too late now. Sakura pressed down on the hand pump. Chun-Li's breasts jumped up, bouncing wildly from the air forcing itself into them. She could nearly feel every part of her grow from the air stacking inside her. Sakura giggled and pumped again. Chun-Li's body pushed outwards even further. Her bikini top was now digging deeply into her back, her bottoms were slowly becoming untied as her ass became clearly defined against the thin fabric.
Chun-Li lunged, or at least tried to, at the grinning school girl, but Sakura only needed to step back a few steps to evade the bloated woman. Chun-Li put out all of her energy into a punch and charged, but Sakura easily dodged the blow. Chun-Li's fist crashed straight into the helium tank, causing it to wobble and fall against the shack wall. A loud THUD sound rung out as the tank's valve was knocked off, causing the helium flow to maximize into the helpless Cammy. Sakura's face continued to express glee as she held the pump between her arm, using the other to move the handle up and down. Pump pump pump. Chun-Li's body becoming fuller and fuller. She tried to chase down the school girl but to no avail. She was done.
Cammy's body blimped outwards drastically, neither Chun-Li nor Sakura seeming to notice her predicament. She quickly left the ground as every inch of her body filled to the brim with helium. Her breasts billowed outwards, quickly reaching beach ball size and pressing beyond, her exposed cleavage growing and growing. Her ass rounded outwards at the same speed, and her hips swiftly followed. Her proud legs were now nearly as long as her normal height, her entire body growing into a near replica of her former self. Only a little curvier. And three times as large. She muffled and moaned into the hose which continued to pump her full of helium. She was a helium giantess. And she was only getting bigger.
Chun-Li's bikini top snapped in two. Her breasts were now beach ball sized, her ass and hips slowly reaching the same volume. She jumped at Sakura for one final attempt, but her arms were so bloated that she could barely move them, and she simply floated at Sakura helplessly. The amused girl simply kicked Chun-Li's bloated belly, sending her flying into the air, then suddenly yanked in her sensitive bum by the hose that tethered her. The wind gently kept her afloat, while Sakura continued to press more and more air into her ballooning body. She was now nearly as round as she was wide, her giant ass finally pulling the bikini bottoms off, leaving her as a giant flesh colored balloon. Her vision spun as her body bobbed around, caressed by the wind and the air that continued to fill her. She was still vaguely human shaped, but her extremities were massive, and her stomach, arms and legs were very wide. They couldn't escape the girth of her boobs, which grew even larger than medicine balls. The time she spent floating, continuing to feel air pump through her ass and into her body seemed like an eternity. Sakura had stopped caring about ridding herself of the two fighters, and seemed perfectly content with making a mockery out of them.
Sakura set down the hand pump and admired her work. Chun-Li's body was larger than any cartoonish inflation ever. She could see the beachgoers gawking at the large floating balloons. Sakura dropped her tongue and made a face at the obviously distracted Chun-Li. "Nnnnn, not so hot now, huh!?" Sakura said, satisfied with her work. But then she noticed something a little weird. There was something shadowing her...and it wasn't a cloud. It was huge.
She turned around, still looking into the sky, to see an indescribably large figure in the sky. It was Cammy. She was...enormous. What could best be describe as Cammy, but more than ten times her normal size, floated high above the beach. Her clothes had long since been too small to stay on her, leaving her as a naked giantess, but not without a little boost in her curves. Her breasts were amazing, taller than Sakura, and they pressed together beautifully, with swollen nipples that surely didn't please the eyes of any onlooking parents. Even from below, Cammy's hips had been pushed outwards drastically, almost unrealistically, and her legs were given a bit of an extra puff, giving her the most amazing curves. It was no longer a blow up doll, and now a sexy parade float of Cammy White. And the entire beach could see her, especially her protruding breasts and her hill-like ass cheeks pushing out from behind. She was huge. Dangerously huge.
"U-uh-oh" Sakura said in panic. She wanted to humiliate Cammy, not blow her into pieces. But before she could react, suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around her body.
"A-ah! Let go! What are you-" was all Sakura could managed before something was shoved into her mouth.
A teenage girl had held her arms back, and a young adult male had shoved a hose into Sakura's mouth. He looked at her angrily and shouted, "Let's see how you like it, huh!?" More fans of Chun-Li or Cammy. They weren't too happy about their favorite star being humiliated. Sakura could hear people cheering from the beach. People weren't happy with her. She struggled to break free of the girls grip, but she was held down good. Sakura's eyes followed the hose to the source. Was she going to join her enemies and float among the clouds as a ballooned school girl?
No. She would replace them.
The hose that once connected Cammy to the helium tank had now connected Cammy to Sakura. The pressure caused helium to instantly seek exit in Sakura's unfilled body. Helium began to fill Sakura up. Fast. Cammy's great pressure caused the helium to speed it's way into the other end, and Sakura began to feel that pressure build up throughout her entire body. Cammy's body began to shrink as Sakura's began to grow. She felt first hand what Cammy had experienced, and instantly she regret it. Sakura quickly puffed out to twice her normal size. Then three times. Her red once piece swimsuit shrank as her breasts tightened it, along with her filling ass which ate at the back, and her puffing hips that expanded outwards.
In relatively short time, Cammy shrank down to her normal self, the helium slowly, slowly exiting her and entering the blimped schoolgirl Sakura as she breathed out the last, and tried deseperately not to breathe it back in. Cammy held her finger over the end of the hose as she pulled it from her lips and stood up. She was greeted by several fans. And several more whistles. Oh yeah, she was completely nude. Thankfully, the friendly beachgoers handed her a towel and asked after her safety, but she assured them she felt perfectly fine, if not a little bloated. The male who freed her took the hose and brought it over to the Chun-Li balloon, putting it between her lips and giving her body a press, watching the air leave her and tighten up Sakura's body even more. Chun-Li returned to normal as well, and the two could not be more thankful to everyone who helped free them.
Sakura was tied to the beach for quite some time. Her giant naked body was a sore sight for some, but a beautiful sight for many others. It was assumed she would learn her lesson this time, but this was only the start of a bitter rivalry. Sakura vowed to have the last laugh. If someone would ever just deflate her.
Here's some more Cammy/Chun-Li inflation fun.
rudyphantom Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
:clap: Bravo to you. You've once again made a great story, and the ending leaves me to think if their will be another chance for Sakura to try again :plotting: I hope so anyway, but thats really up to you of course.
darth-clone19 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
Perfect story! Your descriptions are great as always!

One thing though. One of the inflatees, in a given moment, has her breasts like beach balls, then you say she has them like medicine balls. Medicine balls are way smaller.
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