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Sakura let out an exasperated sigh as she tried to catch her breath. Her chest heaved up and down against her low-cut blue one-piece swimsuit, practically gasping for air. The schoolgirl was off in a distant edge of the beach, trying to remain out of the sight of most beachgoers as she settled next to the palm trees. She took a deep breath once again, and wrapped her lips around the small valve in the inflatable raft that she held in her grasp, filling it up as her lungs emptied their contents inside of it.
Sakura was having a hard time enjoying her vacation. The first day here, she became jealous at the attention her rivals were getting, trying to make herself the cutest fighter on the beach by removing the competition, and failed. She was given quite a punishment in return, and ended up losing a lot more than just a swimsuit. Now, huddled up out of few, she tried to keep out of sight of anyone who got a glimpse of her giant, fully-exposed body, content with just relaxing for now. But, she didn't think ahead and approached the beach with her raft packed away, only to realize when she arrived that she was too afraid to go use the nearby inflation supplies to blow it up, on the off chance that some 'accident' may occur, so she settled with blowing up her toys with her own breath. And it was taking a lot out of her.
As the inflatable bed grew to its fullest size, Sakura was entirely prepared to plug this thing up and hit the water. With a few deep breaths, she quickly blew the last necessary gusts of air into the raft, feeling it grow taut within her hands. She watched the pillow-like top of the raft grow round, before the odd movement of a nearby shadow caught her attention. As her breath ran dry, she slowly stopped, trying to discern what that movement could have been.
In an instant, a large figure came into to view, jumping atop the inflatable raft with full force, causing the ground to shake a bit with its fall. The occurrences that followed were so quick that Sakura didn't have time to react before feeling an uncomfortable pressure building up inside her. Her arms shot back in surprise, her body straightening up as she leaned back, letting out a yelp of surprise. But it was muffled by the inflatable's valve still being caught between her lips. Sakura's eyes shot wide with shock, not only from the surprise, but also from her body suddenly growing tight all over. By the time she had realized what was going on, it was too late. Someone had pushed air from the inflatable toy back into Sakura. And it wasn't stopping.
From amongst the hissing sound that echoed inside of her, she heard a greeting being called out from the figure sitting on her once full raft. She saw the figure of a average-sized adult-teen squeezed into a dark brown two-piece bikini, and looked up to see a long black ponytail emerging from the top of her head, a gleeful grin attached to her face. It was Ibuki. With her legs crossed and her face alight with joy, she watched intently as her new toy began to quickly inflate.
Sakura let out a muffled plea that was covered up by the air forcing itself down her throat. First her limbs tightened up, followed by her curves suddenly feeling puffy. Her exposed legs began to plumpen up, her seat growing against the sand and leaving a deep groove, her hips flaring outwards and her thighs pushing into each other. Her chest began to fill out her swimsuit, the outfit cutting above her chest began to lower as her mounds began to take shape, her once modest chest turning into C-cups and stretching further. Sakura watched with terror as her extremities began to bloat against her will, then lunged forward at Ibuki in a last ditch effort to stop the air blowing into her. Her tightening limbs didn't give her much to work with, though, and as a result she simply moved her upper body forward and landed on her stomach, or rather, her bloated bosom, which made a gentle *thum* sound as her air-filled body bounced against the ground like a rubber ball, before settling in a laying position. Sakura could only see the relatively skinny legs of Ibuki slowly sink into view as the wide inflatable shrank, its contents continuing to empty into her.
Sakura lay as a helpless blow-up-schoolgirl, feeling her breasts inflate and leave imprints in the sand, her plumpening rear pushing upwards with freedom. Her swimsuit began to shrank as her entire body filled out, her arms now air-tight and stuck completely stiff at her sides, her plump butt swallowing the lower end of her suit as her cheeks inflated like two balloons, following her breasts filling up the ground below her and raising her up, passing DD-Cups. She let out a cry as she felt herself get pumped tightly with air, but the grinning Ibuki only admired Sakura's growing figure.
Soon the inflatable raft was losing a lot of its air, but that didn't stop Ibuki from getting up and squeezing it dry, pushing Sakura to new sizes as the last of the air entered her body. Her chest pointed her at a further angle with her boobs becoming two large basketballs, her swimsuit too tight to cover these puppies as well as it once did, showing off her amazing cleavage as the two spheres were squeezed together firmly. Her tail end was quite visible against her now tiny swimwear, although it seemed worse when her hips had curved outwards graciously, turning her from a teen to the ultimate cartoonish figure within mere minutes. With her cheeks red from the awkward pressure stretching her body, and her body squeaking with protest, Ibuki pulled the inflatable raft from her lips, but pinched them close. Sakura panicked when she began to see a more sinister glare on Ibuki's face; she wasn't finished with her yet.
From within her top, Ibuki withdrew a small object. A cork. Stuffing it between Sakura's bloated lips, she stood back then jumped on top of the bloated balloon girl, causing her body to deform as air was forced into her upper and lower regions, but regained shape between Ibuki's legs. Testing the sturdiness of her captive, Ibuki bounced up and down, her palms planted on Sakura's bloated rear, causing the schoolgirl to let out confused grunts, her eyes closed as she tried to cope with the pressure constantly pushing into her chest and legs before reforming. Ibuki was quite satisfied with her work. She stood up and grabbed her new toy by its hips, standing her up and smiling away, observing the death glare the ballooned girl shot her, before placing her hands upon the balloon's titanic boobs and pushing them together. Sakura's eyes closed up as she tried to hide the awkward feelings it invoked inside of her, Ibuki grinning once again as she teased the helpless schoolgirl. Sliding her fingers between her bloated cleavage, she tugged the balloon girl by the swimsuit, pulling it tightly against Sakura's lower regions, her discomfort multiplying with each second.

Sakura floated gently on the waters with a skinny bikini-clad girl resting between her bloated cleavage, using Sakura like a raft of her own, with two bloated pillows. Sakura's fury became blind rage over time, as Ibuki not only used her, but kept her tightly inflated with a hand pump, until sundown. Sakura had no idea what caused the ninja girl to suddenly pick a fight with her. But a fight is what she's going to get.

As the sun began to set, Ibuki felt her stomach growling. The sniff of a nearby building had caught her attention. An ice cream vendor. Her body continued to gurgle as a sensation rode her stomach. She was too hungry to pass this up.
Walking along the side of the building, Ibuki licked away happily at a cone of ice cream, humming to herself. She was having a wonderful day, first she got to humiliate one of her rivals by giving her the sweet revenge she deserved, and now, ice cream. Things couldn't be better.
She marched down a sidewalk wrapping around the large building, heading towards her supplies so she could wrap up and leave - after finishing her desert first - her face still alight with joy. But her day was about to be ruined when she passed by a large door, unable to properly react to it violently swinging open and pushing against the wall on the other side, pulling Ibuki with it. With a loud *CRASH*, Ibuki felt her world go black.
Sakura stepped out from the building, faking innocence as she tip-toed to the end of the door. She curiously pulled the door out from the wall and let it spin back to closed, exposing a once-flat wall now indented with a paper-thin Ibuki now plastered against it. Her body had been crushed by the door, flattening her between it and the thick wall, leaving her as a flat figure of her normal self. And from her hand, a large splatter of chocolate ice cream was covering the wall. Ibuki's imprinted body let out a groan, her eyes spun as she tried to recover from dizziness.
Sakura gasped with fake shock, clearly happy that this little accident had occurred, if it was even an accident. With a completely ingenuine tone, she called out, "Don't worry, Ibuki, I will help you!" And slid off through the door again. Within a few seconds, Sakura ran back out with a small metal cylinder underneath her arm, dropping it in front of the flattened Ibuki with a loud *clang*. Ibuki began to focus, her eyes shooting wide when she saw the device planted before her. This was going to end very badly.
Sakura planted a hose leading from the cylinder into the paper-Ibuki's lips, having to peel off her upper lip just to push it in. With Ibuki properly connected, Sakura couldn't hide her evil grin as she leaned down next to the cylinder, turning the wheel on top all the way open. The cylinder cried out with a loud hiss, before gas began to flow quickly from it's origins into the ready-to-be-filled ninja girl.
Several quiet popping sounds could be heard as several of Ibuki's features jumped forward, regaining shape as helium pressed into them. First her head, complete with puffy cheeks, followed by her breasts, then her arms, her stomach, her legs, and finally her entire body. Soon she was back to normal size, filled completely with a ticklish gas. Ibuki lifted her arms up, placing it upon the hose held between her lips, but as her fingers began to plumpen, she couldn't quite grasp onto it, letting out a plea of fear when she couldn't remove the hose that was continuing to spread gas inside of her. To little surprise, Sakura simply stood back and watched as the helium tank pumped Ibuki's body bigger and fuller.
Ibuki's skin began to peel off of the wall it was once stretched across as her body reverted from flat as a board to round and puffy. Her body was a helium-filled balloon girl, now weightless and bobbing gently off the ground as more gas was forced down her throat. Within moments, her average sized bust began to push into far bigger sizes, her bikini top getting much tigher. Her bottoms felt equally as small as her butt rounded outwards to match, her body gaining an unnatural curve as gas tightened her body. Her pudgy fingers found their way to her chest, squeezing her new bust in her palms, amazed and shocked to see and feel them grow beneath her grip.
Ibuki slowly floated 5 feet off the ground, and continued to soar upwards as her feathery body was filled with enough helium to give her buoyancy. Her soft legs kicked as much as they could, they, too, puffed up with gas as her hips rounded outwards and her thighs pressed together, while flailing her bloated arms, which slowly and steadily became harder to move. Her bikini bottoms began to shrink out of sight as her bloated legs, her billowing rear, and even the slight puffing up of her gut enveloped her tightening outfit. Her top wasn't doing much better, her bust growing impressively to the size of basketballs, squeezed together by a bikini top that wrapped around her torso tightly. Ibuki's body bobbed slightly as she reached the end of the hose, now floating 15 feet in the air, her anchored lips keeping her pointed down and ensuring that all below could see her amazing curves expand.
As the amazing Ibuki balloon continued to unwillingly down amazing amounts of helium, her shrinking bikini had finally decided it had been through enough, her bottoms snapping and flying off of her, her helium-filled posterior jiggling from it's sudden freedom, followed by the string holding her top together finally snapping in half, her breasts wildly bouncing about as their tight restricting finally was let go. Ibuki's cheeks turned blood red as her titanic, balloon body was now completely nude, and as she gained magnificent sizes, everyone on the beach got a gaze at her bloated, exposed curves widening with every passing moment. Soon the great Ibuki had her body filled up to the brim with helium, her bust inflated to two 3-foot-wide spheres, her puffy rear expanded to match, her body growing to 12 feet tall, of course with wildly curvy hips and soft thighs that squeaked as they pushed together. Luckily for her, the hissing began to run dry, and her quivering body slowly halted it's growth. The helium tank read empty, much to Sakura's dismay, although she felt it was probably necessary in order to avoid this plan backfiring again.
Sakura grinned as she placed her hand on the hose that anchored her personal parade float to the ground. Ibuki's eyes widened as she saw the schoolgirl preparing the yank the hose from her mouth. Ibuki tried to shake her head no as much as she could, but Sakura simply grinned, nodding in return, before quickly thrusting her arm down, the hose forced out of the balloon's plump lips with a soft *pop*, before a loud hiss crawled up her throat, and helium leaked from her squeaky body quickly enough to send her flying backwards. Sakura watched with joy as the Ibuki balloon zig-zagged through the sky, but was satisfied to see her direction was perfect; the city. The deflating Ibuki bounced through the sky and off several buildings before leaving her, completely naked, upon the busy sidewalk.
With her face immortally red with embarrassment, Ibuki dashed off madly towards her home, cradling her exposed breasts in her arms. She should have known her actions would come to bite her in her bloated behind... but she was determined to see to it that she got the last laugh. Sakura wasn't allowed to get away with this after what she had done to the others, and now herself. This battle was going to end in her favor, no matter what.
Not much of an original story, but I enjoyed writing it. In fact, the first half is based on an unfinished sequel to the original story, but when I came up with an idea involving Ibuki, I decided to write this up as a precursor to that story.
darth-clone19 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011
Loved it! One of those stories that makes me fall in love with my fetish all over again XD
CrystalTigeress990 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011
OH, HO!! This was too funny! It was like a Tom and Jerry cartoon... sort of! I enjoyed every last second of it!! :D

Awesome!! :)
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