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Rouge the Bat sat up from her bed and stretched her arms out wide. She pivoted around to the edge of the bed and stood up, walking towards the window. She looked out at the beach shadowed by her apartment building, able to see far out into the ocean from her floor. She thought to herself, she was seriously wondering if she wanted to go to the beach anymore. She pulled the window open and let the cool breeze rush through the room, taking in a deep breath, her chest heaving tightly against her small nightgown. The weather was gorgeous, though.

"Nice weather...good day to hang out at the beach", She said to herself.

She slipped out of her gown and walked into the closet where she had stored a ton of outfits; she had to be ready for any occasion, of course. She was crazy about the beach, so she had a wide variety of swimsuits to choose from. Today, she felt a, she admitted, and decided to wear a certain purple bikini with a white outline, being that it was a little revealing on her. She tied on the bottoms, then threw on the top and tied it up tightly, giving the strings one quick finishing pull that caused her breasts to bounce, which she smirked at. She waltzed in front of the mirror behind the closet door and whirled around, observing her body.
She grabbed a beach towel and umbrella, slipped on her sandals, then jumped out her apartment window, landing on the sand below her, feeling like walking a bit rather than flying straight to her spot. She began to strut down the beach, looking around, hoping to be noticed. She felt incredibly good this morning, she felt the eyes on her and she loved it. Her breasts bounced with every step, more than normal it seemed, but she loving it.
She snapped out of her dazed state of being soaked in the attention, and realized she was at her destination. She rolled out her towel and stabbed the shady umbrella deep into the sand and popped it open, doing all of this with a little emphasis on showing off her body. She finally forced herself to lie down and close her eyes, thinking to herself and finally coming to realize how strange it was for her to be acting this way. She chuckled to herself and relaxed, the breeze and sun was perfect today.

She lay for a while, soaking up the sun, everything going accordingly. Soon she yawned and decided she was ready for a swim. Opening her eyes slowly, she suddenly spotted something heading at her fast, and before she could guard herself she was smacked straight in the face. She went to cover her face but suddenly felt something blocking her hands. She opened her eyes to find a large beach ball had hit her. Strangely, it was still in her face. She grabbed the ball and tried to pull it away, but she felt her head pull forward with the ball. She pulled it down, it came down to her lap and she could see over it, but there wasn't a soul near by. She looked around, trying to find who might have thrown it, but there wasn't anyone close enough to have.
She looked down and discovered something uncanny; the hole where the ball is normally inflated was inside her mouth. It was pulled outwards a little, as if the hole was glued around her mouth. She gripped the ball with her hands and pulled it as hard as she could, pulling her head back. The ball eventually slipped from her fingers and came back hitting her on the nose and knocking her back a bit. She fell flat onto her back, shaking her head and making an aggravated grunt.
She froze for a second, trying to think of what could be going on. Her thoughts were immediately interrupted by low hissing sound, slowly growing louder and louder. She lowered her eyes down and noticed the ball was slowly lowering on to her, as if it was losing air. She blinked when she felt a tightness in her top, slipped her fingers around the ball to grip her breasts, gasping when her fingers met with an almost airy bosom. Her sudden gasp caused her to accidentally breathe in quickly, taking in a lot of air from the ball. She felt the sudden push of air spread a tingly feeling through her entire body, right down to her fingers. She couldn't believe what was happening.
She began to panic once she felt herself lift upwards a bit, her butt expanding inside her bikini. She lowered her hands and squeezed her new arse, her arms rubbing up against her now expanded hips. She felt a fullness in her stomach, but before she could explore, her arms forcefully slid up until they stuck straight out, soon filling and inflating too. She looked to the side to see her arm bulge outwards. She wiggled her fingers, soon feeling them grow stiff as they billowed up a little.
Rouge’s legs, as well as any other part of her body became slightly bloated, her cheeks even poofing outward a bit. She began to hope she would stop after being so evenly inflated, but she felt the ball continue to push air through as her body began to grow even wider, bloating every piece of her body even further. She tried to struggle, trying to spit out the ball, when she began to feel abnormal. The stretching her body was receiving irritated her skin, but soon it grew comfortable and soft, a feeling that began in her stomach and spread throughout her body. Soon, it reached her head, where everything became a little numb and soft. She gasped when she felt the fur on her head change. She couldn't explain it, but as her body bloated further, she heard a squeaking sound similar to an overinflated balloon, and drew a wild conclusion; she had become rubber.
'How could this be happening!?' she thought in panic. Her head became stiff and it too began to feel inflated. But it wasn't growing misshaped; it was as if it was a shapely balloon, growing out proportionally, as if she was just growing bigger altogether. None of the situation made any sense, it was all completely impossible. Soon she had swallowed all the ball's helium, and her body had become insanely abnormal; she felt like she was nothing but a skin of rubber shaped like her former self, her body seeming like a mirror image of her normal body, except expanded to twice her normal size. The ball fell from her lips and she could see the tip of her breasts, her eyes unable to even glance around. She couldn't normally see them from that angle; had they grown more than the rest of her body? Or perhaps her body grew more than her head?
She was motionless on the beach for a while, trying her best to move, but nothing would react in the slightest. It was such a strange feeling, like her sight was implanted on another body, or as if she was entirely numb. Soon she noticed two older boys walk over to her. If she could feel anything, she knew her cheeks would be boiling hot in embarrassment. She knew her bikini was exposing her body, if it hadn't fallen off from already being too tight in the first place. The two boys grabbed her arms and stood her up. They didn't seem too surprised or curious about her condition, but they walked around her and moved her about, soon one walking off and the other held her by the shoulders. She saw his hands reach down and squeeze her breasts. She felt her body push out just a touch, the air from her breasts being forced in every other corner of her body. She wanted to kick him straight in the groin for that, but she admitted; all the helium felt a little good, and his squeezed sent some nice feelings throughout her body.
Soon she saw the second boy walk back, his finger reaching out and resting on her lips. She thought they might be looking for a little action from her - like she was their own blow up doll. 'This must be all their fault' she thought. As she watched the finger (as best as she could), she noticed the other hand enter her view, and clutched in it was a hose. She felt panic wash over her as the tube slipped in between her thickened lips. 'Are they going to inflate me more!?' she pondered. Soon enough she felt an extreme force enter her body through her lips. She knew right away that helium was pouring in to her, her body only able to feel the tingling sensations that the air stirred up. Her entire body began to inflate once more, but this time there was a major difference; the speed. As soon as she felt the air enter, her sight began to rise incredibly. Her growth from before was nothing compared to this.
The boys watched as the beautiful bat expanded outwards rapidly, her size becoming triple the norm in the matter of 10 seconds. She soon lost sight of the boys as she grew outwards ballisticly, the shore soon too to be below her sight. She could feel every corner of her body expand, the tingling feeling growing in her greatly. Her body continued to grow out, with her shape remaining mostly the same with only one exception; her sexy curves were being amplified. Her breasts billowed outwards, her nipples became visible through her top, her hips widening voluptuously and her ass filling out her bottoms. These assets were now 5 times normal size, compared to her body which was only 4 times as big.
From the beach, everyone could see it. A batgirl now 12 feet tall, with her sexy bits bloated further to make her look cartoonishly delicious. Her bottoms were tightly wrapped around her butt to expose each curve; the strings against her hip were looking rather loose, upping the hopes of some men. Her breasts were tightly packaged in her top, her nipples poking through clearly. But, strangely, her bikini didn't seem to shrink. It grew with her, although it certainly wasn't keeping up as well.
Soon, the experience became much more bizarre. She could suddenly see herself, a helium giantess on the beach, from high up, as if her view was transferred to a bird's eyes. She was mortified to what she saw; now 20 feet tall, closing in on 7 times her normal size, and her curvy bits were racing her body still, now closing in on 10 times normal size. Her top was slid far down her breasts, the cleavage like a canyon, pushing up towards her face a little. Her nipples poked through, the top so tightly wrapped. The front of her bottoms were shrinking up a bit, her hips advertising an amazing curve. The view of her rotated and she was able to see her wide bum now peeking out the sides of her bottoms, the dip in the middle precise, making her bottoms almost pointless. She couldn't help gawk at how the top managed to stretch out so wide and not even appear to be close to ripping.
She felt a raging pleasure push through every piece of her body. Her nipples tingled immensely, her breasts themselves feeling as if they were being thoroughly massaged by millions of hands. Her body's growth did not even slow down as she grew, it was constant and consistent. It made no sense, the helium tank would have to be pumping insane amounts of air to keep her growing at the size she was. Every minute she pumped full of helium, the less sense it all made, but her experience was becoming more pleasurable within those minutes. She soon completely forgot about the hundreds of eyes locked on her, she was in bliss.
The vixen was hitting 30 feet in height before she could realize; ten times normal size. Her ample assets were mind-blowing in size; 15 times normal. She looked ridiculously misshaped now, but she couldn't think straight enough to even realize. The only thoughts in her head were to beg for more, and she had no choice but to receive. The pleasure in her body was unlike anything imaginable; She could orgasm up storms, but her body acted as if that was no longer even possible. She was forced to hold in the pleasure, and it was making her incredibly dizzy. The helium tank was pulled up with her head, looking as if it were to slip out of her giant, full lips, but it finally was dropped between her breasts, taking the slack off the tube and assuring her she'd continue her inflation adventure. She thought her beautiful dream was about to come to an end - such as the tank running dry, or to fall loose from her mouth - but it was just starting.
Rouge's body continued to pump fuller and fuller, yet she showed no sign of getting full. It seemed as though she would just inflate into the clouds, her body filling for eternity, but it finally stopped once the helium tank fell out, falling down to the earth with a crash. Everyone looked up at her body. She was taller than her apartment building, taller than any building in the city even. She measured out to a jaw-dropped 75 feet in height. 25 times normal size, and her scrumptious curves bloated to 35 times normal size. It was an unbelievable sight, and the feelings Rouge was experiencing was indescribable.
Her view still from above, she saw a crowd of people gather around her feet. Soon enough, her body began to sway back and forth, until she finally began to plummet down into the ocean, but her light body caused her to fall like a feather. Her breasts crashed into the water and sent a large wave outwards. She saw and felt several people crawl onto her body, as well as swim outwards towards the surfaced treasure. There must have been a thousand people at the beach now, and they crawled over her like ants on a fresh picnic. She saw a barrage of people storming up her straightened legs, reaching her insanely billowed out bum and climbing up it like a cliff. The squeezing of hundreds of hands irritated the air inside her and began to create even greater feelings. Soon, people were crawling inside her top, moving around while squished between the tight bikini top and the monster breast. She felt tons of tiny pinches along her gargantuan nipples, several people sliding along her breasts and people crawling around in her bottoms. The helium in her body could only pleasure her further as each tiny human played with her like a jungle gym.

Hours pasted by, and people played with her body for hours on end. She was in love with her new position, and had no intention to ever deflate. Her birds-eye-view began to notice a truck pull up with several helium tanks inside. She suddenly felt panic through all the pleasure, surprisingly. Several people carried the tanks over to her body, and within about ten minutes had set them up to be plugged into every part of her body, even her nipples. 'This can't be happening', she thought, 'I can't grow any larger! This is just ridiculous!'
Soon every helium tank turned on, and in only a flash her body bloated so far that she could see a patch of skin. Before she could begin to think, she heard a thunderous explosion-

Rouge the Bat suddenly burst open her eyelids. She stared up at the ceiling fan swinging slowly above her. She was breathing deeply, sweat on her forehead. She took a deep breath and placed her hand on her chest. She sighed in relief and laughed. 'Only a dream...' she thought. 'No wonder it made so little sense...but, wow, what a rush...' She laughed at the whole thing, so surprised she dreamt to be turned on by helium, of all things.
Rouge sat up from her bed and stretched her arms out wide. She pivoted around to the edge of the bed and stood up, walking towards the window. She looked out at the beach shadowed by her apartment building, able to see far out into the ocean from her floor. She thought to herself, she was seriously wondering if she wanted to go to the beach anymore. She pulled the window open and let the cool breeze rush through the room, taking in a deep breath, her chest heaving tightly against her small nightgown. The weather was gorgeous, though.

"Nice weather...good day to hang out at the beach", She said to herself.
[ Posted June 25 2007 ]
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