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Rouge was flying towards her apartment home in the middle of the city. She was content that she had discovered the Doc's research and returned it to her agency. She finally had some time off. She couldn't wait to get home and relax, happy to realize she could wear something skimpy and not have to worry about being ready to take immidiate action for the agency, and she was ready to try on her new outfits that she hadn't even a chance to wear yet.
She flew through the window of her room, unzipping from her bodysuit and throwing it aside, posing naked in front of the mirror. She made strange poses, sexual and funny, and laughed as her breasts jiggled. She hovered into her closet and came out wearing a rubbery, dark purple bikini, posing more, and then changing again into a skirt and tanktop. She laughed and threw off the outfits, then jumping onto her couch, naked, and flipped on the TV. She felt so relieved to be free.
She flipped through the channels, not able to find anything good at this time. She stopped at one channel, one of her favorites, which was currently at its commercial break. She waited patiently to see which program was on at the moment. Suddenly, during one of the commercials, there was a field of grass and multiple hot-air balloons floating into the air. She blinked, feeling a jolt move through her. The balloons gave her a strange feeling. She began to feel a bit turned on. She shooked her head and flipped the channel.
"That was strange..." She said, right before noticing she had flipping into a cartoon. In the cartoon, one of the characters had just been inflated by another with a bicycle pump. She jumped, feeling an even stronger jolt hit through her. She quickly turned off the TV, feeling insanely horny. She stood, saying "Wow...look at the time...I'm tired..." and walked into her bedroom, jumping onto the bed.

She awoke the next day. She had slept in late and felt extremely good when she rose. She jumped from her bed, throwing on her shorts and a bra. "I think I'll go for a nice 'stroll'..." she said, expanding her wings out and jumping out her window, flying out towards the beach, then taking a sharp turn and flying along the shore. She was quite high, so no one could spot her as more than a bird or a plane. 'I think I'll stop by for a tan later' she thought.
She slowly guided left and flew towards the city, watching the cars and traffic zoom by. She noted a few of the buildings, and spotted a few of the air pumps outside of the gas stations. She felt that jolt again, but this time it was an urge. She tried to take her mind off of it, but every turn revealed another gas station with more pumps. She was so caught up that she ran straight into a balloon mascot for a car dealership, and bounced off, screaming as she nearly hit the pavement. She managed to slow and catch herself. She took short breaths, trying to regain herself. She walked towards the side of the building, not wanting to be seen by the public, especially not in such a revealing bra. She bent over and held her knees, breathing, the whole urge throwing her for a loop. She focused, realizing she was face to face with a few open air tanks used to inflate tires. She felt that urge, but this time it had the best of her. She wanted it now. She was going for it.
Her hand shakily reached out and grabbed the nozzle of the hose, pulling it towards her. She slowly placed the tube into her mouth, trembling heavily as she reached back for the valve. She watched wide-eyedly as her body forcefully attempted to inflate her. She had no resistance to the movements. Her hand met the cold, rusty handle, as her fingers gripped tightly and turned very slowly. Suddenly, she heard the hissing of helium, and jerked the handle quickly, slamming it to full. She gasped, realizing too late that what she had done was too much, but it came.
Her floppy ears met with the sounds of an extra loud hissing blast, and her body suddenly snapped into a stiff position. Air forced itself down her through and into her body. Her breasts began to grow out sizes-per-second, ripping her bra within the first second. Her stomach filled quickly and gained a pregnant size within a few seconds. Her lower body, hips, thighs, butt and legs all filled intensly with helium, squeezing together and rubbing, making the sound of two balloons squeeking againts each other. Her arms began to stretch out, and even her tail inflated into a little ball. She began to float upwards, filling and filling. Her breasts reached volleyball size within five seconds, and her legs and arms had doubled in size within that time. Her butt was now the size of her breasts, and her thighs here causing her legs to push out farther. Her body was eventually enough to rip her shorts in half, leaving her into a growing balloon of flesh. She grew farther and farther, her breasts and butt reaching basketball size, then beach ball size. Her nipples and her tail were now golfball sized, her stomach was almost filled to triplets, and her limbs were nerely four times normal size.
She suddenly felt a heavy pressure as she began to approach her maximum size; She was full. Her body's growth suddenly slowly majorly, barely able to find place for air to escape to. Her body squeeked of stretching rubber loudly. She thought it was her end. But she did not pop.
Instead, the tube forced itself out of her, and her body flung into the air and began deflating. She rocketed helium out of her mouth like a full balloon that was untied, and jetted around the car lot, bouncing off car and concrete. Once she had stopped, she sighed. The insane nightmare was over. But she realized then, that she wasn't normal. No, She was flat. And not just chest-flat, her entire body was paper thin. She had become a balloon, almost, and when she deflated, she lost her body. She was just a rubber skin now. She gasped. Her first thought was to be inflated to normal size...but how would she get someone to do so?

She examined her surroundings. She had actually been blown quite a bit away from her original point. She was laying on a fence in someone's yard. She had been hanging along the wooden planks for what seemed like days. Hours later, she found herself awakening from a slumber. She was still exactly where she was before. She tried to think this through. All she could managed to conclude is the question of how she was still a living thing when she had nothing inside her, a mere sheet of rubber shaped like her original body. She sighed, clueless. She tried her best to move but she felt numb all over, and nothing happened.
She noticed kids playing in a backyard pool of the yard she lay. Two young children no older than six years old. They splashed and laughed like you'd normally expect. Rouge assumed they were brother and sister with their added in bickering as well. Suddenly, the boy spotted the deflated bat stretched across their fence. They spoke, almost yelling, but Rouge could only hear a blur of it. The kid pulled her down, her leg getting stuck on the post until he jerked a bit more and pulled her off. She stretched like a balloon, but remained tough and didn't come close to ripping. The boy pointed towards a shed, while feeling Rouge's body. His hands ran across her breast, but she felt nothing, though growing angry regardless if he knew what he was doing or not. Suddenly she was dropped onto the ground and flipped over, and noticed the girl approaching with a bicycle pump in her arms. She dropped the pump down with a thud, and the boy pulled the hose and connected it into Rouge's lips. She couldn't believe the irony.
The boy and girl both grabbed the handle and pushed down. Rouge immidiately felt the rush of air blow into her, causing her to gasp in surprise. The girl stopped at the sound, looking curiously, but the boy demanded her to continue. They began to pump more, each push causing her body to pull outwards all around. She began to get her feeling and senses back, and could now fully hear the hissing of her own body. She approached her normal size and sighed, feeling good to be back. But she realized she could not move. She was in an aroused, motionless state, forced to deal with whatever came her way. Once she got to thinking of it, the irony and helplessness began to turn her on even more. She gasped and blinked as she felt even more air push into her. The children pumped even still, wanting her larger. She listened to their talking as they chattered about her being some "pool toy", and they wanted her to be the 'biggest pool toy in the world'. She dreaded the sound of that, thinking she was about to approach a ridiculous size once more. She was relieved to find that the children had stopped, but only to see that she had been overinflated, her breasts were a cup size larger, and her butt, hips, stomach, and limbs were a few inches thicker than normal. She felt the tube being pulled from her lips...but she did not deflate. She held her shape, now litterally a pool toy - a pool toy that could think.
The children heaved her up, tossing her into the pool, then jumping in and chasing after her, arguing over who got to play with her first. While in her state, the children climbed over her, and used her breasts and other inappropriate body parts as handles for them to tug at. Her body was insanely sensitive, and each grab sent a jolt of pleasure through her, regardless of who was doing it.
The kids left around 20 minutes later of playing with their bat balloon, and never came out. Rouge was left floating in a pool for hours. She awoke from her boring swim later, in which the sun had fallen and it was near midnight. She gathered her senses, just to find that she had deflate quite a bit, and was able to move...barely. As she floated around helpelessly, she reached out for a ledge of the pool, accidently pushing away and grunting in distress. She grabbed the edge she then floated to on the opposite side and held, waiting until she was flexible enough to pull herself out. She attempted to do so a few minutes later, growing impatient. She stood, but in an awkward way. Her legs stuck out a bit, and her arms wouldn't go down to her sides easily. She tried to walk, but it came out in half-waddling form, each step bouncing her off the ground a little. She sighed, knowing the walk home would be a long one.
She walked over to the left-open gate of the fence and studied her area. She recognized the neighborhood. She looked back and saw the balloon mascot she had run into earlier in the distance, and tried to recall her location. She reached a logical conclusion of which general direction her apartment was and, since she had only flown, knew only how to get their directly with no obstecles in her way. She tried to stretch out her wings and prepare for flight; But there was no reaction. She turned around, seeing her wings were actually inflated, their deflation much slower than her body's. The thought almost sent her to shock: she would have to walk home. And furthermore, she reliezed she was still naked, and probably couldn't find an outfit to wear out in the middle of a neighborhood.
She shook her head and got to her senses. 'No problem...I can do this, easy!' she thought. She stood up as straight as she could, and began to march straight into the front yard and towards the street. She felt confident that she couldn't be spotted at the time, it was dead early morning by this time. She began to cross the street, not going very fast due to a wind resistance in her body, but it didn't worry her much. Suddenly she heard a motor drawing close with her incredible hearing...someone in a car was approaching. She wasn't willing to be seen, with the combo of being bloated and naked in the middle of a residential area. She panicked and began to walk as fast as she can, not gaining much speed and barely making it onto the opposite sidewalk as the sound drew near. She managed to throw herself behind a frontyard tree before the car approached the street. It came to an intersection, and drove fowards and away from her, never even coming near her.
"Damnit." She said. She sighed and continued to trudge down the path. She climbed into another yard, and then out the back, through a ditch and onto a sidewalk once more. She saw her next target; a freeway crossing. An area always inhabitited by at least six cars per stop, even at this time.
She gasped. "Theres no way I'm going to walk out in front of them!" she protested. She looked around, the street went on for miles, she couldn't avoid it. She only wishes she could fly above the cars, they would never spot her with the lack of light around. She put her hands to her hips - which had been easier than when she started, her body now nearly normal - and thought of a plan. She then thought of the helium again. Helium left her body, but the natural air pump didn't. The helium was also much lighter. She shook her head in disbelief, but she actually was going to try it; she needed helium.
She ran across the neighborhood street, and down a long fenceline the seperated her from the freeway. She passed through the shadows of a sleepy apartment area, and ran straight into a gas station. She smiled, feeling like her plan was going to work no matter what. She ran toward the side of the station, still hidden in shadows, and reached for a helium pump's hose. She hesistated, listening to the automated pump hiss loudly, feeling the wind blow againts her cold body. She took a deep breath and shoved the hose between her sexy lips. She once again felt inflation take over instantly. Her entire body plumped out, as it did before, her breasts growing to DDs, her butt and stomach inflating before her eyes. Her hips widened with nothing to restrict them, and her limbs stiffened and grew like long balloons. She gasped, thinking too quickly and not reliezing her flaw; she had no limbs to remove the hose once she was full enough to float. She tried to wait until the time was right to worry about it, and let herself grow. Her breasts were now beyond normal cup sizes, her belly looking like a basketball. Her arse softly approached her breasts' sizes, and her hips and thighs made loud squeezes as they pushed together.
As she began to float, a wind gust picked up and pulled her towards the street. She mumbled panickingly into the hose as she began to pull away from the tank. She held her lips tightly, feeling that she wasn't ready, but her body's weightlessness pulled her lips from the hose, letting it drop limply to the pavement. SHe pressed her lips tightly together to hold the air into her, the pressure of the helium trying to escape becoming great. The wind blew her over towards the road, and her height was just enough to keep her hidden. Passerbys could see the shadow of a round object with four sticks sticking out, but could not detect it being anything more. She laughed to herself, her plan working nicely.
She approached the opposite sidewalk, and slowly siphoned helium through a tiny opening between her lips, letting her peacefully approach a managable size. She touched the ground, and nerely held her original size until she suddenly stopped the escape air. She almost forgot that the first time, the helium rendered her into a limp, deflated rubber skin. She looked down, seeing a plump, widened version of her naked self. She could move only a little. She was too scared to let herself deflate any more, and let the helium settle into her, hoping she would approach normal size again.
She waddled towards her home, going through sleeping neighborhoods and having a rather easy time from then on out. She reached her apartment, finally able to move herself, only barely able to manage her wings, and flew into her window. She layed across the couch and breathed deeply. She had had enough adventure for one day. She looked back onto her encounters, and thought of them as rather erotic whenever the panic of actually living them was gone.
She sat up and thought to herself. 'I wonder if that lab has any spare helium tanks...?' and flew out again, unable to resist.
[ Posted Apr 27, 2006 ]

Intro paragraph removed, because, lets be honest, who wants to read it?
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"That was strange..." She said, right before noticing she had flipping into a cartoon. In the cartoon, one of the characters had just been inflated by another with a bicycle pump. She jumped, feeling an even stronger jolt hit through her. She quickly turned off the TV, feeling insanely horny.
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