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Raven and Starfire continued their expedition through the lush forest they had been abandoned in. They had been walking for a mile now, sounds of hustling leaves echoing throughout, but more loudly was the hiss of the helium tank that continued to push out an unending supply of gas.
Raven eventually caved and spoke up. "Did you really have to bring that thing along with you?" She said aloud with a voice that was still massively high pitch. The helium clearly had not escaped her lungs fully yet, and had been sitting there for quite some time. She figured when you ingest as much helium as she has, you don't recover from it right away.
Starfire couldn't help but giggle, her voice also pushed up a few octaves. "He he, you still sound so funny!" she said with a smile.
Raven was less than amused. "Well, at least try to be careful with it. You trip up once and we're in trouble." She said, looking all around to see if she could see any change in their surroundings. "You have the key, right?"
Starfire tried to hold back her glee from hearing her ally speak in such a bizarre manner. "I do! I have stored it safely between my breasts." Raven raised an eyebrow in response, but sighed and figured that it was as good a place as any, given their outfits.
They continued to walk for what felt like an hour long before they became exhausted. But soon they discovered an opening in the trees, discovering an open field. In the middle of the field was a giant rock formation. Raven figured that, even if it didn't look like much, it was the single only interesting feature they're run across in a long time. The sun was going to set soon, so she figured it would be as good of a time as any to take a rest.
They walked up to the tall rock wall and examined it from below. Raven thought for a moment and figured that she might as well try to climb this mountainous rock, seeing as how from the top, the view must be pretty expansive, and they might finally spot a point worth heading to.
Raven pointed towards the ground nearest the wall and looked at Starfire. "Stay here. If I can't find a way up, we're probably going to have to sleep here." She felt relieved to hear that at least her voice was slowly approaching normal pitch.
Starfire dropped the tank and nodded. Her arms were soar from lugging that cylinder around. She began to regret the decision to carry it. She sat down with her back against the rock, finally glad to be resting, while Raven walked off towards the corner to look for a good footing for her climb. But once she was out of sight, Starfire began to look at the cylinder again, hearing the gas continue to leak from it's oddly infinite source. She couldn't describe it, but there was a tingle in her gut as she began to examine the hose jerk about along the ground. She thought back to when she was a blimp against the blue sky. She remember how it felt...
She liked it. The light gas tickling every single inch of her stretched skin. The sense of largeness and the excitement of floating high above the ground. It was amazing to her, although she could tell her colleague was less than enthused about the event. But that didn't stop Starfire. She swallowed and slowly raised her arm, gently grasping the thrashing hose between her fingers and pulling it towards her. She slowly raised the metallic end of the hose towards her lips, stopping when it was close and considering why she might want to stop. Her lips began to open when she realized how much trouble she could get in. She closed her eyes and tried to her best to pull it away. This wouldn't be worth it.
But it was too close. The hose suddenly formed a vacuum towards Starfire's lips, as they wrapped around the end and the lock clicked as the suction had firmly squeezed it's way in. Starfire let out a yelp of surprise, but when she felt that familiar rushing sensation, she quickly calmed. Helium trickled down her throat and began to take shelter in her every corner. She dropped her arms to her side and quietly sighed in peace, before the effects began to set in.
Her breasts began to rise up, softly inflating like two balloons. Her skirt began to feel snug as her rear began to expand against the earth below, and her hips began to gain shape. Her arms and legs too began to slowly stiffen as air gave them the familiar treatment. Before, she couldn't bear her lack of mobility, but as she gained new sizes, it became irrelevant.
Starfire slowly rose from the ground. This helium tank was expanding her at full force still, and she loved this. With her body becoming light, and her limbs stiffly protruding out, her body began to tilt outwards from her sitting position, but soon she left the ground and began to rotate a bit. Her breasts were now tight against her top, having grown a few cup sizes, and her skirt was showing off a rather round rump expanding outwards, as well as the rest of her legs pumping up and giving her the extra curve she needed to compliment her new assets.
The rest of her inflated too as usual, looking much like a blow-up-heroine. This cartoon world didn't simply allow air to enter one's body; it seemed to rubberized them, allowing them to expand in a human shape, even parts of their body that wouldn't normally expand in that way. But her feminine figure seemed to allow her body extra room for her modest features, and its effects were extraordinary.
Starfire continued to be rapidly pumped up. Her chest was now beyond normal sizes, slowly leaving basketball size and approaching even more ridiculous measurements. Her skirt slowly rode up her legs as her ass began to push it back, it barely able to fully cover her now protruding rear. But she wasn't giving much away as her thighs plumped up nicely and began to push together, matched with her hips that flared outwards. Her body let out the squeaks and groans of an inflating balloon, her purple outfit barely stretched to wrap around her expanded assets, squeezing them together. She was too lost in the feelings bouncing around inside of her to realize what was happening to her.

Raven had slowly made her way up the rock wall, grunting all the way up. She found enough of a hill to climb, but it was still quite steep. She was actually surprised that Starfire hadn't suggested to just float to the top, but Raven was adamant in not experiencing that ever again. But the idea continued to linger in her head as she stressed the climb, although she couldn't entirely discover why.
Raven finally pulled herself upon the top of the rock. It was actually a very flat area with a bit of grass growing amongst it. It seemed like a pretty nice stakeout area. She took a few deep breaths, gaining her bearings, and thrilled to find her voice had returned to normal thanks to this heavy breathing.
She stood up and looked out along the trees, noticing the beautiful view as the sky turned orange and glowed amongst the leaves. She felt a little at peace, feeling her emotions return to her, but she hid them, trying not to get used to them. But off in the distance she noticed only one new thing; the ocean. A giant body of water was drawing near, and sadly that was all they could see. However, it was a new locale, which in this strange world, might mean a lot. It was worth a shot.
Raven walked towards the other end of the rock formation and tried to find her partner, and possibly climb down next to her. But her ears met with a sound that sent chills down her spine; the sound of two balloon rubbing together. She knew what that meant immediately. She should have known this would happen. She charged towards the other end, and slowly Starfire came into view. And she was enormous. The once average-sized teen was now a helium behemoth, a 20-foot-tall balloon woman rising towards the evening sky. Her breasts looked enormous on even her large frame, each taller than Raven herself, and incredibly wide, packed into her ever-so-tight purple top, and from above Raven could see an absolutely bulbous tail-end, with her skirt clung so well that it completely outlined the two cheeks magnificently. Her legs were incredibly pumped as well, her hips rounding out quite far, and her thighs pushing into each other. She was ridiculous once again.
Raven began to panic when she realized their plight. She needed to find the key before Starfire flew away with the tank; or worse. But where was that key? Without it, Starfire would be doomed to inflate until ... well, they weren't sure. This cartoonish setting opened a lot of questions. Would she pop, or perhaps inflate until she was the size of an entire planet? Raven wasn't willing to find out. She needed that key. Her determined face turned to one of confusion when she remembered where Starfire had stored it. As the Teen Titan parade float slowly rose upwards, Raven got a full shot of two incredibly packed breasts pushing against an already skin-tight top. The key was in between those orbs. Great.
Raven took a deep breath and took a step back. She couldn't believe what she was about to have to do, but without wanting to spare any more time, she lept forward and grasped the hose that dangled between Starfire's inflating lips. It swung forward, towards the enormous mounds beneath the floating girl, Raven jumping off and grasping her top when she got near. She was taken by surprise when she discovered the top was, in fact, as incredibly tight as it looked, giving her little leeway when it came to grasping it. Thankfully, she had enough to pull herself up into the neck of the outfit, as she crawled through and began her descent.
Raven was squeezed tightly between a stretched-taut purple top and Starfire's tightly inflated skin. As Raven clawed her way through the top, she began to move downwards along an absolutely pumped breast, which was still gaining girth as she continued to move. She felt the two slowly closing in on her, crushing her, before she managed to find her way to Starfire's canyonous cleavage, which wasn't much of an improvement as even her cleavage was her mounds pressed so tightly together, but it helped. She slid her way down to the center of the top, which was the lowest point as the giant breasts continued to inflate downwards. Raven couldn't help but feel an incredible amount of awkwardness, delving into the inflating cleavage of her comrade, but she didn't have much time to sit and gawk. Raven pawed around the giant orange orbs, trying to find where the key might have wedged itself into, eventually finding the metallic piece hidden beneath one of the warm globes. Raven began to realize she was actually quite hot in this top, without a lot of ventilation, and being squeezed by two balloons inflated with warm, light air.
Raven retrieved the key and began to cling her way back towards the surface, having quite a climb in between her and freedom, but was suddenly finding it much harder to move her way upwards. She slid her arms up and tried to grip the top, but it was stretched too tightly. Likewise, Starfire's skin was now completely taut. Raven then tried to press against them both and pull her way up, but soon the expanding flesh pressed into her so harshly that she found even slight movements to be impossible. She was completely and utterly stuck, now being crushed by a giant pair of inflating boobs, while Starfire continued to be pumped so full of air that even she began to feel fearful of her life. Several creaks and groans rang out, not only from her breasts and thighs rubbing together from their growth, but from her skin resisting the helium being forced down her throat. Raven was becoming distracted by the incredible amount of force pressing into her, but they both felt an intense fear as the giantess began to vibrate from the sheer overabundance of air inside of her. Starfire was going to burst.
A thunderous clap echoed across the forest as the giant parade float reached its limit and popped. Raven was struck with such force from the air that shot outwards that she was stunned momentarily, but when she came to, she realized she was flying straight towards earth at terminal velocity. Shortly after, she slammed into the dirt with a loud crash. When the dust had cleared, there lay a completely flattened Raven once again, embedded into a small crater that her body made upon impact. She lay in awe and confusion as she pondered what the explosion had done to Starfire. Was she actually dead? Would the law of these physics leave her unharmed, or perhaps as a deflated balloon caught up in the trees? She desperately wanted an answer. But sadly, her squished body didn't leave her many options for movement.
Then, she saw it. A shadowy object began falling at an incredible speed towards the ground. It was the helium tank. Slowly, the hissing sound hit her flattened ears, filling her with dread. She knew the logic of these worlds. She had a bad feeling about what was going to happen to her. With a loud thud, the helium tank crashed into the ground near the paper-thin Raven. The light hose followed shortly after, slowly falling towards the ground, slowly pushing downwards in Raven's direction. Her fear became a reality once she heard the 'PLUNK' sound, feeling the metallic hose fall directly and perfectly in between her lips. Her body slowly began to fill with the hiss of rushing wind, followed by a torrent of helium.
Soon Raven was floating off of the ground as a slightly overinflated version of her former self, her legs plump, her breasts full and her rear slowly pushing out and aside her black leotard. Not too long from now, she, too, would once again float high in the sky as a parade float. She didn't know what had happened to Starfire, only able to see purple shards of her ally's old outfit. All she knew was that, soon, she would be joining her.
A story I started a while back, but finally decided to finish and upload. Not sure what I think of this one, but it's a decent followup if you were looking for more of the same.
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alexapony24 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
SUSPENSE! I love it! :3
Serith Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011
Nice, but I suggest going even more cartoony if you do a next one.
Starfire and raven in a house + shrunken starfire = Tom and Jerry lol.
Also, if it's a cartoon why not add more physical cartoon gags, like getting electrocuted or burned to a crisp but still being fine seconds later. Ya know.
ebucecy Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011
Part 1 and 2 are nice! Very cartoony!
SomeRobotguy15 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011
Neat! will there be another one?
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