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Rainbow Mika was enjoying a stroll along the shoreline next to the city. She was simply enjoying the sights and mingling with the fans near the beach, taking a break from all the training she had been doing for the new Street Fighter tournament. Things began to calm down as noon was drawing to a close, Mika sitting on a bench, watching the ocean, and sighing.
Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a figure in a large coat approach her. She turned to see a beautiful pair of eyes hidden beneath a red coat, staring her down.
"You're going to be coming with me." A young woman's voice spoke in a demanding tone.
R. Mika stood up and looked puzzled. "Uhm, why?"
Quickly, the red coat was lifted up and beneath was a skinny, blonde woman with a sky-blue leotard and red gloves. It was the mysterious Cammy, soldier for M. Bison.
Mika's eyes lit up in shock. "Ah! I know you!" She took a step back and grasped at her shirt, smiling with determination, knowing full and well that there was a fight about to go down. "But I'm not gonna do anything you say unless you can make me!"
With that, R. Mika suddenly tore off her shirt and kicked off her casual pants to reveal her signature wrestling attire beneath, also a sky-blue outfit with various holes revealing her voluptuous body, as well as leggings and sleeves of her own.
"As you wish." Cammy said with a cold stare. Both fighters took their poses, sticking their shoes into the sand and preparing for a duel.
Cammy wasted no time and immediately charged into battle at top speed. R. Mika held her ground, waiting for Cammy to lay down the first strike. Cammy let out a strong jumping kick, Mika deflecting the attack only to be jabbed from a quick reaction punch to her side. She bounced back and continued to receive a flurry of quick jabs and kicks, able to block most of the attacks but being clearly outclasses in speed. However, her strength was said to be unmatched, and when she found the opportunity, she held out her arm and charged, wrapping it around Cammy's neck while she attempted to jump for another strong kick, and clotheslining her straight back into the ground.
Cammy spun up to her feet before Mika could get the drop on her, and continued to unleash her furious assault. She finally managed to pierce Mika's defense and knocked her back with a strong punch to the jaw, followed by knocking her off of her feet with a long swinging kick. Mika hurtled backwards and landed on her rump, before scrambling to her feet. The two stared each other down, strafing a bit, waiting for the next assault.
Rainbow Mika was already dripping sweat and breathing openly. She may have the strength of a heavyweight, but Cammy's speed was far too great to get in a decent swing. She felt like she could snap Cammy in half, but getting her arms around her would be quite a difficult task. Cammy herself seemed to still be in good shape, fully prepared to counter any move the buxom wrestler would throw at her.
Mika closed her eyes for a second, before coming to a conclusion on her next tactic. She watched Cammy out of the corner of her eyes as she slipped her fingers into her cleavage. Cammy raised an eyebrow at the sight, but didn't think much of it. Mika spread her legs and lowered her knees, preparing for another strike. Cammy, tired of waiting and confident in her skills, charged once again. Rainbow Mika once again threw up her guard as Cammy unleashed her continual flurry of quick attacks. Mika tried to once again look for an opening, but Cammy's speed had increased, seeming more determined not to let herself receive another heavy blow. Mika's face became one of anger and determination, and she suddenly took a deep, deep breath.
Cammy was surprised to find her face suddenly full of flesh. In nearly an instant, Rainbow Mika's body had expanded outwards. Her deep breath was immediately followed by her torso swelling to more than three times as wide, her breasts pushing forward into Cammy, which pressed into her before becoming tight and bouncing Cammy backwards, with a loud 'THUMM' sound ringing out. She stood up on her feet after retreating from the strange attack, watching as a now cartoonishly round Rainbow Mika began to turn around. Her breasts jiggled with each tiny step, her outfit shrinking down and showing a canyon of cleavage. As Mika faced away from Cammy, who was stunned by the sight of her now inflated rump swallowing her wrestling leotard, she continued to breath just a little more, before suddenly lifing off the ground as a torrent of air came rumbling out from between her puffed cheeks, her body flying at an amazing speed towards the off-guard Cammy. The young brit tried to react to the strike, but wasn't nearly quick enough to stop the two feet that came crashing into her face, hitting her hard and knocking her far backwards. Mika climbed to her feet and watch as Cammy rolled back.
The two stood up and had another staredown. Cammy, however, was showing an expression of confusion this time. She looked at the now relatively skinny Rainbow Mika, her curvy body seemingly unaffected by what could best be described as inflating like a balloon rapidly. Mika herself was beaming, happy with landing such a powerful strike and amused by Cammy's awestruck stare. Mika lifted her finger and beckoned Cammy, who's face shrunk into determination as she charged once more.
R. Mika spent no time trading blows, as once she saw Cammy's next punch, she immediately began to breathe deeply, her bust suddenly growing from huge to beyond two beach balls in no time flat. Cammy's fist was suddenly caught between two overinflated balloons that squeaked as they bounced around inside Mika's surprisingly resilient top. Cammy couldn't quickly remove her arm, the two orbs so tightly packed into Mika's outfit that they pressed together into Cammy's arm. Mika took this opportunity and wrapped her arms around Cammy's waist, letting out a huge breath to deflate her chest, but immediately while bending back and unleashing a german suplex on the still-confused Cammy, who came crashing down with a loud thud.
Mika stood up, then bent her knees and slowly began to suck in air. She jumped straight up into the air, and began taking a deep breath, once again swelling up all over, her breasts expanding into her face, her legs widening, her hips plumping, her rear pushing out, and her body generally squeaking like a balloon as it protested it's unnatural growth. Her newfound weightlessness caused her jump to soar up several extra feet, Cammy now seeing her as a silhouette against the sun. Mika faced upwards and released her air, another powerful blast that shot her straight down at blistering speeds, Cammy having little time to react to the incoming meteor of a woman before getting completely crushed by Mika's naturally round rump.
Mika bounced to her feet, her guard down as she watched to see if Cammy even survived such an impact, then suddenly placing her hands on her exposed rear and rubbing it. "Ow ow ow ow!" she cried out.
Cammy pulled herself to her feet, exhausted from such a strong blow to her gut, but still not down. She wasn't going to be able to put up much of a fight, though, and Mika's new technique, as completely odd as it is, was working beautifully for her.
Mika grinned at the worn out fighter at gloated. "How do you like my new skill, huh?"
Cammy's frown never disappeared as she questioned the situation. "How are you able to do that?"
R. Mika reached between her round cleavage and pulled out a small device, with several black hoses that lead back down and plugged into who knows what. "This little baby is constantly pumping air into my body, so if I don't breathe out, I'll began to swell!"
Cammy's brow lowered. That didn't really answer her question, but it became quite useful information. Either way, she posed into her stance and called out, "It doesn't matter. I won't be defeated by such a ridiculous tactic."
Mika frowned. "Aw, I thought it was kinda cool!"
Cammy charged again, Mika suddenly stuffing the object back between her breasts and prepared for another strike. Cammy swung her leg again but Mika easily ducked the attack, the brit's lack of full focus was starting to show it's effects. Mika wrapped her arms fully around Cammy and pulled her in for a bear hug. Cammy placed her arms on Mika's shoulders, but Mika moved her arms up and pressed Cammy's chest into hers, the two now face to face, and bust to bust. Mika's grip was titanically strong, Cammy's face turning to worry as she began to feel helpless.
R. Mika had a somewhat devious look on her face as she watched Cammy's panic. "You should really try it out sometime, it's kinda fun." Cammy continued to struggle before the sound of Mika's expanding chest rang out amongst her deep breath. Her cleavage poured upwards and enveloped Cammy's chest like a fleshy blob, before suddenly Cammy was hit with another awkward revelation.
Rainbow Mika pulled Cammy close and locked lips with her. Cammy's reaction was of momentary shock, before being completely stunned by a sudden torrent of air pushing its way down her throat. Cammy was suddenly washed over by an idea of what was going to happen to her, and she shut her eyes tight when she realized it was becoming a truth.
Cammy's body was inflating like a balloon.
She could only muffle and moan in return of all the force pushing its way down her throat and into her body. Mika's expansive chest shrank down and traded with Cammy's now ample bosom, which grew from decent to Mika's ridiculous size in a matter of seconds. Cammy's lower backside plumped upwards, her exposed legs becoming rounder and softer, and the rest of her body inflated along with it. Her arms slowly pushed out to the side as air entered them, softly ballooning them to the point that she couldn't move them much anymore. Her entire body billowed up like a blow up doll, but her curve seemed to have the most give, and thus her growth didn't pump her up into a giant, it pumped her up into a giant with a generously inflated chest, and legs that would make Chun-Li blush.
Mika continued to hold her kiss with Cammy, feeling the girls cheek's puff out into her face, and the rest of her body swell within her armspan. With the device constantly inflating Mika, she didn't need to take another breath before she could continue to blow up Cammy, the device's air simply being redirected into the billowing girl. Mika slowly loosened her grip on Cammy's body as the inflating girl's bust seperated the two. Cammy's legs retreated back as they grew in length, surpassing Mika's height. She was now a couple feet taller, but much, much wider. Her breasts were the size of basketballs, and her thighs rubbed together due to her massive legs, with matching extremely wide lovehandles.
Mika broke the kiss and pinched her fingers around Cammy's lips. The ballooned brit was now floating sideways, pumped full of enough air to gain weightlessness. Mika placed her free hand on her chin and observed the blow-up-Cammy. But she wasn't satisfied. Her eyes closed for a second as she took in another deep breath. Cammy tried to brace herself, but would never be fully prepared for it.
Rainbow Mika exhaled inbetween Cammy's inflated lips, her body having swollen to twice as wide, before pushing all of this into the already huge Cammy, who, within a second, was pumped up to a new amazing size. Her chest jumped for joy at the air bouncing around inside of her, expanding to far beyond beach ball size. Her body groaned as her cleavage and her legs rubbed together, squeaking loudly like the balloons that they were. Her leotard became completely tight around her incredibly puffy body, resisting any more growth, showing off her every curve, and growing uncomfortably tight in her lower regions. Mika spent no time in repeating the process, taking another breath that swelled up her body, before breathing into Cammy once more. This time, air made most of it's way to her legs, as the rest of her was tightly restricted by the blue skintight suit. But it tried, and her breasts still groaned as they pushed into weather balloon territory, but her legs and rear widened much more, giving her an utterly ridiculous form.
Mika decided to give her once last push, but this time, as she breathed, she didn't stop. Cammy watched in terror as Mika's entire body swelled up beyond any size she's seen today. Even Mika's arms began to look a little pudgy, every inch of her tight with air. When she felt like she was about to lose control, she exhaled deeply into Cammy once again. The young girl inflated at blistering speeds, the air so quick and the amount so large that she nearly doubled her already ridiculous size. With Cammy still at face level with Mika, her breasts were now pushing into the ground, her armspan was 12 feet wide, her legs pumped up to unidentifiable extremes. But she knew that her ass felt rounder than anything else on her body. Her outfit stretched to fit her new size, but it was losing the battle to stay in tact, several popping sounds could be heard as it started to give way to her blimping body.
Mika placed her free hand on her chin, while wearing a smug grin on her face. She admired her handiwork, slowly lifting Cammy up in the air and eying her new sizes. But she was massive. Her body was 12 feet tall, and rounded out far wider to match that height. Mika blushed at how much air she had to ingest to create such a behemoth.
"I think this look suits you, Cammy!" Mika said, gleeful at her work.
Cammy didn't have much to say in response.
But, R. Mika felt sorry for the poor girl and separated her pinched fingers, Cammy's bloated lips suddenly separating and releasing a hurricane-force wind from her body. She quickly rocketed backwards, deflating like the drumtight balloon that she was, bouncing off of walls and flying into the sky. Rainbow Mika placed her hand to her forehead and watched with joy as the killer bee girl disappeared from sight. Seconds later, the figure came falling back down, crashing into the sand and leaving quite an imprint.
Cammy slowly opened her eyes, staring straight up into the sun, before Mika bent over above her and shadowed over her. "Had enough yet?"
Cammy slowly climbed to her feet, Mika seemingly unguarded as she watched the exhausted Cammy limp to standing. Cammy bent over and breathed heavily, unable to really grasp what had just occurred to her. R. Mika simply stood by and watched, before noticing how uncomfortable she was when she noticed how her outfit had been completely misaligned by her constant swelling, proceeding to fish out the blue leotard from between her rump.
Cammy sighed at the defeat. She didn't have any strength left in her to continue on. But out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a beach ball laying in the sand, abandoned, and slightly deflated. She picked it up and observed it. Mika stopped from re-adjusting her top around her breasts to curiously watch the silent girl.
Mika scratched her head. " want volleyball...? I'm no good at that..."
Cammy placed her fingers on a gray strip on top of the beach ball. Someone had attempted to tape over a puncture with some electrical tape. She slowly began to peel at the tape.
Mika was completely confused. "Uhmmm...are you okay...?"
Without warning, Cammy suddenly jumped forward and clung onto Rainbow Mika. She let out a yelp and grabbed the woman by the legs, eventually peeling her off and tossing her aside.
Cammy jumped to her feet and stared down Mika, who was posed again, ready to continue their fight. But she was a little less observant of what Cammy had done.
"Mmrrr...mmmpffff.." R. Mika cried out. She had noticed that Cammy had placed two pieces of tape on her; covering her mouth and her nose. Rainbow Mika placed her fingers over her lips and felt the tape, confused by what it was doing there. But she got her answer when she slowly noticed her chest expanding against her outfit, her cleavage once again growing. The realization hit her too late. Air was being pumped into her by the device, but it could only escape through her mouth. With no where to go, the air simply nestled itself inside her body, simply inflating her.
Mika let out a panicked muffle and went to tear off the tape, but not before Cammy placed her hands on Mika's arms and held her back. Mika resisted, but when her entire body began to slowly pump up, she began to lose mobility. She pushed Cammy away, only for her to place her hands on the tape again. R. Mika's fingers began to feel pudgy as she tried to resist Cammy, and slowly she became unable to defend herself. With one last effort, she pawed at her breasts in order to find the device and turn it off, but her bloated fingers simply couldn't squeeze their way into her tightening top. She let out a grunt as she felt pressure growing, and her tights getting tighter. It was all over.
R. Mika's arms and legs protruded outwards, stiffly bloated. Her breasts inflated once again to beach ball size and slowly surpassed it. Her curves pushed outwards ludicrously, her already plump rear billowing up, and her wide hips flaring out. Her outfit creaked against their inflating oppressors, the thin fabric already starting to tear. A ripping sound hit their ears as parts of her leggings began to snap in half. The heart-shaped patterns of her suit began to stretch against two wildly overblown melons.
Cammy stood back and watched the pig-tailed wrestler puff up, then expand further, and further, until she inflated to Cammy's previous size, loud popping sounds emitting from all over her body as parts of her outfit bit the dust, slowly revealing more and more expanding flesh until she was a completely naked, blonde blow-up-doll, with a cute little mask around her eyes. Eventually, Cammy's lust for revenge was satisfied, but at the realization that completing her mission would now be much more difficult with her victim turned into a parade float, and inflating ever still. She needed to bring her back. But first, she had to stop her from bursting.
Cammy walked over to the giant, naked woman growing on the beach, climbing onto her stomach and then observing the mountainous breasts that inflated each other. The device still pumping her up was somewhere in between her canyonous cleavage. Irritated by the awkward situation, Cammy simply dove into the massive flesh. It was completely ridiculous to maneuver through, and all the while, the giant balloons squeaked and groaned with their movement as well as their resistance to their continual growth. Cammy was still in awe of her absolutely bizarre situation, delving into the cleavage of a giant parade float woman.
Eventually, she found the device, strung up between two hoses that were connected to suction cups, which were attached to each of R. Mika's mounds. She grabbed the device and yanked at the hoses, popping them off one after the other. She eyed the device, hearing it whirr as it continued to suck in air, and hiss as it escaped through the odd suction cups at the end of two hoses. But, without much of a warning, suddenly R. Mika's body began to vibrate violently. Cammy started to freak out, still wedged between two massive flesh orbs, unable to retreat fast enough.
The tape on Mika's mouth eventually was stressed enough to pull itself off. With nothing blocking her lips, R. Mika began to deflate at an amazing speed, her body quickly jetted out towards the ocean, spinning around, then flying back towards the city, circling and bouncing off of walls. Eventually she deflated fully, still soaring through the air, suddenly crashing into the side of an apartment complex, and then falling downwards into the streets below. Her stretchy body simply bounced off the ground and she landed safely. Standing up, she smiled to find that her body seemed completely normal, before realizing her lack of clothing combined with finding herself in the middle of a busy street.
Cammy found herself free falling, seeing nothing but blue as she spun around and eventually crashed into the ocean. She was way too dizzy to properly find out what was happening, and suddenly began to panic as she started to drown. But she found herself floating up to the top, eventually surfacing and facing up into the sky.
"What is...happening..." Cammy thought, her eyes half shut, full of water, and too dizzy to properly grasp her surroundings.
She lay on the ocean surface, floating gently, until she gained enough bearings to hear an unpleasant sound; a hiss. From inside of her. She turned her head to the side, then the other, unable to figure out what was happening, until she remembered the device. She looked down at her chest. There it was, the device was sitting...on her expanding chest. The hoses...they had ended up inside of her mouth during all the commotion. She started to notice her arms and legs were feeling stiff. This is why she was floating now; she's full of air. The device was pumping air straight into her mouth, the hoses obstructing her from simply releasing it.
Cammy rode the waves, inflating slowly but steadily. She could only let out muffled pleas as she was pushed outwards to sea, disappearing out of sight into the sunset.
I've been debating on whether or not to throw this in the scraps. I wrote this a few weeks back, but I wasn't happy with how the ending went. I feel like it went a little too long, and I used a few ideas in the end in my Raven/Starfire story as well.

But, I'm probably just nitpicking, and the target audience won't mind too much anyway, I assume :P.
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Oh Oh! I have another character idea I'd like to suggest. How about you write a story feturing Nami and Robin of One Piece? Or any other female one piece characters, theres a good number of hot ones. Of course, If you don't like the idea/ characters then sorry.
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Looks good to me, as well as the Raven and Starfire sequal.
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I like it.
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