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Morrigan shifted back her long, green hair as she flew across the night sky, feeling bored as usual. Nothing excited had happened in weeks, and she was starting to feel her usual activities as a succubus weren't going to keep her satisfied for much longer. With a sigh, she flew back to her castle and prepared for rest, growing tired of seducing others for now. As she landed at the window of her room, she stretched and went to her wardrobe.
But she felt different, somehow. Something seemed wrong.
Before removing herself from her normal skin-tight attire, she made her way down the hall and through several rooms in the castle, concerned that something was going on. As she got closer to the lower rooms, she realized her fear. She sensed someone. Someone small, and weak, but the feeling was close.
Soon a rustling sound caught her attention, noticing it coming from directly below. With a determined look, Morrigan dashed over to the stairwell, heading downwards, noticing she was nearing the treasury; a room where the kingdom, and herself, stored several valuables, and personal treasures. And shiny, expensive treasures as well.
"A thief? Unusual, but he seems like another boring threat..." Morrigan thought to herself as she approached the doorway.
Leaning against the archway entrance of the treasure room, Morrigan peered inside calmly as she eyed the subject of her attention, but was caught off guard by an unusual sight. There wasn't just one disturbance, but several, tiny figures walking in and out of a large crater in her wall, into what, she had no idea.
"Get all this stuff on board quickly, number 23's clumsiness probably alerted somebody of our presence!" A young feminine voice demanded out. Morrigan saw the figure of nearly 20 tiny, blue people, no more than 2 feet high each, with bright yellow heads and inhumanly shaped bodies. But examining around, she noticed in the corner was a massive green piece of machinery, like a creature of its own with two oddly shaped legs and arms and massive hands and feet. And where it's head would be was a young, yet wide-hipped woman in tights and a pink shirt, with ridiculous brunette hair.
The young figure sitting in the head of the machine noticed the seductively posed woman standing in the doorway, calm to the army of mysterious figures ransacking her valuables. The petite young woman jumped in surprise by the sudden figure watching them, but quickly drew her hands to several devices near her knees, causing the green monstrosity to move, turning itself towards Morrigan and stepping forward a bit to assert their position.
The young woman stood up and pointed towards the succubus, proudly announcing her intention to the slightly surprised princess. "Sorry to disappoint you, but you're a little too late! All of this now belongs to Tron Bonne, Queen of the Servbots!"
Morrigan's reaction delayed, far too unimpressed with the display to give the thief the reaction she had anticipated. "Tron Bonne? That is a very strange name..." Morrigan exclaimed with a bit of boredom in her voice.
Tron's eyebrow lowered, trying to withhold her anger from such an insult, not only of her name, but from the lack of authority she was feeling. "Ha! Doesn't matter what you think, I'm taking this here treasure and leaving, and there isn't a thing you can do to stop me!"
Morrigan felt a challenge being issued in her direction as the arrogant girl pointed at her. The succubus closed her eyes for a moment to focus her energy, before a swarm of small spiked tendrils wrapped their away around her arm and pointed out, showing off her strange abilities to bend a dark power to her will. "Is that so...?"
Tron's eyes widened a bit as she realized she was toying with something supernatural. She wasn't sure of what world she and her crew had ended up in, but no treasure could escape her. She knew this inhabited castle would probably house valuable relics, but she had no idea she would be discovering a world of powerful demons. With a tinge of unease, Tron Bonne clenched the levers on her walking robot, manning its tools and preparing for the curvy woman to strike at her. "Y-yeah! What are ya gonna do about it?"
Morrigan's eyes glared at the small target controlling a large mechanical beast, knowing that it would be helpless without her aid. Morrigan's wings fluttered out, before aiding to a forward leap that sent her careening towards the unarmored Tron, expecting her robot to be no match for her powers.
Lashing her arms outwards, Morrigan sent a few tendrils in Tron's direction. Tron panicked and threw a few switches, the bulky arm of her robot blocking the attack and breaking them apart. The metal was quite strong, and Morrigan's attacks were only going to chip away at the paint. She noticed the robot's limbs were quite skinny looking by comparison, and thought to attempt to break the arms off entirely, rendering her machine useless. But as Morrigan approached the arm that shielded her target, she made little notice of the other quickly swinging into view.
"Take this!" Tron called out, as the front face of the cylindrical arm bashed her opponent right in the face.
Even though it wasn't the swiftest punch, its weight was far greater than Morrigan had expected, knocking her dizzy from the impact and sending her flying backwards. Morrigan grunted as her body was suddenly stopped by the stone wall behind her. A bit rattled, she fell to the floor, limply sitting with her back against the wall as she reeled from the strike. The mechanical creature clearly had more strength than she had imagined. But as she opened her eyes and anticipated her opponents next move, she noticed she was already too late.
Stuffed between her full lips was what appeared to be a huge, white firehose. It trailed out across the ground and back to one of the large gun barrels attached to the mechanical arm of Tron's robot. She realized all too late that this was her plan all along, carefully shooting the hose into her mouth as she was being hit with its punch. The succubus was quite shocked to see this, unsure of what kind of punishment would approach from this source. Most important, though, was to not find out.
Morrigan griped the hose tightly within her fingers and pulled, but as she did, she felt the hose pull back, the machine applying an odd suction to keep it tightly sealed between the succubus' lips. Tron placed her hand on her hip and grinned, her rival had fallen right into her trap, and was helpless to her power. But, Tron was not prepared to gloat before making sure she had succeeded, knowing that eventually the succubus could figure her way out, especially since Tron herself was quite open.
Morrigan found it fruitless to continue tugging the hose, its seal quite strong. Recognizing her only option was to prevent the controller from activating the hose's use, she stood up, preparing to charge once again at her opponent. There was a bit of a distraction though as she approached to her feet, noticing even through her determination, that something was quite wrong. She gazed down at her body, noticing her cleavage seemed much fuller than normal, but unsure if whether or not she was just imagining things. She took a moment to lower her hands down her body, slowly and sexily caressing her curves and ending at her rear, giving it a gentle squeeze.
Tron Bonne placed her hand on her cheek and gave her iconic chuckle. "Ahohoho! Are you starting to feel it?" She asked, seeing Morrigan's face trying to stay determined, despite a creeping feeling crawling throughout her body. The succubus had felt this before. She didn't want to admit it, but, she knew what was happening to her. This needed to stop. Now.
Tron placed her hand on one of the machine's levers, an evil smirk appearing on her lips. "Tell me, miss..." she said with an air of confidence, before throwing the lever to the opposite end. "...Do you like balloons?"
Morrigan poised to strike, before leaping off the ground and flying once again at the young genius. But, to her dismay, she hadn't anticipated the effect of Tron's next move, and once she felt an amazing pressure fill her throat as a blast of air surged through her body, she realized she was a little too late to stop her growth. Her large breasts suddenly got much larger, her legs and arms suddenly felt tight with air, her hips widening and her thighs becoming fuller, with a matching overfilled rear end. She was being inflated like a balloon.
Mid-charge, the now fully inflated Morrigan helplessly floated to a stop, as Tron Bonne lowered the lever again and slowed the flow of pressure. Placed her hands on her hips and grinning in victory, she taunted her new balloon. "There, now, that'll keep you still!"
The blow-up-succubus was gently puffed up all over, filled up with enough air to tightly restrict her movement, and enhance her figure generously. Her clothes only felt slightly tighter than normal, though, her growth only minimal, for now. The hose wedged between her bloated lips continued to fill her up, though, causing her breasts to round out and become fuller each second. She floated facing down towards the sky, her soft bum bumping against the ceiling and gently coming to a stop as she continued to fill out.
Tron put on a careless expression as she explained to her new toy what was happening to her. "That's helium you're being pumped full of. It'll probably feel a little funny, but it'll keep you from bothering us while we borrow your beautiful treasure." Tron continued by leaning down and poking her finger against something, which let out a loud metallic *ting*. "There's enough of this stuff to make you into our own personal zeppelin, but luckily for you we don't need another." She continued to brag, trying to test her victim's nerves. Morrigan was not one to panic, though, her expression remaining stern as she watched her figure puff outwards.
Her breasts were quick to surpass DD-cups, her overinflated nipples poking through the now skin-tight fabric, her revealing outfit doing her no favors in keeping her expanding curves covered up. Her wide hips and bloated thighs only filled out her leggings more, causing them to stretch and let out cries of protest, while her once glorious rear filled out to newer, sexier sizes, causing her body to shift a bit as it pushed up into the ceiling, her shifting body only causing her helium-filled chest to bounce freely.
Tron's cheeks turned slightly red as she noticed the effect of the helium only causing her voluptuous enemy to grow even curvier, almost from a tinge of jealousy. Either way, she wasn't pleased with the bloating succubus not showing fear as her body accepted its punishment, causing her to lust for the taste for victory. She wrapped her fingers around the pressure lever and pushed it forwards a tad, the machine letting out an audible hiss as the helium flow punched upwards.
Morrigan let out a muffled groan as she felt the pressure inside her multiply, the helium forced down her throat becoming twice as powerful, and her growth reflected that. Her round breasts filled outwards at a constant rate until they slipped out from their thin confines, two inflated nipples exposed at the end of her joyfully bouncy chest, which only continued to plumpen. The rest of her grew rapidly, but her curves continued to enhance and become more and more noticeable by all involved. Her tights began to rip in several small places, the skin of her tail end becoming exposed as the tears widened against her ballooning figure. Her thighs rubbed together and squeaked like balloons, pushing her legs outwards as they grew into each other, matched with beautiful lovehandles. She let out a lustful moan as she felt her sensitive regions bloat up with ticklish gas, the effect it was having on her was causing a welcomed excitement, causing her eyes to close as she accepted her fate.
Tron's eyebrows lowered as she saw a pleasant smile poke out from the sides of the giant hose still siphoning light gas into the succubus' full body. "She's...she's enjoying it!" Tron thought to herself, her hand balling up into a fist. Her greed was always top priority, and now, she felt the ballooning girl was stealing her victory away, enjoying her own punishment and growing far sexier. The petite Tron Bonne started to fume with unnecessary anger, and placed her hands upon the lever once more. "Well, I hope you still enjoy it once you're a massive parade float..." She muttered to herself, before cranking the helium flow up to 80%. A greatly multiplied amount of pressure made its way towards the lustful succubus.
Morrigan's eyes shot open when she felt the already intense pressure multiply itself, her body suddenly being pumped fuller at an immense rate. Her breasts surged forwards and grew out like two beach balls, then two exercise balls, and beyond, her plump nipples causing her to groan in awkward pleasure. Her lower curves battled to free themselves from her tights, her leggings ripping several holes which grew outwards, causing pockets of skin to bulge out as her helium-filled body grew out in all directions. She wanted so badly to press her fingers across her sensitive skin, being immensely turned on as she was one to do, and craving more. Soon, her outfit started to become so torn up, she was practically fully exposed, as any part of her outfit that remained was wrapped so tightly around her amazing curves, it hid nothing from the eyes of her onlookers. With a loud *rip*, it tore in half, her naked body jiggling wildly as her unrestricted features bounced, causing the ticklish gas to only caress her more.
Tron Bonne realized her assault was only pleasing the now huge balloon girl. Her mind started to wander, considering using the helium on herself for her own benefits, before she shook her head and realized she was letting this get to her far too much. With a small sigh, she turned to her diligently working Servbot army, noticing they had grabbed a large chunk of the bigger treasures. She calmed herself and realized that escaping now would probably be in her best interest.
"Hey! Grab the rest of the good stuff and let's go!" Tron called out, the Servbots joyfully agreeing and continued their work. Tron turned to the still rapidly inflating succubus, waving a bit. "Well, Lady something-or-other, this has been fun, but we're going to have to split..." She trailed off, noticing her victim only continued to moan gently to herself, her enormous body bloating up to three times normal size. Tron's face turned to one of unamusement, thinking to herself, "What a weird lady...".
But the pleased cries of Morrigan did not mean she was distracted. She saw the glances her rival shot her, and sensed the emotions the young genius was expressing, knowing that glance from experience. "She wants to this feels, does she?" Morrigan thought to herself, her mind slightly clouded from the amazing sensations of her bloating nether regions, her body quivering as it rapidly grew to four times normal size, her breasts each squeaking as they bounced against each other, both 5-foot-wide orbs of pure helium. With a moment to think, she smiled, a plan hatching in her brain. "Well, I suppose I can't hog all the fun..."
A massively inflated Morrigan began to focus, the wings on her head suddenly disappearing as her energy focused on three black tendrils pushing out from her backside. Her target was slightly distracted, Tron watching her army ants work diligently. With a sudden yelp, Tron felt an object pierce her tights, latching onto her butt. It was only a surprising insertion, but turning around to investigate, she was quickly caught off guard by another force shoving itself into her mouth, then another pierced her dress and pushed against her stomach. Examining herself, she noticed the massive Morrigan was now leading three black hoses of energy into the petite Tron, plugged into her mouth, her naval, and her tail end. She tried to grasp the hose between her lips and tug, but its end widened, making it impossible to remove. Tron let out several panicked muffled cries, before feeling a rather odd sensation building her in her hips.
Tron Bonne looked down to observe her own wide hips, and saw them noticeably shift outwards and pull her leggings tight. Seconds later, breaking her shocked attention away from her own billowing hips, her cheeks puffed out as air filled up her mouth, followed quickly by her own chest puffing up, giving her an ample pair of breasts. Her eyes were wide with terror as the black tendrils next to Morrigan's body widened, its growth forming closer and closer to the helpless Tron. Undeniably, a huge wave of helium was being redirected from her ballooned victim, back into her.
Morrigan's eyes looked on with a gentle determination, smiling as she watched her plan start to unfold. She let out a muffled, yet seductive giggle, as her thoughts echoed in her mind. "Please, my dear, why don't you join me..."
Tron Bonne's body was suddenly inflated up at a previously unseen pace, Morrigan's body quickly shrinking as Tron's body quickly grew. Instantly, Tron's hips flared up to a size that rivaled Morrigan's normal size, as well as her chest with rounded out and pushed against her shirt tightly. Tron could only let out muffled pleas as her body was pumped up rapidly with helium. In a matter of seconds, she approached twice her normal size. And considering how much helium was inside the curvy Morrigan, the petite Tron took little time in puffing up to triple size. Her body left the floor of her robot quickly, achieving boyancy so rapidly that she nearly shot up to the ceiling. Her leggings split open within moments and her shirt was not too far behind, her curves rapidly pushing out and making her look ridiculous even at normal sizes, but at her current size, she eclipsed Morrigan's unfilled state.
"Mmmmrrfff!" Tron muttered out through the object stuffed into her mouth, only able to cry out in her mind. "N-no...too big...too fast..."
As Morrigan shrank to only twice normal size, and was still quickly deflating, her once-captor was now the plump captive, a quadruple-sized Tron Bonne with new curves that would make most men pass out. Not content with slowly punishing her rival, Morrigan settled for relentless pressure, which caused Tron immense fear as she felt herself fill out to sizes she didn't think her body could handle. Though it could, the same couldn't be said for her once tight clothes, each article of clothing becoming rapidly skin tight before ripping right in half, leaving her a massive, naked blow-up-doll, who became more and  more massive by the moment.
"Oof..." Tron's thoughts continued. "P-please stop...uuurgh, my butt is so big..." She thought, her body starting to feel odd sensations as every inch of her was pumped tight with helium.
Morrigan's feet gracefully met the floor, while she sighed and stared up at a giantess Tron, who started to fill up the room. Morrigan slowly brushed her green hair from her face and hugged her now deflated body, though her very full cleavage still pushed up from her arms. Not upset to be exposed in front of the thieves, she let out a soft moan as she felt the helium still tickling her body. She still had a wide hose rapidly pumping helium into her, but with it leaving her quickly to fill up the helplessly bloating Tron, she only felt it massage her on the inside before exiting, a feeling that felt amazing to her. Tron, however, was far less happy with her situation, filling up to sizes beyond compare, her new bust and her amazing legs squeaking as they rubbed together, growing ever still.
Morrigan placed her hands gently on the hose and pulled, but the machine still kept its mysterious suction on her lips, despite still pumping helium quickly. Shrugging, Morrigan strut over casually to the machine, her hips swaying as she peacefully felt her body continue its glorious massage, Tron Bonne's eyes wide in panic as she mumbled out a plea for freedom, her body rapidly approaching six times normal size, her bust pushing so far down it was soon going to touch the floor, and her once wide hips now giving her a figure far beyond hourglass shaped.
Tron Bonne could only let out a plea in her mind. "P-please, I'm...far too big...I'm going to...explode..."
Morrigan approached the mechanical ogre and sexily bent forward to inspect its levers. Taking her sweet time for her own pleasure, and the glorious revenge that was pumping Tron to unbearable sizes, she slowly wrapped her fingers around the lever she suspected was the one the thief had used to turn up the flow. Shifting it a bit until it wouldn't move further, Morrigan let out a gasp as her body suddenly plumpened slightly, the helium flow pushing upwards. She sighed as she focused her energy and deflated again, the Tron blimp now inflating even faster as the helium tanks gave her their all. Morrigan, with her hand still on the lever, watched her inflatee pump up and squeak dangerously, her breasts now half as big as the room itself, pushing into the floor and bloating outwards, though not to outdo her new plump rear and her amazing lovehandles, which were easily comparable, although fitting considering the titanic size of her body at this point. A plead in her eyes, Tron questioned how much more she could take, before Morrigan shifted the lever to the other end, the loud hissing quieting as the helium flow slowed to a stop.
Morrigan withdrew her tendrils as observed the enormous girl filling up almost an entire half of a large room. She paced over to the amazing canyon of cleavage that rest below a massive balloon's head, placing her palm on its rubbery surface and slyly calling out. "Oh dear, I'm not sure how much more you could're quite taut..." She said aloud, but the immense pressure and ticklish gas rotating in Tron's body had caused her to be far too distracted to pay attention to the now tiny woman pawing at her ample cleavage.
Morrigan suddenly felt the eyes on her, turning to the side to notice a crowd of small blue robots with yellow heads and wide eyes, gazing at her naked body, and their master's now unfathomably huge body. With a less joyful expression, Morrigan eyed over the crowd of lackeys and ordered to them.
"Return to me all the treasure you've stolen. If it's all here by tomorrow, I'll give you back your... queen." Morrigan explained, turning her gaze back to the amazing parade float. "Or, if you want, I'll accept it in trade for her body..." She continued with a dark tone, Tron starting to feel incredibly uneasy about the woman's intentions.
The Servbots scurried off quickly to retrieve all the valuables. Morrigan traced her finger along the tense skin of her new plaything, giggling softly. "Don't worry...we'll have fun, I promise." Tron Bonne sighed to the best of her ability given her bloated lips, knowing that tonight was going to be, at best, very awkward.
Another old idea of mine that I got the inspiration to suddenly write. I have a few requests coming up, hopefully, but for now, I wanted to see how this came out.
Serith Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
Interesting character choice. The two of them don't meat often.
Serith Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011
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