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Somewhere, by a city road, a blue fox lady by the name of Krystal was waking up by a hillside. She felt groggy and confused, and once she focused her eyes, she was unable to determine where she was.
She rubbed her eyes and looked about at her surroundings; a paved concrete road went from both ends of all the land she could see, and beyond that nothing but grassy hills. It was something she had not seen before. It seemed...ancient. And deserted. She couldn't spot a soul for miles.
She stood up and stretched. She wobbled a bit; she felt dizzy, as if she had just woken up from a days-long rest. She looked down to find herself in a somewhat familiar outfit; a tribal-esque bikini top and skirt. It looks a bit like...
Suddenly, a voice rumbled along the hills, "Oh, uhm, hello?"
Krystal jumped and looked around. The voice was a booming echo, sounding far away but yet still suspiciously near. She posed as if to fight the billowing voice.
"What's going on here!? Where am I!?", Krystal called back.
"You' a game." the voice replied...with a level of uncertainty.
"", Krystal questioned, still looking around, hoping to locate the source of the voice.
"Well, er, yeah...I just kinda booted up this flash game and apparently you can hear me. 'Sup?"
Krystal shook her head. "I...don't understand...where am I?"
A pause, and then a reply, "Uhm...not entirely sure! I just got here myself, kinda. I guess I'm suppose to help you get out."
Krystal looked about her surroundings and lowered her guard. " you have any idea where I need to go to get out of her?"
"Uhmmmm...hmm..." was the reply. The mysterious voice seemed to be searching, almost seeming as lost as she did. She sighed and waited patiently; at this point, this voice was her best bet to freedom.
The voice came back with a half-hearted reply. "I guess you're going to be heading down the road, to your...uh, to your left."
She walked toward the road and looked down both ends, seeing no end to each side. She sighed and began to pace down the edge of the road. She had never seen a place so green and a road such as this. She felt like she had somehow gone back in time. She didn't dwell on it too much; she busy looking for a place to go, although she saw nothing but endless miles of grass and trees.
Krystal began to think aloud to herself, hoping the mysterious voice might know an answer. "How in the world did I get here...I just remember falling to sleep like any other boring night and now I'm suddenly in a strange world with strange voices in my head..."
"Uhm...maybe it's a dream?" replied the voice. It obviously knew nothing.
"Where does this road lead to...? How long am I going to have to walk...? And where did I get this silly outfit!?"
"Well, uhm, I picked it out for you."
Krystal looked up at the sky with a bewildered face. "You WHAT?"
"Well, I could select a few outfits, and I liked this one..." replied the voice, somewhat sheepishly.
"Well, I don't. Not knowing that you probably LIKE seeing me wear it!" she replied, feeling a little invaded.
"U-uhm, well, there are other outfits. What do you think of...this one?" said the voice as suddenly Krystal realized she was wearing something else; a long, plain white shirt with a low cut neck, and absolutely nothing else.
Krystal blushed and pulled down the shirt to cover more of her legs, which only exposed more of her cleavage. "A-ah! C-can't you pick something nicer!?"
The voice paused and suddenly Krystal's hands lost grip of the shirt as it changed again; this time, to an odd button-up t-shirt, and a black bra and short skirt.
"Is that better?" asked the voice.
Krystal looked herself over. "Odd...but it'll do. As long as MOST of me is covered up..."
As she finished up that sentence, she realized she was nearing a destination. Out of the corner of her eye she could see a different land setting than the infinite green horizon. As she drew nearer she realized it was nothing to be excited about; a giant canyon.
Oddly enough, the road ended abruptly at the edge of a giant canyon. The road looked destroyed, as if there was once land here but it was completely destroyed. It looked a bit chaotic, although the green paradise on both sides seemed to clash with that. This was just getting strange.
Krystal sat down at the end of the road and sighed. "Don't tell me I went the wrong direction...I'm tired of walking..."
The voice pitched in, "No no, look, on the other side, an arrow."
Krystal looked up and sure enough she saw an arrow; a giant, blue arrow that seemed to blink in and out of existence. She could not reply as she stared, trying to figure out what that was. A hologram of some sort?
"Krystal, I think I know what we need to do..."
She jumped to her feet. "Hey! How do you know my name!?"
"Well, you're quite popular around here..."
"What is 'here'!?'" Krystal demanded.
"Uhm...deviantART..." mumbled the voice.
"Devia-what...look, nevermind, just tell me how to get over there, please."
"Check your, uh...your inventory."
Krystal paused and raised her eyebrow. "What? Inventory...?" She padded her sides up and down. "I'm... not carrying anything, if that's what you mean."
"Hold on... oh, oh wait, check your, uh...your chest."
Krystal reeled back. "WHAT!?"
"You're carrying something in your...your...b-bra..." the voice stammered, sounding more and more like an embarrassed preteen.
Krystal slowly rose her hand up and unbuttoned one of the buttons on her shirt, then sliding her hand down in between her breasts. She couldn't believe she was even trying this, but her current situation was so bizarre that she believed that it could work.
And it did.
She felt something cold and metallic nestled between her furry breasts and tried to grip it. It was round, and she couldn't get a good hold on it. She grunted and placed both hands in between her breasts and began to fish for the object hidden in the strange void that was taking place down her shirt.
She felt a sort of hook on the object and grabbed it, pulling upwards. Much to her surprise, an extremely large metal cylinder began to slide out of her shirt. She continued to pull and eventually retrieved the whole thing; it was only a foot shorter than her body length.
"How on earth was that in my boobs!? It's huge!" Krystal said in disbelief, staring down at the opened shirt, looking at her seemingly normal cleavage. She sat the cylinder down and buttoned her shirt back up, blushing as she realized how absolutely silly that must have looked.
"So...what is this? How is it going to help?" Krystal asked as she eyed the object.
"Well there are more objects in your inventory..." the voice added.
"Oh really...I almost don't want to know what else I'm storing."
"Well, you, um... you can get over using just this tank."
Krystal walked around the object and curiously stated, "Er...tank?"
"Yeah, a helium tank. Makes stuff float."
Krystal placed her hands on her hips. "Well yes, I know but...what's it gonna fill up?"
The voice stuttered and paused, then replied in a shy but...hopeful way: ""
She blinked in disbelief and turned and looked up at the sky. "ME!? That's ridiculous!! Why would that work!?"
"Well, this IS called 'Krystal's Inflation Adventure'..."
She put her hand to her head and growled, "This is such a WEIRD place..." She looked back at the canyon, thought for a moment, and then started to unbutton her shirt. "Did I store any balloons in here or anything..."
The voice echoed again, although sounding a bit...different. Mischievous. "Well, you better watch out behind you..."
As she unbuttoned the second button, she turned her head around and suddenly was pushed backwards. Before she could react, the hose to the helium tank had seemingly sprang to life and jumped into her mouth. She tumbled backwards towards the edge of the road and suddenly found herself standing on one foot on the edge. She teetered backwards, the hose becoming taut as she reached the end of it, keeping her from falling over entirely. It was heavy, but not enough to hold all her weight as it began to tilt towards her. Krystal bit down on the hose and mumbled, hoping that somehow the voice could save her.
"Hold on, stop moving it, I just gotta" the voice trailed off and a loud squeaking was heard. Krystal's ears perked up as she saw the wheel on the side of the helium tank turn rapidly, heard the squeak of metal, and then the hissing of air. Helium began to rush through the hose towards the other end. But what happened next was what she feared most.
There was a sudden tightness in her chest. Her hands immediately found their way to her breasts, cupping them as they began to feel something completely new. She felt pressure inside her upper torso. She felt tightness in her lungs. She heard the hissing of helium. She felt the rush of air. She felt the shirt push out between her fingers. She felt her breasts filling up with helium.
Her bra began to tighten up foremost. The clamp dug into her back as the cups tried to wrap themselves around her new assets. Her shirt began to noticably press out, and within seconds she was several cup sizes larger. Her bra creaked as it tightened around her expanding chest, it was already pretty small and this growth was unwelcoming to it.
The tank was nearly lifted off the ground, but as the anchor began to lose weight, it began to fall back, pulling Krystal with it. She could only stare at disbelief as the button up shirt was filled out by her insanely sized boobs. In no time flat, they were the size of basketballs, and the bra gave in shortly before that mark. The black bra snapped and slid out from the growing space below her shirt, where her naval was beginning to become exposed as the shirt lifted up to attempt to cover the growing woman.
She snapped out of her daze and tried to pull the hose. It seemed to almost pull back, staying firmly between her jaws. She began to let out panicked mumbles as she tried to find a way to stop the process. She attempted to run over to the helium tank and stop the flow, but her large, bouyant breasts made this awkward. She felt slow and ... light. She took a running step and left the ground for a good 3 seconds before hitting ground again. This took her by surprise, her chest bouncing around wildly, and she lost her footing on the landing, tripping and falling face first towards the road. Of course, her inflated breasts contacted first, and with a loud, echoing "THUUUM" sound, she rebounded off the pavement and went back into the air.
Her shirt was almost completely filled out. The first two buttons were still undone, and staring back at her was a deep, blue cleavage. As she flipped upside down, she took notice and tried to pull the buttons back together, but was getting no where close; the space between the buttons on her shirt began to spread, and soon one popped off with a loud snap. She saw it fly off and towards the canyon as she flipped around and was finally upright again; but still in midair. Her breasts were beachball sized now, so tightly wrapped inside her button up shirt that they practically couldn't move, but they jumbled a bit when another button snapped off loudly. Soon almost all of the front of her shirt was open, revealing two squished, furry breasts and barely hiding two extremely soft, airy nipples.
Soon she realized that she was 'stuck'; the helium in her chest had made her so light that she could no longer fall back to solid ground. She waved her arms and legs about but to no avail. She kicked the helium tank, which was knocked over, and her light body was pulled like a girl-balloon tied to a string. She was pulled down and flipped in a circle again, her chest naturally pulling up, leaving her tilted.
The voice boomed down again, though somewhat muffled by the strange event that was occupying Krystal's mind. "Mmm, that should be enough to get you across."
She was almost too dazed to realize that the flow had stopped. There was a brief pause, followed by Krystal placing her hands on her weather-balloon-sized boobs and slowly running them across the fuzzy landscape. She held the hose tightly against her will, as she would float away if she didn't, so she could only stare at the amazing spheres before her. She felt a chill run through her body, her giant balloons nearly exposed as the buttons had flown far off. She grabbed the edge of her shirt and attempted to cover herself, but the shirt was firm. Her body did nothing but bob up and down in the breeze for a moment. Then suddenly a tear sound rang out as the last important button on her shirt gave in; her breasts sprang wildly outwards, freed from their confines and bouncing openly, her nipples catching a chilling wind and causing her to shudder.
The voice spoke again, although with seemingly more confidence. "Well Krystal, I'll let you decide; either we can inflate you large enough to carry the tank with you, or just use what we have and leave the tank behind."
Krystal's eyes widened and she motioned her hand towards the canyon, pointing straight towards the other end.
"Aaah...well, don't blame me if you need that thing later on!" Said the voice as the hose began to move itself, suddenly popping itself out of her mouth and falling to the ground. She went to relieve herself of the ballooning, but suddenly found herself unable to open her snout. "Hey, hey, hold your breath, you need that stuff to get across!"
Krystal closed her eyes and felt herself float. She rather do what he says than be forced to relive that scene over again. The wind suddenly caught up and began to push the pumped fox in the right direction. She could do nothing but softly rub her new gifts and wonder to herself just how it was possible. She could find only one conclusion; she wasn't in a real world. A 'game' what the voice said. 'Am I just some toy...? Will enduring this nightmare help me get out...? Ooooh...' Krystal thought to herself. Her mind was clouded by odd thoughts. Thoughts she wanted to eliminate. Thoughts about how sensitive her new chest was.
What seemed like hours passed as her body bobbed up and down supported by the weightlessness of her hot-air-balloon boobs. Soon she could see land out of the corner of her eyes; and then she felt the sole of her feet hit the pavement on the other side. A perfect landing; interesting.
She tried to stand up but the wind continued to push; she was still being somewhat lifted by her chest, so she began to run across the ground trying not to lose her footing again. She looked up at the sky and pointed towards her mouth, her cheeks puffed as helium crowded towards the exit.
The voice said smugly, "Oh I let go of your mouth by the way, go ahead and deflate."
She opened her jaws and a flood of helium hissed its way out of the filled lass and into the air. She began to pace backwards as the helium rocketed out of her, pushing her around, but the lightness began to leave her until she was able to keep standing. Her chest rapidly shrunk back down to normal size, and once the last ounce of it had escaped, she breathed deeply and looked up.
"YOU SON OF A-" Krystal shouted before realizing that her voice was squeaky and higher pitched than anything she had ever heard. She placed her hands on her mouth and blushed, then realized her tattered shirt was an even bigger issue and crossed her arms. She looked down and shivered, not planning to speak until she sounded less like a chipmunk again.
"Awww, don't be mad, I didn't make this game! And I want to see you reach the end just as much as you do!"
Krystal shook her head, walking down the path more.
"Look, if I get you a new outfit, will you cheer up?"
In the blink of an eye, she felt something wrapped around her body; she was now wearing nothing but a black, rubber bikini, with a cleavage exposing top. She looked up at the sky with a scowl.
"Theeere, much better!"
As she continued to walk, she got closer and closer to the blinking blue arrow. She was directly below it when she was able to confirm that it was, in fact, disappearing and reappearing right before her eyes. Nothing holding it up, nothing to explain it's visual change; However, at this point, this was the least weird thing she had to deal with.

Her world was black, and suddenly, after opening her eyes, Krystal realized she was in a completely different place. The street was still there, but with it a sidewalk, several tall brick buildings, and hundreds of endless waves of furless people walking about. She stuck out wildly, but most of her concern was towards the lack of cloth; she saw many people in business suits, construction outfits and even plain shirt and pants, but the blue fox was still sporting a tight, black bikini. She walked down the street amongst the waves of civilians, although she didn't feel like she was really...there. The people didn't look or stare at her, as if she really fit in.
"Hey, Krystal!" echoed the large voice again. She winced as she feared what would follow that voice. "Welcome to level 2!"
Krystal looked up. "What? Level 2?"
She finally caught a few eyes. The blue fur and revealing latex outfit were okay, but the talking to 'herself' caught attention. She looked back down and tried to blend back in, walking forwards and trying to ignore the voice.
"They probably can't hear me. I won't try to embarrass you TOO much here." said the voice calmly.
"How reassuring..." Krystal muttered to herself silently.
"What was that...?"
She brushed her fingers through her hair and acted uninterested.
"Er...fine. Anyway, you'll just need to enter the tallest building, which I think is straight in the direction you're heading."
She smiled and walked forward calmly. "And I get to use the elevator to get to the top, hopefully..." Krystal thought to herself. She continued down the somewhat uneventful path, but began to grow insanely curious. Everyone was walking on the tiny paths on the sides of the black paved road, but that part of the road was always empty. She walked towards the edge of the sidewalk and looked down each ends of the street. She glanced at the people behind her as she stepped into the middle of the road. She walked straight towards the center of the right lane, looking around and seeing nothing changing, nobody staring, nothing.
"Why doesn't anyone walk in the center..." Krystal thought to herself. She shrugged and began to walk towards the building at a calm pace, still in the center of the road. "I haven't seen a single vehicle pass through..."
Soon a rumbling sound began to build up. It slowly came to her attention, and eventually she stopped. She turned around to see a giant object shadowing over her. A yellow vehicle with two large cylinders for wheels. The wheels were almost as large as her. And, unless she moved, she was going to get crushed.
She went to leap towards the other side of the road, but found herself pulled back, causing her to tumble backwards. She sat up and realized her foot had been caught in a pot hole. She scrambled to her feet and attempted to run, but sadly her foot didn't want to leave. Before she could react, the large gray cylinder began to engulf her.
Though even something as simple as being crushed couldn't stay the same in this bizarre world. For Krystal's sake, it was for the better.
As she went under the crusher, her body began to flatten into a paper thin shell. Her body deflated like a whoopie cushion as air began to build up in her upper torso, until she opened her mouth and let out her breath, only for her entire body to be flattened soon after. The two cylinders soon rolled over and past her, and a wave of panic turned into a moment of confusion. She opened her eyes to see the sky and the tall buildings wrapping around her vision. She thought something like that would leave her as an indescribeable mess on the street, but she still felt everything. She was alive.
She was flat.
She tilted her head up and heard a peeling sound as she slowly pulled herself from the pavement. She looked down at her body and saw herself; she was a cutout of her former self, flattened down so she looked wide. It looked hideous. But it was living. It didn't freak her out too much; after the expansion, she had the feeling her body wasn't the fully organic lifeform it used to be. She felt like a walking sleeve with enough air in her to keep her shape, but now, she was just deflated.
The voice spoke again, trying to hold back...laughter. "Heh...I hope that didn't hurt, although it...looks really...really funny."
She felt humiliated. Being exposed is one thing, but turning into a deformed cartoon was something embarrassing on a whole new level. She peeled herself fully off the ground, and realized she was able to move decently; not enough to move freely, but enough to get her to where she needed to go. Her body was, again, nearly weightless, and the wind was beginning to catch her. She couldn't speak, she could barely even move, but she just hoped the voice would chime in and relieve her of this 'pain'.
After watching the paper girl tumble in the wind, the voice chimed up. "Okay, okay, let's get you back in shape...and I think you know how."
She knew how. She didn't want to know anymore.
"Well, you left your tank back there, so you're going to have to improvise. Besides, I don't think giant boobs would compliment that figure well."
The voice was enjoying this too much.
She blew to the side of the road and landed against someones car, sliding off and skidding across the parking lot of a gas station. Her body finally caught onto the hose of a gas pump and she gripped it with the remains of the feeling in her arm. She looked around, feeling like a piece of paper, looking for anything to fill herself with. Actively seeking a method to recreate her latest nightmare was not a good feeling.
Soon she spotted exactly what she needed, before the voice could suggest it. "You...aaaah, you see it."
A giant box labeled "air".
Someone was driving their vehicle away from said box. The voice clarified for the paper girl who was a little unfamiliar with her setting. "The guy just put some change in that thing, so it's only gonna be active for a few seconds. Hurry, hurry!"
She let go of the gas pump and slid her way over to the box. She moved so that she caught the box and was only inches away from the hose. The box buzzed loudly, the hose's hissing barely audible, as Krystal reached down and tried to wrap her distorted, barely-open mouth around the tip.
Unforunately, 'a few seconds' was a massive understatement.
The effects were instant. Her torso began to take form, her face soon regaining its features and the rest of her body, too, began to retake shape. Her arms and legs began to spread, her body going from flat as a sheet, to a poorly inflated air matress, to a fully inflated blow up doll. Krystal could feel her body seperating from its squished shape to becoming softly billowed up. Soon her figure was complete. She was herself again.
And she had an air hose in her mouth.
Sadly her shape did not guarantee movement, as she soon realized that her puffy body was becoming bloated and stiff. Her movement came, and then left. She pressed her fingers around the hose in her mouth, but soon found them unfolding as air forced them to become stiff. She was being pumped full of air. Everywhere. A few seconds passed. And a few more passed.
She almost began to ask herself why helium was to the breast, but this air was spreading all throughout. She realized there was no point in asking, because it would not get her out of her situation. Although she knew the truth; there WAS no getting out. She came to terms with her doom and sighed as she let herself go from an overblown inflatable doll to an overblown inflatable mattress.
Her breasts once again began to fill outwards, though this time the restraint was less; her rubbery top wrapped tightly and snugly, but didn't resist the growth. Her bottoms treated her just as kindly, wrapping around an amazingly expanded rear, and softly ballooning hips. Her legs and arms lengthened, her face became larger, her body grew all over, but held a shape; she wasn't just inflating all over, she was becoming a parade float.
The shape wasn't perfect though. Of course it couldn't. This world begged to see the fox become an inflated giantess, but not without giving her a few extra boosts. Her breasts expanded outwards amazingly, her half exposed chest becoming a bulging, squeezed cleavage that pleaded to be free from their tightening but strong bikini top. Her legs grew but not as much as her lovehandles, her hips spreading outwards and her ass pushing out and enveloping her tail. Her assests bulged bigger and bigger as she was pumped fuller and fuller.
The machine didn't stop pumping. She would be too lucky to be graced with that gift. She received nothing but air for the next minute, her body catching the wind and pulling up like a kite, once again anchored by the hose of her demise, but this time a much longer hose got her much farther up, above the streets. She looked down and could see groups of people. They were staring now. They certain as hell were. The foxy parade flaot bobbed above the street, her brests spilling out of their rubbery confines, her body growing so large that she wouldn't doubt that she WAS a parade float anymore.
Krystal was pumped up for nearly 5 minutes, and when the hose finally dished out the last of the ballooning punishment, she felt enormous. Past the size of a float; more like a blimp. It was exaggerated from her feelings, but she was still quite a sight to behold. Her breasts were larger than before, just barely, and the rest of her body had grown to a close fit. Her ass and upper legs were enormous, the bottoms falling down to reveal some of her girth to the sky, and her breasts just so barely contained in the rubber bikini top.
She couldn't think straight. She could only focus on the eyes, staring at the inflated goddess above them. She could only think of one word: 'help'. Her cheeks, though filled with air that couldn't be pushed elsewhere, were a deep red. She wanted out, and now.
The voice spoke again, in a somewhat strained way. "Ah yes...that'll do just fine, Krystal."
She pleaded to herself for the voice to aid her. Her pleas were heard as the hose left her mouth, and she prepared to exhale again. Once again, though, her mouth was shut tight.
"Mmmmmphf!!! Mmm mmpf!!!" was all Krystal could mutter, trying to flail her arms but to no avail.
"Aaah, quiet, this is a shortcut to where you need to." Sure enough, another flashing blue arrow was above the giant tower down the street, though she couldn't get a good sight of it for long before her body tumbled and flipped in the wind. Soon she was upside and looking down towards the pavement, flashing the bystanders the best look down her top. She mumbled in vein again as she floated with the wind towards her destination, flipping ever still.
Yet another inflation fic involving skimpy outfits, but this time centered around Krystal from Starfox.

I used some flattening this time! Overall the story was inspired by jontoon's writing, which is great, check it out.
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Seriously though, good job.
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