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Morrigan soared through the cloudy night sky, observing the kingdom below her, lit up only by the full moon above. She had been quite bored all day, looking desperately for something new, to do or see, to occupy her time. Disappointed once again, she flew back towards her castle for her rest.
But before she could enter, she noticed a figure perched in the courtyard. She cautiously observed the person for fear it might be another attack on her, but was relieved to discover it to be none other than the catgirl, Felicia. She dropped her guard and descended down to where Felicia was sitting.
Felicia was crouched down, observing a hanging bat on an archway, her cat-like instincts wanting to jump up and grab it, before being surprised by a swooping figure appearing in front of her. She jumped back and mounted on all fours before realizing it was Morrigan.
Morrigan flipped back her hair and softly welcomed her guest. "Well, nice to see you again, kitty."
Felicia stood up and waved. "Hiii!" She said with a smile.
Morrigan approached the catgirl. "What brings you down to this miserable, boring place?"
Felicia's eyes rolled up, trying to remember why exactly she was here herself. "Uhmmm...I wanted to tell you that, I'm going to throw a party for you!"
Morrigan sighed, "Ah yes, another year since I've been around, huh..." She stood in front of Felicia, her hand gently resting above her chest, inadvertantly retaining her seductive stare. "But why would you want to celebrate that...?"
Felicia seemed even more lost. "Uhm...because we're friends!" She said with a grin. "It's important to do nice things for your friends!"
Morrigan smiled and giggled to herself softly. Felicia was always sort of an airhead, but she was also incredibly kind. She found the notion odd, but understandable coming from the loving catgirl. Then she noticed Felicia had her paws on a few cylinders which sat behind her. Five canisters of a certain light gas.
"I assume those will be for the colorful balloons?" Morrigan said,  seemingly curious of what they were doing here right now.
Felicia continued to wear a huge grin. "Yup! I'm gonna get the bestest balloons for your party!"
Morrigan closed her eyes and again laughed at the childlike glee of the catgirl. Her innocence was always laughably cute to her. She didn't realize, though, that Felicia wasn't always completely innocent.
Using her quick reflexes, Felicia suddenly whipped an arm around Morrigan's back, pulling her down, and pinning her arms. Morrigan didn't have enough time to react before she was suddenly facing downwards with her arms clamped to her sides. With her other paw, Felicia suddenly shoved two hoses from the helium-filled cylinders into Morrigan's mouth as she yelped in surprise. Morrigan tried to muscle her way out of the hold but her captor's speed was too great; A hissing sound filled her ears and a jet of gas began to find its way down her throat. She locked up in shock of what was happening.
"YOU are gonna be the balloons, Miss Morrigan!" Felicia spoke with her unbroken glee.
Morrigan's body began to rapidly stretch as helium found its way into her every curve. She managed to push Felicia's arm far enough to pull out of the hold, but only managed that freedom before her arms jutted out to her sides, suddenly full of air. She let out a muffled plea, shocked and confused by what was happening to her.
Morrigan heard the hissing sound intensify before it was joined by the sound of her skin stretching and her clothes getting tighter. Within a few seconds, her breasts bounced up and inflated a few cup sizes, pushing against her already revealing outfit and showcasing an amazing, expanding cleavage. Her butt bloated up as well as her legs plumping nicely, her leggings growing tight and already making sounds of protest. Her nether regions too began to swell, causing her to calm as it pressed tightly against her outfit. She eventually gained enough boyancy and her feet slowly left the ground, her body floating up from the lightness of the gas.
Felicia poked at the balloons skin, careful not to extend her claws into the poor woman, although she wasn't quite airtight yet. Felicia grinned and opened up the first tank's valve to full, causing Morrigan to let out a grunt as helium began to immensely bloat her. Her breasts took no time in simply popping upwards out of her top, revealing two overinflated nipples, as they bounced wildly from their freedom and the helium causing them to lift. Her lower outfit made continuous popping and snapping noises as the fabric began to tear, slowly revealing more streaks of skin as her legs pumped up. Her hips were extraordinary, which complemented a now incredibly robust rear. But she only made note of these as they were tickled by the immense amount of gas flowing through them, seemingly unaware that her entire body had inflated like a blow-up-succubus. She entertained the idea of someone taking advantage of her like this, her mind unsurprisingly focused on sex, especially now. She had grown to about 10 feet tall, seemingly like a giant form of herself, but enhanced from her already voluptuous figure, and increasingly less clothing.
Felicia watched in awe as Morrigan turned into a giant in front of her eyes. She was entertained by the woman's growth, but again in a child-like amusement. She giggled at seeing her boobs pop out and was generally amused by the disproportionate figure the balloon girl was taking on, not even aware of Morrigan's increasing lust. But Felicia's devious curiosity struck and she placed her paw upon the second helium tank, spinning it open as quick as she could. The hiss grew louder, and Morrigan's body began to inflate at an incredible speed.
Morrigan let out another moan as her growth rate doubled. Her breasts bloated up to sizes beyond measure compared to the rest of her body, but her body had achieved 15 feet and was growing at an amazing rate. Her bust bounced joyfully with each new size, each breast rubbing against each other and making a loud squeaking sound like two taut balloons. Her legs joined in on this fun, her thighs pushing together and squeaking as well. Her rear was now rounded outwards at a ridiculous angle, the tights around it tearing in half and revealing most of the skin. Her legs slowly became more and more revealed as each plumped part created a new hole in her stockings, now about half of it was ruined. Soon she reached 20 feet in height, her entire outfit letting out one last sound of protest before snapping in half, her bloated body suddenly bouncing wildly at the end of the hose as her assets found new escape from her poor tights, leaving Morrigan as a luscious naked balloon girl in the night sky.
Felicia let out an amused laugh at the woman's situation. She looked completely ridiculous, and her growth blowing apart her thin clothing added to her amusement. Trying to calm herself, she grabbed the remaining three hoses and yanked the floating woman back down to earth, looking for room between Morrigan's inflated cheeks for more wonderful gas to flow through. But her curiosity peaked again. She smiled deviously and pushed one hose into Morrigan's naval. She grabbed the next, and slipped it between the inflated rear of her victim, the cheeks squeaking as they made room for the hose. She grabbed the last one and crammed it in a place that...well, wasn't uncommon for a succubus such as herself. Morrigan let out more lustrous moans, feeling an immense pleasure that continued to grow and grow amongst the immense pressure that mimicked it.
More squeaks rang out as Felicia opened up all three new tanks, and louder squeaks pierced their ears as all of Morrigan plumped up at an absolutely alarming rate. Her size increased from 20 feet tall to 25 feet in the matter of seconds, her breasts inflating outwards at amazing speeds, each breast surpassing Felicia's height and pushing down into her, causing her to have to retreat. The succubus balloon cried out from uncontrollable pleasure, the constant force pushing into her more sensitive regions and bloating them was a feeling that she couldn't bare. Morrigan's shape was beyond ridiculous at this point, her hourglass figure exaggerating itself to a ludicrous extreme, combined with an overall size that turned her from huge to a full blown giantess. In no time at all, the woman would be fit for a parade.
Morrigan let out a grunt as she suddenly felt an immense increase in pressure. Not from more helium pumping her up, but rather from a new-found tautness. Her body was reaching its limit at about 30 feet tall. Her growth slowed, her breasts rounding out and squeaking not only as they rubbed the floor, but from protest of any more air. She suddenly felt less turned on and a little more fearful of her own life. Felicia was none-the-wiser, unable to tell that Morrigan was rapidly approaching bursting point. The trapped succubus knew that much more helium would be forcing it's way into her if she didn't do something fast. With her mind less clouded by thoughts of pleasure, she began to contemplate an escape. She couldn't see the helium tanks, as her own bust had enveloped them. All she saw was an awe-struck Felicia standing at the peak of her rounded balloons. She grasped an idea. She wasn't sure of it's validity, but she had no choice.
Suddenly, Morrigan's tiny wings turned into several black tendrils that burst outwards and began to curve towards Felicia. The catgirl was too mesmerized by the immense bust covering half of her view to immediately notice, but once she caught a glimpse of the black spikes surrounding her, she was far too late. Suddenly each tendril attached itself to Felicia, the first popping into her mouth, the second her naval, and another two piercing her lower orifices. Felicia jumped in surprise, her arms shooting out at the sudden jolt she acquired from the unfriendly insertion. Her knees buckled as she wrapped her paws around the sliver of unknown black substance in her mouth, trying to remove it from her body, but it was tightly sealed. Her unease multiplied when she noticed the tendrils begin to shake, and from their source, a large black bubble formed in each rope, and slowly moved itself in Felicia's direction. It looked like...
It was sort of like a cartoonish hose pumping a ball of air.
As the bulged approached Felicia, they each simultaneously emptied themselves into her, and with a loud FFFSSST sound, the catgirl's body suddenly plumped up. In the same fashion as her victim, her wide legs got wider, her large bust got larger, and her limbs inflated to stiff, protruding balloons sticking from her sides. Even her tail got a little punishment, sticking straight out from her bulbous butt like an elongated balloon of its own. She let out muffled groans, the combined feeling of pressure and pleasure scaring her. She couldn't quite properly understand how this felt. But she knew that it was about to get a whole lot worse.
Bigger and bigger air bubbles floated their way from the giant Morrigan to the once relatively petite Felicia, pumping the catgirl fuller and fuller. Several paused but extremely powerful bursts caused her to inflate from 6 feet to 8 feet instantly, and the punishment did not stop. Each incredible growth caused her to grunt in return of the pressure mounting inside her. Her breasts became round and bouncy, her rear rounded up, her hips increasing her figure, and her thighs pressing together and squeaking. More vicious pumping bloated her within the next couple of seconds.
Fffsst. 10 feet tall. Her body began to float off the ground.
Fffsst. 12 feet tall. She let out muffled meows as she watched her chest increase before her very eyes.
Fffsst. 15 feet tall. She had no clothes to burst from, but her fur was not thick enough to hide her increasingly large nipples.
This process repeated while Morrigan continued to try to deflate faster than she inflated, but with little luck. Eventually the tanks ran dry, and Felicia was pumped up to 35 feet tall. Morrigan also retained this size, and as she continued to try to transfer the air, she found it impossible. The pressure in their bodies was equal, so they found themselves unable to grow larger or smaller than their ballooned partner.
The two helium giantesses laid across the courtyard, Felicia's body having inflated under Morrigan's. The two faced each other, their breasts pressed against each other, squeaking all the while they jiggled about. They were too completely disturbed by the subsequent events to properly react to what had happened. Their thoughts were a mess of helplessness, and lust.
But neither could escape their current fate; they were going to remain parade floats of their former selves until the helium slowly, slowly, leaked its way out like a tied up balloon. They both knew one thing for sure; the last one to deflate would certainly regret it.
I know that my stories might be a tad repetitive, as I mostly write what comes to mind when I'm in a creative mood. Apologies to any of my subscribers that this may bother.

Either way, a simple story about Felicia's surprise to Morrigan.
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Adventureman1230 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
It's funny because Felicia ended up getting inflated to the same size of Morrigan. 
And Felicia didn't expect herself to get inflated, and she didn't know what would happen.Id like to see a picture to go along with this. I bet Felicia looks cute inflated.
luigifan1243 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
Very nice, and very creative what Morrigan did. I say bravissimo to mastro!
thevoreman44 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
....I have no comment....good day.....*walks off*
Blyzzarde Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I always kinda imagined Morrigan would be the one to try something so mischievous. Having it be Felicia was a nice change. =)
rudyphantom Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
I don't think it matters that much after reading this. I personally think its pretty good, its not too long but not too short either for my tastes. :thumbsup: Nice job.
Serith Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011
It's nice. Have you read my comment suggesting you write a story about Minda from zelda twilight princess? If not, that's my suggestion.
PlazmaZword Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011
Thanks. And, Midna is not really my thing, sorry. I appreciate the suggestion, though!
Serith Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2011
Aww, you don't like the imp? lol Oh well, I had to ask. No big. Another suggestion! How about carmalita fox from the Sly Cooper series? She's hot. Could use some air, if you know what I mean. lol
slashkamei Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011
I don't think anyone is going to mind, cool story and hopeful that you deside to make a part 2
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