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Etna was walking down the aging path of the empty forest, humming to herself. She was once again donning her small black attire, but with her was an unusual sight. In her hands was a rather enormous and perfectly round object, a somewhat transparent red sphere. With another deep breath, Etna blew into the end of the object, watching it stretch between her fingers.
Etna was blowing up an absolutely huge balloon, which was now about as tall as she was. Pinching the mouth of the balloon between her fingers, she grinned as she finally approached her destination; Flonne.
The angel girl was walking on the opposite end of the path, toward the bouncing red object in front of two stocking-clad legs. She was growingly concerned with what was approaching her, and was amazed at the towering sphere that separated the two as they finally met.
Etna blew into the balloon again, purposely pushing the rubbery texture into Flonne's face, who seemed only mildly discomforted by the lack of space. Etna lifted the red ball above her head and grinned at the girl at the other end.
"Oh, hi Flonne, didn't see you there!"
Flonne was a bit distracted with the giant, slightly transparent sphere, which reflected light in a beautiful way, shrouding it's owner in red.
Flonne reached out and pressed her hand into the sphere. "It's so prettyyy..."
Etna was already satisfied with her reaction. She seemed amazed by the huge orb, not in any real bizarre way, just easily impressed by it's beauty.
Etna tried to hide her mischievous grin. "Uh, yeah, it'n it great? I'm trying to get it as big as I possibly can."
Flonne seemed to disregard to conversation as she ran her finger across the globe hovering over her. "Big..."
Etna cocked an eyebrow. "Uhm...right." Etna was prepared to sound exasperated, but Flonne was apparently much easier to fool than she had thought. "Well, I, uh, I'm pretty tired from blowing this thing up for the last hour or so, do you want to help me out?"
Flonne's eyes lit up as the balloon came into her possession. Etna wheeled around and directly Flonne to the mouth at the end of the balloon, waiting for her to clasp in between her own fingers before letting go.
"Be careful now!" Etna replied, failing to hold back an excited, evil grin.
"Wooow!" Flonne said, her eyes glazed over. She clasped the long hose of the balloon in her hands, before suddenly gaining a look of concern, turning toward Etna. "You...want me to keep blowing it up?" Flonne questioned.
"Uuh, yeah! Wh-" Etna continued, before Flonne accidentally pointed the sphere in her direction, bopping her in the head. She tilted her neck, her lids half-closed in discomfort, trying to avoid sounding irritated. "Why not?"
Flonne turned back, pausing for a moment, and shrugging. She wasn't sure why Etna would ask her to continue her work, but she felt rude not following the simple request. With little hesitation, she took a deep breath and placed her lips upon the mouth of the balloon, exhaling into it. The giant red globe didn't seem to visibly grow, at a size where such a breath wouldn't have much effect on its size, but she continued to exhale like normal. Etna smiled, trying to seem innocent, watching Flonne's actions. Flonne seemed unaware of Etna's suspicious motions and continued with her work. Breathe in, breathe out.
Etna placed her hands at her rear and called out while gazing elsewhere. "Yes, yes, good so far..." She said halfheartedly, before turning her sight towards Flonne's backside. She walked behind the oblivious angel and lifted up her white cloak, revealing her two fully exposed legs and a cute red tail that trailed out from her rear packed into her red leotard.
Etna watched the girl take another breath, then intently studied her as she breathed into the balloon once more. She was already growing exhausted, putting two much effort into blowing into the balloon, which was becoming large enough to resist a lot of it's growth, pushing back against it's inflator. As Flonne's breath began to run dry, Etna seized the opportunity and pushed her plan into action.
With a little hesitation, Etna's hand swooped downwards and suddenly grasped onto Flonne's butt, squeezing it between her palm. Flonne's kneejerk reaction was to gasp out and jump forwards, causing her to deeply inhale the end of the balloon hose that was still clasped between her lips. But that was all it took to cause a torrent of air to rush out of the balloon and into the only exit; Flonne's body.
The balloon's mouth grew wide as a huge gust of air torrented it's way from the taut balloon to the unfilled Flonne. With the air of a 6-foot-wide balloon pushing into her rapidly, she took little time in suddenly filling up like a balloon girl. Her breasts bulged forwards, her hips flared out, her rear puffed up and her limbs grew stiff as she inflated quickly. Etna had loosened her grip on the angel girl's behind but felt it suddenly widen as the balloon quickly shrank.
Like liquid siphoned through a hose, the balloon didn't stop deflating itself into the now helpless girl. Her outfit became incredibly tight around her growing frame, her butt puffing up and becoming outlined by her suit, her thighs and hips plumpening to unrealistic proportions, only matched by her bosom rising up like two small balloons of their own, giving her a steadily increasing cleavage.
Etna smiled at the pleas of the inflating Flonne who could only muffle in response to the balloon pumping her up. Her limbs stiffened up, her legs slanting downwards as the leotard became increasingly tight around her sacred bits, and her arms sticking straight outwards, lifting up her white cloak and revealing to all the enhancing figure she was taking on.
With the balloon about halfway deflated, Flonne could only close her eyes and try to hide herself from seeing her own chest billow outwards to DD cup size and beyond. Her cheeks were blood red as she felt her cleavage pressing together, her tightening outfit only growing more and more revealing with each passing moment. Her rear began to swallow the back end of her suit as it rounded outwards, and her legs only gracefully plumped to compliment, make her an incredibly curvy blow-up-doll.
When the balloon finally came to it's last few moments of tormentingly puffing up the helpless girl, Flonne was now a 8-foot-tall, impressively curvy balloon. Her cleavage was miraculously packed into her outfit, barely holding on to the top for dear life, and the lower half of her body was pumped up to give her the curves of a goddess. She began to leave the ground as the wind caught her weightless body, but the nearly-satisfied grinned of the devillish Etna met her gaze as she was pulled back down.
Etna gripped the girl by her enhanced hips, sending odd feeling through Flonne's tight body as air jiggled around inside her. Flonne's already red cheeks began to glow as she felt uneasy sensations mix around in her body. She let out a displeased groan as Etna grasped the inflated woman, before feeling the two small hands make their way to Flonne's inflated breasts, squeezing them. Flonne tried to gasp out from the sensations that continued to multiply in her. Sensations that tested her innocence. She didn't want to be touched any more.
Etna simply pulled a string out from her top and tightly strung Flonne's lips shut with it. Too short to reach down, Etna simply settled for holding the gargantuan girl by the tail, which was tugged out from between her bloated rear end. Etna was going to have a lot of fun with her new toy.
A follow-up that I had thought up shortly before writing the previous story. The tone and pacing is a bit different, I felt, so I decided to stick it in it's own little short story.
Canard-Pars Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
moar please.
Canard-Pars Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
LOL awesome!

whos next?XD
Serith Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
Balloon blowback, classic. I love it when you change up the source of the inflation. Regular old helium canisters get boring if that's the only thing you do.
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