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Felicia had finally settled down in her new home, in a relatively rich neighborhood. Her fame had finally earned her a quiet place to settle down, and after all the frivolous unpacking, she was thrilled to finally be able to use it. The naked catgirl, with more poofy blue hair on her head than the white fur that covered so little of her body, kicked back with a smile as she threw herself onto her comfy couch, her arms held out as she stretched.
She let out a soft meow as she drew her hands back to her lap, her tail waving a bit towards the side. She thought to herself and thought of all the activities should could do to relax herself now, but not before a rumbling sound echoed from her midsection. She hadn't eaten all day. With her tongue circling her lips, she recalled the nice gifts she had been given by a few local fans, the one sticking out in her mind being a small, delicious-looking strawberry cake. But before she could appease the call of her gut, her thoughts were interrupted by a clashing sound loudly piercing her ears.
Felicia's ears twitched as her neck immediately pointed towards the location of the disturbance. With little hesitation, she pulled herself from the couch and got down on all fours, crawling her way towards the origin of the sound; the kitchen. Her cat-like-swiftness instincts kicked in as she snuck quietly behind the counter, her rear in the air and her tail jerking back and forth.
Peeking into the kitchen, she didn't immediately notice anything out of the ordinary, until she panned around the counter and noticed a pot mysteriously misplaced on the tile floor. Her eyes wandered up at the meal she had laying on the counter above, as she rose upward, a large puff of blue hair appearing over the horizon as she went to examine her desert. And there is where she discovered the source.
It was a large, black-furred rat, crawling around on her precious cake. Her gaze became one of anger as she glared at the rodent defiling her food. Her tail continued to wave about as she prepared to pounce the small beast, but only before it noticed a large presence behind it. It turned around, its bright red eyes meeting with hers, causing a rather peculiar response.
The rodent stood up on its hind legs and seemed to be generally frightened by the appearance of the large cat-eared woman behind it. Felicia's gaze turned into one of curiosity as the black rat seemed to react in a semi-intelligent manner, especially given that it stood on its back legs. It nervously glanced back and forth in attempt to find an escape route, before bolting over the counter top and into the living room.
Felicia was too shocked by the rats reaction to properly snatch it, missing her grasp as it high-tailed it off the counter and across the floor. The curvy catwoman gave chase, although she was having a hard time catching up to the small critter, which seemed to move at incredible speeds.
The moment Felicia felt she could make a leaping grab for the rat, it ducked quickly underneath the gap of a door, miraculously squeezing its way through. The distracted catgirl took less notice of the door entirely, though, as she slammed face-first into it, her body scrunching up together before popping back out, her dazed body falling to the floor limply as she reeled from the dizzying slam. She momentarily phased out of consciousness as her racked brain tried to recompose itself.
The door slid open revealing the closet the rat had taken shelter in. It popped its head out to noticed the dizzied Felicia, her eyes full of stars, and decided to take use of this opportunity. Scurrying off, the rat returned back shortly pushing a large set of fireplace bellows with a bit of effort, pushing it with its back while spinning its little legs. When it reached the slightly unconscious catgirl, the rat shoved the end between her lips. With that in place, the rat jumped upward and slammed down on top of the bellows, pushing it flat and squeezing all of its contents into the catgirl, who didn't seem to react, but her cheeks puffed up and her body jerked a bit. With a strange, mischievous grin, the rat jumped off and scurried back into the closet, the bellows hissing out as a spring between the handles retracted and opened the bellows up to a full size.
Felicia blinked as she regained consciousness moments later, trying to figure out what had happened. Still a bit dizzy, she glanced with confusion at the bellows lodged between her lips, before gazing upwards into the dark closet which was now strangely open. Unable to piece together the situation, she watched with curiousity as a large bowling ball rolled into view from the top shelf of the closet, then quickly rolled off the edge and hurtled towards the ground. She only regained her senses the second before the bowling ball landed on its target.
With a loud 'FFffffssst', the bowling ball applied all of its momentum into slamming the bellows flat, its air flowing freely into the newly aware Felicia. Suddenly, a pressure built up inside her body, as air puffed her up. Suddenly her arms shot to her sides, her legs joining as well as the rest of her body feeling tight. She realized she was suddenly helpless as air encompassed her every inch, making her bloated just enough to restrict her movement. Her arms and legs wiggled a bit fruitlessly as she attempted to free herself, unaware of the rats plan having only begun. The large bowling ball rolled off the bellows as it regained shape, the spring pushing it open and readying the next blast.
Felicia's eyes shot wide as she noticed at the last moment a large book falling from the top shelf of the closet, before 'Fffffssst' hit her ears as its pressure hit her body, bloating her up further. Her limbs were fully stiff now, but what was a little concerning was her body seemed to lift up a bit. More specifically, her bust was becoming larger. She couldn't move her head otherwise she would examine her growing body, but she noticed her breasts weren't the only features getting bigger. She felt big all over, but her rear end probably felt the fullest. But this episode wasn't over yet.
The black rat continued to push objects over the ledge, carefully aiming to land on the large bellows and pump its victim to her fullest. Several more muffled hisses echoed out as the bellows continued to be forced flat by various objects, pumping Felicia fuller and fuller, before regaining shape for the next embarrassing pump. Her limbs began to feel bloated, even down her her paws being stiffened up, and her stomach puffed up to far beyond pregnancy. Her breasts poofed up a couple of cup sizes, but strangely her tail end seemed to accept to most growth. While her body was just inflated to a poofy state, her once wide hips and her cute butt had been inflated to ridiculous sizes. Her thighs pushed together and forced her legs open a bit, her tail was now resting against a much rounder rump, and her lovehandles only grew to match.
"Ooo...w-why does my...butt feel so big..." Felicia thought to herself, the rapid growth of her lower body making her feel awkward. A muffled meow tried to escape her lips as another large book landed on the bellows, puffing her up further. Her lower body was now lighter than ever, floating off the ground a bit as her rear pushed upwards, her chest only mildly plump, putting her at a rather odd angle as her huge butt pointed up, while her head still attached to the grounded bellows.
"" Felicia said, feeling her stomach rub a bit against the floor, quite puffed up along with the rest of her body. She wasn't sure her bum would bloat up any further, but she would get her answer as she saw the next item slowly trudging its way to the end of the shelf; a small safe. But it was easily heavier than anything before it, the rat having quite a difficult time getting it off the edge. Felicia watched with anxiety as it crept into view, and shut her eyes when she noticed it falling towards the ground.
With one last loud hiss, the bellows pumped Felicia's rear about as big as it could stand, the weight of the safe keeping it firmly on the bellows and making sure to put all of its last breath into the helpless catgirl balloon. Finally the pressure fighting back was enough, her body pushing away from the bellows and finally freeing her from its torment. With this newfound exit of pressure, air seeped out quickly between her lips, pushing her further back and sliding her bloated-rear-first into the opposite wall, her now deflated body slamming against it and emptying the last of her air. She jumped to her two feet, reeling a bit as she tried to regain her bearings again. She then clenched her behind within her paws, making sure it was of proper size.
This wasn't an ordinary pest. This mouse was smart. But Felicia didn't believe a small rodent could outsmart her, at least not twice. She noticed the evil fuzzball make its way towards a small hole in the wall, seemingly unaware it was being watched by its rival. Felicia took little time in charging again at the rat. It turned around when it heard the large catwoman charging its way, its red eyes wide in shock as it took the time to glance her way, before making another mad dash for its exit. Once again, Felicia jumped and grasped at the rat, barely missing it as it slipped into the hole, though this time she was cautious enough not to slam her entire body into the wall.
With an agitated grunt and an expression of displeasure, Felicia got on her knees and hands and eyeballed the hole. With her rear posed high and her tail once again bouncing about, she let out an unhappy growl as she saw nothing but darkness within. Determined to catch the little bugger, she slipped her arm into the hole, and began pawing around for the mischievous rodent.
Unbeknownst to the naked catgirl, the target she sought had used platforms within the walls to escape to another part of the house, finding its way back into the living room and gazing at a poised catgirl with her large, cute rump in plain view. With its eyes, of course, drawn to this beautiful sight, the rat also noticed the long tail waving about in the air as well. Another nasty idea matured in its brain, a small lightbulb appearing above its head before dashing towards the distracted catwoman.
Felicia sighed as she realized she was having no luck retrieving the hostile rodent. She sat up on her legs, with a look of defeat forming on her face, before her eyes shot wide and her hairs shot stiffly up upon feeling a painful sensation. Something had pinched her tail. And not letting go.
"O-ow! Hey-" Felicia called out before she turned around to discover what was hurting her, stopping as she noticed the end of her tail was now stuffed between two rollers. She was sitting next to a clotheswashing bucket, with two rollers suspended above for squeezing clothes dry. Her tail had somehow been sucked inbetween. Then she noticed the large rat was standing on the rim of the bucket, its hands on the lever used to rotate the rollers. Quickly it began to spin the handle, pulling Felicia's tail through the crushing device, pulling at her rear and generally not feeling pleasant. Felicia panicked, and instead of removing the rodent, she dug her claws into the nearby chair, pulling away from the device sucking her in. She failed the battle to pull herself out, and as her claws tore off a piece of the chair she yanked against, she started to slowly be pulled intbetween the crushers.
Felicia was yanked rear-first into the two rollers, a bit shocked to suddenly see her body becoming flat as it was squeezed by the device. As it pulled her body through, it squeezed and flattened her until she was as thin as a shirt herself, the last of her body popping through the rollers and leaving her as a paper-thin catgirl curled up inside the bucket. Felicia let out a muffled meow through her flattened face, a bit mystified by her sudden transformation. The rat pointed and made a laughing motion as it saw the amusingly flat Felicia. She looked like a fully deflated pool toy. And that is exactly when the rat sparked another idea. Again, it dashed off quickly.
"u-uhm...h-help..." Felicia called out weakly. She couldn't move much in this state, only able to let out soft whines. She didn't like being this helpless. Fortunately, her flattened ears were still able to pick up the sound of movement in the background. Surely, help was on its way.
The rat carried a long hose on top of its body as it ran towards the deflated catgirl in peril. Pausing at her paper-thin tail, it plugged the end of the hose into the tail, before running back to the source. Crawling up top the tire handpump it lead to, the mouse placed its small hands upon the plunger and its feet rest near where the plunger would rest. Using its abnormal strength, it devilishly grinned as it pulled the plunger down, lifted it up, and repeated, gaining a rhythmic pattern. The handpump hissed continuously as it discharged air into the unsuspecting catwoman.
Felicia felt a strange pressure force itself into her. Her flat body felt like it was trying to pull itself apart and unfold itself. First, her tail regained shape. Following that, the closet asset, once again her rear, began to move outward. Soon the air continued to fill her all around, her squeezed body pushing and beginning to restore shape.
Felicia was sitting in the clotheswashing station now, watching with a grin as her body puffed up to normal sizes, eyeing her bust as it rounded out to its usual firm size. She pawed at her body, feeling normal again and sighing at her worries retreating. However, she was completely unaware of how or why she was being pumped up, and was only slowly starting to realize her breasts were looking a little fuller than before. Cupping her melons, she looked on with a bit of worry before feeling a certain tightness rising within her body. She was still inflating, and was now becoming too big. Looking around, she didn't know where the source was, but she finally saw the handpump in the middle of the room being operated by that oversized evil rat.
Felicia pulled her body from the bucket, which was difficult given the tightness welling up inside her. She held her arms outward in attempt to keep balance, her legs wobbling a bit, before noticing her size and realizing she was in trouble. She couldn't quite move correctly because her thighs had plumped up again, her once wide hips gaining new curvier sizes. She had a hard time seeing past her own bust, though, which was once a large pair of breasts, but now a larger, much fuller pair of breasts that gave her a nice cleavage completely unsupported. The rat at the pump only continued to fill up the catgirl with more and more excess air, while she gawked at her own amazing body.
Once Felicia snapped out of her trance, she tried to remove the trickster from its pumping device, before figuring out how to free herself of the pressure. She tried to run towards the pump, but found herself waddling slowly as her legs began to stiffen up, her thighs brushing together and throwing off her footing. Her arms refused to stay at her side as well, slowly stiffening up. Unlike before, she was starting to inflate more evenly, her breasts now approaching the size of basketballs, bouncing all about as their light contents jiggled with each slight movement. Her cheeks began to glow red, starting to feel really embarrassed as her exotic features rounded out and wiggled uncontrollably.
Felicia stopped shortly in front of the pump, her angered look becoming slightly more upset as she failed to trudge any further. Her completely full legs stiffly pointed down, at a slight angle thanks to her now massively inflated thighs, and her arms being in no shape to reach over towards the rat, or move at all for that matter. The billowing catgirl could only gaze downward in defeat as her bust inflated like two huge balloons, obscuring her vision of the pump as her light-as-air orbs pulled upwards. The naked catgirl had become the worlds curviest blow up doll, and with air still being pumped into her through her strangely-hose-like tail, she only continued to approach larger benchmarks.
"O...okay! I give...up! You!" Felicia cried out, her worried voice echoing against her massive mammeries, grunting inbetween each blast of air that pushed her one step closer to fullness. Slowly her furry feet left the ground, as her air-tight body caught full lightness. Her breasts and insanely curvy lower body fought for the skies, eventually pulling her sideways, letting her balloon-like rear bump against the short ceiling of the house. Unable to see much of herself past her beachball-sized boobs and inflated, stumpy arms, she was actually inflated to about twice her normal size, though her proportions seemed to argue otherwise, her thin arms and feet less accepting of growth, but her figure getting massively enhanced. Her once musclebound thighs were now soft and plump, her hips had swelled up to match, and who could forget her bust which challenged the largest in the world at this point.
The rat became exhausted and stopped to completely admire its handiwork. Felicia's eyes could barely be scene over the two fleshy orbs, but she shot the rodent a gaze of sad defeat, not willing to endure this awkward punishment for much further.
"" Felicia called out softly, staring at the hose still plugged into her tail which hung low.
The rat put its paw to its cheek and seemed to really consider whether or not to free the now helplessly inflated kitty, if only to rub it in that it was in control. Felicia could only softly whimper to herself.
The rat was feeling generous, however, and dropped down on top of the hose in attempt to jerk it off the inflated catgirl's tail. With a soft 'pop', the hose yanked itself free, letting Felicia's tail raise up. To her incredible dismay, however, no air escaped. Felicia watched in anxiety as moments passed, but she seemed no smaller.
"W...why won't I deflate...?" Felicia called out, worry becoming thick in her voice. The rat, somewhat pleased at this outcome, gave a shrug with its tiny upper arms, then bolted off towards its hole in the wall.
"W-wait! Don't leave meee! Mrreow..." Felicia cried out before sighing.

Hours passed, and thankfully the pressure encased in the ballooned Felicia was leaked out of her body, very, very slowly. She was able to move about again, but her massively inflated state didn't lend itself to much. She lay across the couch, waiting for her movement to become bearable again, playfully squeezing her chest in a small attempt to hurry her deflation.
By the time she had achieved relatively normal size, the sun had set, and night had engulfed the town. A now free Felicia was fuming with anger at the defeat of a small, stupid creature. Her arms crossed in a pouty fashion, she tried to ignore today's events and relax. But she couldn't. At a loss for ideas, she stood up, stretching a bit, then heading towards the door. She needed to do something, so a jog seemed like a good ideas as any to distract her, regardless of the time of night.
Once outside, she stared up at the stars among the clouds, sighing in relaxation. Her ears perked up when a sudden rustling of leaves caught her attention, probably due to the wind. But when she gazed in the sources direction, her eyes met with an unpleasant sight. It was that damned rat again. And it was ... sleeping?
Felicia's tail began to writhe about as she regained her fighting spirit, scheming to take out this rat problem once and for all. It lay on the grass, near the bushes of her home, motionless. She took a thievish pose and started to slowly sneak her way towards the unsuspecting rodent. On two legs, this time, carefully avoiding steping on leaves and making a rustling noise. The rat got closer and didn't seem to notice her at all. This was here turn to get the last laugh.
With a swift jump, Felicia pounced on her victim and encased it within her large paws, pinning it down. She felt the fuzzball writhe about underneath her grip, confirming to her that she had in fact caught the culprit of today's misery.
"You are gonna regret the day you met this kitty cat!" She announced to her victim with a proud grin, before shoveling the rat into her hands and forcing it into her mouth, lifting herself up and gulping it down quickly.
"Aaaah!" Felicia sighed to her victorious meal. "Not my usual way of dealing with pests, buuut..." she thought to herself, patting her stomach and smiling brightly. She was far too satisfied with this victory. Especially given the odd taste of the rodent she just swallowed.
Felicia's eyes opened up slowly when she started to realize the pieces of the puzzle just didn't fit together. But most concerning of all was the rats tail, like a long rope still dangling from between her lips. Far downward. Trailing to the ground, and off into the bushes. And it was quite large. A tingling sensation engulfed her stomach, causing her paws to press against her exposed belly. This was wrong.
Felicia grabbed the long rope hanging from her mouth and tugged, noticing it pulling against something deep within her body. She had digested a long rope, and it wasn't going to be pleasant yanking it out. But more concerning was where this rope led. With another worried expression, the catgirl pulled back on the bushes where the rope was hidden under, and upon discovering the end, she realized the rat had pulled another fast one on her.
Hidden beneath the bushes was a large orange cylinder labeled "He". The wheel near the top which affects the gas flow was mounted by the eponymous black-furred red-eyed evil rat. He ran across the top like a sideways hamster wheel, rotating the valve which squeaked as its rusted metal worked its magic. What she thought was a tail was actually a long hose, now connecting the helium tank to her, streamlining the way for gas to enter her body. The rat reached the end of the valve as the tank was opened to full blast, causing the rat to suddenly run off the wheel and fall into the bush out of view of the now panicking Felicia.
"He...helium? N-no, please don't blow me up...with..." Felicia muttered out with the hose still uncomfortably resting in her throat. But, the deed was done and the gas was already filling her up, now pushing into her with unbelievable force. A powerful tightness caused her legs to bend and her arms to cradle her belly, feeling fullness enter her stomach, then almost instantly work its way all over her body. Her limbs tried to retreat to their stiff positions once again, before she could even attempt to halt the helium flow, her growth far faster than anything she had previously experienced. Her eyes shot wide, not just from fear, but from the immense pressure pumping her fuller, now absolutely afraid of the results of this inflation.
It took a few seconds for her to feel completely full. Following that, she began to grow. This time, however, her bust figuratively exploded outwards in size, going from her once firm state to twin basketballs within mere seconds. The lighter-than-air gas pushed upwards into her body, and of course with her luck, that meant it was punishing her breast size the most. Her bloated arms barely managed to cup her rapidly inflating balloons, watching in fear as they rose skyward, filled with helium. The rest of her body grew as well, of course, her hips rounding out, her thighs pushing into each other, and her soft bum becoming taut with gas. But with her breasts quickly hitting beach ball size within mere moments later, it all seemed minor in comparison to the balloons expanding upwards and into her face.
"I-it's too...f-fast..." Felicia moaned, her light voice jumping several octaves higher, making her sound ridiculous. She would laugh if she wasn't so afraid of her personal weather balloons yanking her skyward. She quickly left the ground, her legs dangling and swinging, but now her helium filled body acting like a real balloon, her thighs squeaking as they rubbed together, and her deep cleavage only doing likewise as her bust wobbled about. Soon she couldn't wrap her arms around her own chest, even if her arms weren't bloated, as her mammeries grew to unforgiving sizes.
"P-please...n-no more..." Felicia whimpered, feeling herself becoming weak as her stiffening body inflated to unfriendly sizes. Her limbs were now completely stiff, her butt now as round as before, but her breasts were each 3-foot-wide spheres, becoming much rounder as they approached maximum size. Soon they felt taut, letting out a dangerous squeak that brought fear to her eyes, even feeling her nipples suddenly puff up to abnormal sizes. When they were firmly full, they resisted any further growth. Sadly, though, the rest of her continued to puff up, now even faster.
When the rat had finally cut the catgirl-balloon's helium flow, she was enormous. She was easily three times her normal size, but with a magnificent bust that were 5-foot-wide spheres of jiggling glory. Her entire body was tickled from the inside from the intense fullness of this light gas, which calmed her, but also aided in her great discomfort. Felicia let out a squeaky-voiced meow, now fully convinced she was never going to outsmart this cruel rat. She simply floated against the night wind, held down only by a hose, waiting patiently for the rat to free her.
The rat crawled up the hose, which was now wedged between two giant flesh balloons, crawling on top of the titanic catgirl. It walked proudly along one of her magnificent mounds, until it stopped in front of her face, which was one of worry, her eyes pathetically begging for release, anything below her face obscured by the two orbs. The rat continued past her shoulders and slid along her backside, landing on the tail that rested above her extremely wide rear end. It used her tail like a hammock, resting against the balloon girl's body.
"H-help..." Felicia moaned softly.

The rat continued to proudly display its handiwork to the neighborhood, as an example to its rival that it was only going to keep worsening her punishment the more it fought with her. Felicia remained floating helplessly and embarrassingly until the following night, when the helium tank's source finally ran dry. The defeated catgirl would never underestimate the power of a small creature from that day forward. Especially the very evil looking ones.
I really wanted to give Felicia of Darkstalkers fame a more personal story, and I came up with the idea of involving a tricky rat in a sort of Tom-and-Jerry-esque battle between the two. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come up with as many unique ideas as I wanted, but I got to finally make use of one gag I've wanted to do, and it's still the usual inflation fun, so I hope at least a few people enjoy it.
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Adventureman1230 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
That's a lot of inflation for Felicia. ( she even got flattened! )
I have a question will you do a part 2 maybe water inflation and giving her some blueberry inflation and maybe you could turn her into a hot air balloon. Just a few ideas.
Blyzzarde Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not really into air inflation, but this was a fun read. =)
Koolebra-DDR Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011
Poor kitty! She doesn't deserve that!
Koolebra-DDR Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011
Poor kitty! She don't deserves that!
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