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Tron Bonne awoke to a blurry view and a massive headache. A groan escaped her lips as she slowly regained consciousness and tried to grasp her surroundings. As she slowly came to, she noticed a large purple figure moving about in front of her. Moments later, she realized it was a woman in a very prominent, yet revealing purple dress, giving off a grand view of her ample cleavage and draping off of her leg so vividly that a clearly visible thong caught her attention and caused her to draw conclusions of what this mysterious girl probably thought of herself. Even more concerning, though, was the large symbol of a skull designed into the lower half of her dress.
"Oho! Have you finally awoken?" The mysterious woman said with a enticing voice.
Tron could only mutter in confusion. "Who...are you?" Only now was she slowly starting to realize the wooden room they were held up in, seemingly a storage room full of crates. The whole room was wood, though, which seemed rather odd...
The blonde, buxom woman placed the wine glass she was sipping from next to her seat and stood up with her hand on her exposed hip, her other hand gesturing towards herself in a proud fashion. "My name is Bonne Jenet! A mighty pirate and one that's about to take all your precious valuables away." She strut over to her captive and bent forwards, purposely giving Tron an eyeful of her perky cleavage. "Would you like to introduce yourself?"
Tron shot a glare in her face, then tried to pull herself to her feet. "Where are we...?" She demanded to know, suddenly realizing that she was apparently tied down. She shifted back and forth as she attempted to free herself.
B. Jenet stood up and shrugged with a tad bit of impatience, sighing. "Fine, fine, be that way... I already know about you though." She turned around and paced, her finger finding its way to her chin as she seemed to ponder what she had gathered. "You're apparently some sort of pirate, Miss...Tron... but I haven't seen your ship! Or your crew!" She whirled around and crossed her arms, pushing up her chest, while pouting out her lips as to seem innocent. "Are you lost...?"
Tron growled and demanded her answer, despite not being in any position to make demands. "Where are we!?"
Jenet rolled her eyes and sighed, unhappy with the disrespect her captive was showing. "We're on my ship, of course. I brought us in here for some girl talk, y'know. But you don't seem to wanna talk!"
Tron eyed her surroundings more thoroughly and noticed the very antique setting of wood, wood, and more wood, with lighting made up entirely of flickering candles, and a porthole that pointed out to what is apparently the night sky. Tron had found her way into some strange places recently. But she stopped gawking at the landscape and took more notice of her own position, finding herself with her legs somewhat folded as she sat on the ground, but her problems came from the gray, featureless ropes tightly spun around her waist, her arms caught inside and pinned to her hips, though her legs seemed untouched. That's when she took notice of her clothing; she was in her casual lab wear, though without the coat, leaving her in just a pink dress that cut dangerously short below her hips, seemingly a little shorter as her awkward sitting position caused the space between to be exposed to the whorish woman in front of her, though she wasn't incredibly off-put by that considering who was seeing it.
Her attention brought itself back to the rope that tightly squeezed her stomach and arms together. As she tried to slip through, she started to realize this wasn't, in fact, some sort of old fashion rope. It was tubing. She felt confused until she noticed one end of the tube didn't simply cut off, but it trailed off towards where Jenet was. Then, a chill ran down her spine as she felt something uncomfortably lodged into her naval. Slowly, she started to realize what was about to happen. She needed to escape.
Jenet crossed her arms again and smiled as she looked down at her increasingly scared victim. "I decided that me and you would have a little duel. Winner takes all of the loser's stuff!" She exclaimed, before turning around and walking back to her original position, her hips swaying joyfully. "Unfortunately for you, though, a real pirate never fights fair."
B. Jenet took her seat again, crossing her leg and twisting her hair out of her face. With a smug grin, she gently leaned sideways and placed her hand upon a large cylinder sticking out from one of the opened crates. There was no doubt in Tron's mind where it was full of, or what it was prepared to fill. She traced the hose from her own body, wrapped around several times to entrap her, then winced when she confirmed it leading back to the helium tank resting beneath Bonne Jenet's fingers. The busty pirate girl wasn't preparing to turn it on, but she wanted to make sure her rival got a good glimpse of what was about to happen to her.
B. Jenet chuckled and continued to gloat, though sounding a bit peppy. "But, it's alright, though! I wanted to help you become a better pirate in case we do ever meet again." She grinned and eyed her shiny cylinder full of a fun gas, twirling her finger around the valve tortuously. "For starters, if you wanna be a good leader, you're gonna need to be ... bigger, and sexier." She said with a bit of a darker tone, but still joyful, matched with her thrusting her chest forward and perkily trying to sell her beauty to the trapped Tron.
The increasingly nervous genius girl crawled her way to her feet, which proved quite difficult without the use of her arms, and watched in agony as the buxom pirate watched intently, her finger poised over the valve and ready at any moment to stop Tron from doing anything to escape. Tron was starting to panic, slowly realizing she had already failed, but saw no reason not to charge at her opponent and hope for the best. If anything, it would just keep her from talking and get on with her 'torture'. With her knees bent down in preparation, she suddenly jumped forward and charged, her arms still pinned down awkwardly, towards the confident pirate.
Little did she realize how useless this would become, as her foot got caught in a knothole in the wood flooring, suddenly sending her careening downwards as she nearly immediately lost her footing. B. Jenet jumped a bit in surprise, but calmed when she saw the petite Tron already fail in her strike, and both were quite surprised to see the trajectory of her fall. With a soft thud, Tron Bonne's face was suddenly wedged between Jenet's ample cleavage, leaving her limply laid across Jenet's lap, but with her head almost halfway obscured by the woman's generous bust. Tron let out a miserable groan as she accepted her defeat.
Bonne Jenet giggled at the ironic position she had landed in, but used the opportunity to make her rival feel further inadequate. "Yes, yes, I know, they are beautiful." She placed her free hand gently on the back of Tron's head, an almost soothing gesture as she coaxed the girl to lie in her cleavage. But her plan soon began to kick into action when the echoes of squeaking metal met their ears, followed by the telltale hiss of helium flowing freely towards its victim. "Don't'll get to see what it's like soon enough."
Tron Bonne let out an uneasy grunt as a familiar pressure built up inside of her stomach, the hose wedged into her naval slowly breathing into her body and filling her up with a ticklish gas. Without the use of her arms, Tron found it rather difficult to remove herself from this woman's cleavage, and considering she has no plan to escape, she found it unnecessary at this point. She sighed and accepted her fate, when she began to feel the effects piling up inside of her body.
B. Jenet let out a short gasp once she felt something shift inside of her top, realizing Tron's cheeks were puffing up and pressing against her chest. With a giggle, she cupped her boobs and pressed them together, making Tron feel incredibly awkward, and making her feel... oddly pleased. Even she wasn't able to describe it. She gazed down to see Tron's rump begin to fill out her short dress, then felt the blow-up-girl's petite chest slowly round out and press against her own, starting to show true signs of inflation.
Tron Bonne let out a groan as she felt her entire body become tight with helium, and slowly began to pump up in all directions. Her arms and legs began to stiffen a bit, her chest began to form a more generous bust, her exposed legs became much fuller looking as her thighs plumpened and her hips flared out. All of his combined started to shift her shirt up a bit, starting to feel a breeze ride up her dress and caress her more sacred bits, starting to become not only bitterly defeated, but increasingly embarrassed.
Bonne Jenet slid her fingers gently  up Tron's expansive legs, finding her way up the balloon's skirt and prodding her plump tail end, which used to gently lift Tron's increasingly light body off of her own, now gently floating as she was pumped full of just enough helium to gain a tinge of buoyancy. "See, you're already on your way to being as sexy as me!" Jenet said peppily, before snootily pointing her hand toward herself and grinning. "Tch, well, closer, at least!" She said with confidence, thinking that even a wildly curvy Tron wouldn't hold a candle to her natural beauty.
Tron groaned with further unease as she felt the hands of her rival stroke her more sensitive regions, which made her grow more uncomfortable by the second. Jenet anticipated this, playing with her toy if only to belittle her beauty, but mostly to get the blow-up-Tron to spill the beans on where her treasures were no doubt hidden, knowing that the more uncomfortable she was, the more likely she would confess in exchange for an end to this awkward torture.
Jenet gently let go of her expanding toy, feeling the girl gaining new lightness, and both watched as the still-inflating Tron began to ascend towards the ceiling. It was then Jenet got a good glimpse of Tron's new curves, and the results were actually quite bizarre. She hadn't anticipated her tight bindings would affect the girl's growth, but with the hose circled around her stomach tightly, it accepted very little growth. Instead, her figure was enhanced ridiculously, her curves had nearly doubled in width, her breasts had puffed up to generous C-cups, and her rear only complimented this new figure. Though, her arms and legs had puffed up quite a bit too, leaving her only with a skinny waist.
Jenet suddenly fought the urge to hold back a snicker. "O-oh've...gotten quite bigger, indeed!" She said with her hand gently ready to cup her mouth in case she burst into laughter. The effect of inflation were quite humorous to see, in her eyes, but this wildly curvy Tron didn't look like a balloon, she looked like a crazily inaccurate depiction of a buxom cartoon character. Tron's face was red with a mix of fury and embarrassment. She wanted to plead for freedom, but she wasn't ready to show defeat to her rival, yet. But what she did want was for her dress to stop shrinking against her body, her legs now fully exposed as well as the naughty bits between, her entire body reaching double her natural size and her shirt not going to hold out for much longer, especially as it stretched between her strangely round bust.
B. Jenet watched with a strange satisfaction, loving seeing her victim writhe uncomfortably as she experienced an odd sensation. But her amusement with this situation didn't end, her suddenly placing her palm upon the steadily inflating balloon that is Tron's breast, then taking her other hand, balling it into a fist, and gently punching the other helium-filled boob, watching it wobble back and forth as she punched it gently, feeling about as easily amused as a child right now, using her balloon toy as boxing practice.
The young pirate yanked the hose dangling in front of her downward, the blow-up-girl suddenly jerking down and spinning a bit at the end of the hose. The smirking pirate grabbed her toy by the round hips and pulled her down, holding her at the same level. Though Tron was natural shorter than the beautiful pirate, she had grown outwards in nearly all directions and was starting to surpass all of Jenet's sizes. Even her bust started to approach basketball levels, much to her dismay. Jenet, however, wasn't too egotistical to realize an overinflated girl was no where near as beautiful as her.
Jenet's gaze fell upon Tron's increasing nudity. "My my, I forgot that you'll need a bigger wardrobe when we're done with you!"
Tron Bonne could only groan as she continued to be pumped bigger and bigger, while B. Jenet simply giggled at her plight and awkwardly massaged her. Soon she started to approach triple her normal size, her stance nearly putting her at room height, and her wonderful curves only stuck out more and more cartoonishly. Her breasts finally broke the beachball-sized mark, and following shortly after was the groaning of her shirt, which begged for freedom from her massive boobs. Though the dress had retreated so far that even her naval began to show, her last bit of dignity was held by the shirt hiding her now monstrous chest from the world. Loud tearing sounds met their ears as the neckline of her shirt began to form a hole that traveled down the center. Soon, two bloated breasts were seen peaking out from the new low-cut shape of her outfit, her cleavage at an unbelievable tightness that forced itself upward into her face from the helium pumped into them. Seconds later, the tear got bigger and bigger until a blisteringly loud *RIP* sound bounced around the room, as her dress finally abandoned her and exposed to the world everything she didn't want them to see.
B. Jenet's snickering became full-force laughter, seeing her victim grow rapidly to bizarre shapes and embarrassingly burst from her clothes was an oddly amusing and satisfying sight. She placed her hands upon her balloon's massive chest, squeezing them together and causing Tron to groan out again, both girls able to feel her breasts expanding within Jenet's palms.
"Hehe... darlin', this new look fits you well!" B. Jenet commented with a grin, barely able to hold back a snicker. She then proceeded to lift Tron upwards a bit, putting her new bosom at eye-level with Jenet's face, who then proceeded to throw a half-hearted punch and knock the blow-up-girl backwards towards the wall, laughing again at how absolutely ridiculous her situation was in its entirety. Tron's light body spun backwards and crashed into the wall with her inflated rear, letting out a dizzied plea as she felt her body spin around in midair. Her helium-filled body bounced right off of the wall like the rubbery balloon that she was, and as she flew back towards the buxom pirate fighter, Jenet placed her fist out and gently punched her toy again right as its bloated butt came close to her. Once again the still-inflating Tron wobbled about in the air as her body was thrown around.
Jenet once again got a huge kick out of seeing her opponent flip about, her eyes shutting and her mouth agap at the just the sight of her bloated posterior. Tron helplessly tried to flail her air-tight limbs, but even they had lost all movement at this point. As her balloon-like body bounced off the wall, though, she found herself careening back towards the less aware B. Jenet, and without warning... something very odd happened.
Jenet's laughter was suddenly cut off with a muffled "Mmmmrrff!" when she felt an object force itself between her lips. Much to both of their surprise, the massively inflated Tron had found her way into a lip-lock with her busty rival. Jenet's amusement turned to surprise as she suddenly felt dumbstruck, confused as to what happened, and feeling rather awkward at the idea that she just accidentally began kissing her ballooned-up rival. Tron Bonne, however, saw a small opportunity arise. She went with her hunch and wasted no time in trying to catch her rival off guard.
B. Jenet suddenly thrust her arms outward in shock as she felt an unnatural pressure forcing its way down her throat. She had no idea this outcome was possible, but once she realized what was happening, she quickly placed her palms around Tron's bloated lips and tried to kill their kiss. But Tron held it as best as she could, and as Jenet started to feel her body weaken, she started to realize her defeat was suddenly imminent. Her cheeks puffed up and pushed into her rival's own bloated face, her throat felt a gust of wind barrel through to her body. Her breasts suddenly tingled, her hips suddenly felt fuller, and her dress began to feel tighter. She was turning into a balloon.
Tron quickly emptied the contents of her massively inflated body, blowing all of her helium into the relatively normal-sized pirate woman and quickly trading places with her as she became a balloon. Jenet couldn't help but place her hands on her breasts, feeling her bra-less balloons filling out her dress further and exposing two inflated nipples protruding through the thinning fabric. Her hips rounded outwards and slowly became more exposed from the side of her dress, as well as her bloating rear which quickly made her thong shrink against her ballooning flesh, her thighs and generally her legs plumpening wildly.
Tron's body slowly started to descend as she shrank in size, halfway back to normal, while Jenet's new puffy body was slowly starting to stiffen up and float. Her arms felt tight with gas, down to her fingers which barely were able to wiggle, as her limbs stiffly retreated to a pointed-out position, helplessly looking into the eyes of her now victorious rival, not trying to plead, but still looking rather disappointed as she felt herself puff up. Her breasts were now each the size of basketballs, her once busty body giving her plenty of room to stretch, and her cleavage was incredibly deep as her puppies were squeezed into her dress, the straps of which that held them at bay seeming smaller and smaller around her puffy nipples. Her tail end finally lifted up and allowed her to float evenly in the air, making her new ass very prominent as it inflated upwards, her dress slipping down due to gravity and exposing plenty of flesh for her rival to see. With her hips puffing up generously to boot, she was now an incredibly sexy balloon girl, and as Tron deflated fully, Jenet was now double her own size, with a few extra curves.
As Tron felt her supply of gas run short, she quickly disengaged her kiss with the now puffy B. Jenet, unprepared to take back any of that helium she had passed on. But she was still attached to a helium tank, and her eyes darted down to remedy that immediately. Luckily for her, her once massive frame had loosened the hoses around her, and she was easily able to pop the nozzle out from her exposed naval, as well as slide out from the mess of hoses around her legs. Brushing herself off, she tried to ignore her utter lack of dignity at this point and focus her thoughts on pure revenge. She looked up at a rather curvy, disappointed balloon girl bobbing in the air, her relatively heavier body a little more weighed down at this size than the petite Tron was. The nude genius watched her rival's features bounce about, her dress still covering most of her body - at least, what it covered before - and overall seeming like she had a lot of room to grow.
Tron Bonne slipped her finger between the blow-up-pirate's immense cleavage and hooked on to her dress, pulling on it and lowering her down for a face-to-bloated-face stareoff. Jenet tried not to show off her fear, but as she felt the hatred radiating off of Tron's glare, she couldn't help but realize she was probably in trouble.
" think this is fun, huh?" Tron muttered evilly to her trapped opponent, her eyes shooting daggers into her. What she hadn't realized, though, was her helium-encased lungs weren't too appreciative of her serious tone, making her sound comically squeaky.
B. Jenet couldn't help it. She let out a muffled giggle at the sound of Tron's 'evil chipmunk' voice, a smile forming on her bloated lips. This was a bad move. Tron's fury multiplied and the hose clenched between her fingers quickly found their way to Jenet's bloated face, Tron suddenly forcing it between the puffy lips of her opponent. Jenet's expression turned from glee to fear as she felt more helium pushing its way down her throat, but before she could feel herself puff up further, she watched with terror as her nude rival charged over to the helium tank and placed her fingers around the valve.
Tron's squeaky voice was suddenly more threatening sounding. "'s all yours." She said with a glare. B. Jenet eyes were wide as she did her best to shake her bloated face back and forth, pleading for the punishment to stop. She was only able to hope, having no doubt she was too late to stop this. Squeaks echoed in the wooden room as the helium tank was quickly opened further, a loud hiss becoming quite noticeable to both Bonnes as the tank gave all of its punishment to the already-overfilled Jenet balloon.
Bonne Jenet let out a muffled cry as she felt her body shift outwards in all directions, feeling herself become pumped full of massive amounts of helium. Her cleavage deepened wildly as her breasts formed to further ridiculous sizes. Her tail end was quick to match, her completely exposed lower body curving outwards generously as she filled out nicely. Her thong was quick to snap in half as her ass and hips rounded out, her body generally becoming more exposed over time as she filled out what little the dress covered before, hearing it protest her growth. Her thighs plumped up and rubbed together, and along with her glorious cleavage, they let out rubbery squeaks as they shifted against each other, her body becoming more of a balloon by the second.
Tron watched with her arms crossed as her rival surpassed normal sizes, growing slowly towards a personal parade float. She didn't have the room to achieve that size, sadly for for the inflator, but she would have plenty of space to fill out regardless, and Tron saw no reason not to watch her grow as big as she could. Jenet's taut body floated up gently as it inflated outwards violently. Her dress was quickly becoming far too small for her new titanic size, and loud rips could be heard as it fought against her massive cleavage and her once skinny waist. As she quickly surpassed triple her own size, the outstretched dress snapped around the neckline, two wildly inflated breasts bouncing freely and two puffy nipples catching the cold air, warm with the abundance of helium. She let out a muffled plea as she felt tighter and tighter all over, before feeling a little relief from the rest of her dress ripping down the sides, her enormous body jiggling a bit as it achieved pure freedom from her clothing, leaving both girls with nothing to cover them, but Jenet's condition was considerably more embarrassing.
The hissing slowly came to a stop as the helium tank ran dry, Jenet's incredibly overinflated body slowly feeling at peace as its growth stopped, and her wobbling features were able to calm down. Tron Bonne sighed with disappointment, sad to see her fun end. But glad to hear her voice was returning to normal. Jenet's body was nearly four times her normal size, and considering her once curvy status, it was quite a sight to behold. Her breasts were each massive spheres that pushed out ridiculously from their source, her hips and butt being nearly as big and round, and her legs generally being pumped to give her a killer curve.
Tron paced over to the motionless, defeated pirate balloon and pat her breast, the two orbs jiggling exotically at the slightest touch. "Well, I appreciate all of your help. But you're the one who deserves all the beauty, not me!" Tron said smugly. Jenet let out a quiet groan as she felt her gassy body wobble, her bloated tail end rubbing against the ceiling.
Tron Bonne gazed around the room and tried to formulate a plan, not sure where she could really go from here. But her attention was called to the crate containing the helium tank that provided them with so much entertainment tonight, and grinned when she saw a pile more crowded in the same wooden box. She dove into the box and started to fiddle with its contents, B. Jenet only able to watch in fear and fruitlessly hope Tron wasn't planning on using them on her.
Tron emerged with the ends of several hoses within her grasp, her grin turning into one of a dark victory. "So...Miss Jenet, you said your name was? Exactly how do you determine the winner of this duel, anyway?" She taunted, simultaneously taking each hose and stuffing the end inbetween Jenet's bloated lips.
B. Jenet was starting to feel a dark end to this episode, but was only able to let out a muffled "Mmmmmmmmmff..." in response, seeing herself plugged into several new helium tanks. One whole tank was enough to make her this big. She wasn't sure she could handle two, let alone over four more.
Tron grabbed the hoses tethered to her blow-up-pirate like a personal batch of balloons, and made her way towards the door. "Well, let's go outside... I think everyone would LOVE to see you put on a show for them... after all, you are the much more beautiful one." Tron said with a smirk, tugging along the pirate blimp, and preparing to punish her severely for the attempt she just tried to pull. Jenet groaned with a sad defeat, unable to prepare herself for the parade she was about to participate in.
What started as just a silly idea turned into something I'm actually quite happy with. I really wanted to see B. Jenet from the King of Fighters series inflate, but somehow this rather different opponent felt appropriate. I didn't anticipate putting up yet another story involving Tron Bonne, but she just fit. I also didn't expect to really get much out of this story, just sort of writing parts of it down as I killed time, but as it went on I started to really enjoy it, so I wrote the rest.

As for the two requests I have, I haven't forgotten about them. As you can tell my writing patterns are pretty sparratic, but I do seriously hope to have them written and posted soon, at least before I write anything else.
WBLForever Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Lot of great stories coming out recently. Can't wait to see how my request comes out.
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Awesome as always!
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If someone without an inflation fetish wrote Tron Bonne fanfics the earth would explode.

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